New ford focus (ford focus) - soon!

New Ford Focus RS

No no, it's not him. But he is perfect right? Photos of the new Focus, see below ..

Ford Focus for its 20 years has received a large number of awards and has become the most popular car. He did not once hit the top 10 best cars in the world. The most successful model was the third-generation car, which took away from Toyota Corolla the title of the absolute bestseller in the world.

American manufacturers are working on a new Focus. Currently, this version is at the final stage. It is possible that soon a new modern model will appear before the entire public. Ford Focus.

Appearance of car news

The developers of the new machine promise that the modern model will have more sporting qualities. The silhouette of the car will more resemble a coupe than a hatchback with five doors.

The appearance of the new Ford Focus

It’s still very early to talk about a new look, since the car is going through the last stage of development, and being on a test drive under camouflage. But you can say one thing that the Ford Focus will be very similar to the Fiesta in the 7th generation, which was introduced at the end of last year.

Exterior of the new Ford Focus

Interior of the new Focus

Recently, the first photos of the new model appeared on the world wide web. They give a little idea of ​​how the interior of the car will look like.

The interior boasts a large screen with a SYNC 3 entertainment system. It is conveniently located in the center of the front panel. Buttons and keys will be much smaller. You can control the functions in the modern Ford Focus with one touch of the touch screen.

Салон нового Ford Focus

The dashboard will be completely digital. This function is now provided in all models in a lighter weight category, for example in the VW Polo.

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The interior of the Ford Focus is well thought out, all the necessary details and elements are at hand. This car will be convenient and comfortable not only to the driver, but to all passengers.

The technical part of the Ford Focus

The fourth generation Focus will be made on a fully upgraded version of the Global C. This will help to achieve a more spacious cabin, which will have a positive effect for rear seat passengers.

Model developers managed to achieve a decrease in noise and vibration in the car. They were able to properly modify the power steering on the steering wheel, change the suspension, which is located in front of the car. Thanks to the well-designed rear suspension, the handling of the new model has become much better.

The manufacturer of this model, Ford, has increased the use of steel with high strength. Due to this, the car will be lighter by 50 pounds.

The car can boast a three-cylinder engine with the option to turn off one cylinder at the time of low loads. Such a function can help save significant fuel.

At Ford Focus will be installed engine with a volume of 1 liter and a capacity of 85 liters. with. It will be made in several options forcing:

  • 100 l. with.;
  • 125 l. with.;
  • 140 l. with.

A modern gasoline car will have a 1.5-liter EcoBoost, which has direct fuel injection and a turbo accelerated compressor. This model will be equipped on the ST version.

For diesel engines, 1.5-liter engines with power from 85 to 120 hp will be presented. The two-liter version of this model can perfectly show its 185 liters. with. Transmission is presented in the mechanical version and automatic with two clutches.

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The American manufacturer took great care of the moment of adaptation. New Ford Focus perfectly prepared for life in the Russian context:

  • behaves well at low temperatures;
  • can run on AI-92 fuel. This does not affect the elements and aggregates;
  • well thought out isolation.

Also, the car has a navigator with a Russian-language control.

Bundling new Ford Focus

The new Ford Focus will boast a cross-country version of Active. The car in the future will find increased ground clearance, large diameter wheels and roof rails, which will be located on the roof of the new car.

The modern model of the new Focus will be presented only with front-wheel drive, and for an additional fee, the buyer will be able to get the all-wheel drive version.

Models with a complete Vignale will be embedded small differences. The car will be different updated grille, increased rims, luxurious and rich interior, as well as add modern electronics.

Also in the main configuration Ford Focus options will be included:

  • blind spot tracking systems;
  • warning system about leaving the parking space;
  • adaptive-control bi-xenon lights;
  • systems with automatic braking;
  • active assistance during car parking.

For this version will be presented a large palette of colors that will come to the liking of every buyer of the new Ford Focus.

photos of the Ford Focus RS

Enjoying photos of Ford Focus RS

Car of the future

At the beginning of 2019, on the basis of the new Ford Focus, an eco-machine was constructed using the Global C chassis. According to reliable sources, the future model will carry the name Model E. It will be able to get electric and hybrid versions. Such models can perfectly compete with the Hyundai Ioniq and Toyota Prius. The American manufacturer is ready to use up to 4.5 billion dollars for such a development.

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