Comparison of the nissan x-trail and mitsubishi outlander:


В мире «паркетных» SUVов можно обнаружить целый список национальностей: японцы, корейцы, китайцы и так далее. И все они стараются занять достойное место в рейтинге продаж со своим произведением. И такое стремление прекрасно объясняется возросшей за последние несколько лет популярностью такого класса автомобилей. В этой статье мы рассмотрим противостояние двух очень популярных моделей известных торговых марок — Mitsubishi и Nissan, попадающими не только в любимцы автомобилистов, но и в один ценовой диапазон, и выясним, что же на самом деле лучше: Х-Трейл или Аутлендер.

Nissan H-Trail and Micubisi Autlender - эти автомобили являются достойными представителями своих производителей

Nissan H-Trail and Micubisi Autlender — эти автомобили являются достойными представителями своих производителей

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So different

Like any other means of transportation, these beauties are distinguished by a number of parameters. Consider each of them as detailed as possible. We hope that the information below will allow us to make our own conclusions about the superiority of a particular model to each reader.

  • Appearance.

    Nissan X-Trail is a car with a male character

    Nissan X-Trail is a car with a male character

If some of the technical characteristics of the Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail can be called similar, then the designers' fantasies embodied in them differ radically. Nissan gives the impression of a car with a real male character. Straight lines of the body, high ground clearance, small overhangs and bulging wheel arches - all this as if it says that the car is able to guarantee the owner a little more than just a confident ride on the highway.

Car Mitsubishi Outlander combines smooth forms and brutal appearance

Car Mitsubishi Outlander combines smooth forms and brutal appearance

Mitsubishі, by contrast, is smoother in its own forms, as if smoothed, with narrow headlights and a protruding grille. This makes the car look more like a crossover than a SUV. However, from the very beginning, the manufacturers themselves did not hide this.

  • Salon and rack.

If we compare Outlander and X-Trail by the amount of free space inside, the second one is leading. There is plenty of space in it for both the front riders and their back row. Trunk volume is also greater with the Nissan. Hiding under the bottom of the spare wheel has freed a lot of space in the luggage compartment. And despite this arrangement, it almost does not affect the volume and loading height of the model. Mitsubishі also lags behind the competitor in the spaciousness of the cabin, despite the possibility of adjusting the rear seats. The trunk leaves no desire for a higher loading level and a wider door.

Inside the car Mitsubishi Outlander almost nothing to complain about

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But if you touch the quality of the trim, then in the confrontation X-Trail vs Outlander wins the first. His salon is made of soft, but good-quality plastic and leather of good manufacture. All this gives the car a kind of "serious" look. The second copy is also partially trimmed with leather, but plastic cannot boast of quality here. Maybe that's why the Outlander interior looks a bit cheap.

Car Nissan X-Trail has a spacious and comfortable lounge.

Car Nissan X-Trail has a spacious and comfortable lounge.

The disadvantage of one and the second test car can be called the inability to adjust the steering column on the flight. But this flaw stretches from previous versions of machines.

  • Noise isolation.

Mitsubishi Outlander boasts almost complete absence of extraneous noise. Nissan X-Trail in this matter lags behind him at a decent distance. Then you and the creaking details of the skin, and the noise of aerodynamics, and even suspension sobs. In general, the set is not for the faint of heart.

  • Management.

Although the X-Trail accelerates to a hundred a bit faster than its opponent, Outlander is notable for its excellent automatic operation. While in Nissan, it is too "smooth", which indicates the likelihood of missing the mark. Also more confident and predictable Mitsubishi behaves on the road. Its stability, roll and reaction to the steering wheel can be compared with passenger cars. Nissan behaves a bit “adrenalinist” in this respect. His decent rolls on the revolutions of the steering wheel with a soft suspension can make the heart beat faster. But the benefit of steering otvetka it instant, so worry about losing control over the machine is not worth it.

Also, do not feel discomfort and being in a car with a rough road. Unless the pits on it will be measured in height — from the foot and above — the Outlander, for all its rigidity, is rather unpleasant even on a small placer of shallow hollows.

When the roads end ...

On off-road, the clear leader can be called the X-Trail, which nevertheless has a bottom preparation for C grade. He has absolutely no protection of the engine and variator crankcases, the exhaust system is rather low, and the brake pipes do not have a cover. But to protect all this seems like a subframe.

Car model:Mitsubishi OutlanderNissan X-Trail
Producing country:JapanJapan
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:23602488
Power, l. c./about min .:166/6000169/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:195182
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.5 (automatic transmission)10.3 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:permanent all-wheel drivefront with plug rear
CAT:automatic CVTautomatic CVT
Fuel type:gasoline AI-92gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.6; track 6.4city ​​11.5; track 7.7
Length, mm:46654635
Width, mm:18001790
Height, mm:17201785
Clearance, mm:215200
Tire size:215/70 t225/60R17
Curb weight, kg:15981650
Full weight, kg:22902050
Fuel tank capacity:6065

Outlander has a low spare wheel arrangement, which can play a cruel joke on the slopes. And although in this case, the crankcases of the engine and the variator are safely hidden behind a layer of metal, brake cables and pipes are also vulnerable. And so on. In other words, and in one, and in the second car there are off-road disadvantageswhich are not so obvious on not too difficult routes. Therefore, it is difficult to say for sure who exactly wins on the off-road - X-Trail or Outlander. Although the overall advantage, of course, on the side of the Nissan. Even superficially.

Small weaknesses of big Japanese

But no matter how ideal the car was at the exit of the conveyor, during operation, sooner or later there will be a lot of questions about repairs. The most significant of them will be discussed below.

  • Body and its elements.

In terms of the body's resistance to corrosion and durability of paintwork, the Outlander and X-Trail comparison fails at all. And all because this point is exactly the same for both cars - the metal of these cars is strong enough, but the paint coating in the first and in the second case leaves much to be desired, since it is too prone to chipping. Parts with a chrome-plated finish completely peel off.

Mitsubishi Outlander paint, like his opponent, should be better protected from chipping

Mitsubishi Outlander paint, like his opponent, should be better protected from chipping

In the X-Trail, after the winter swims, the door handle mechanism may break, and as time passes, windows may start to jam. Outlander is a sinner skewed rear windows. Over time, of course.

  • Running gear

Thrust bearings front struts Nissan let know about their unsuitability creaking steering corner. In addition, the predecessors of X-Trail often refused electric power steering in the cold. It even changed one time under warranty. There were also problems with shock absorbers. But in general, the modern model has no problems with suspension.

The front shock absorbers and wheel bearings were also a problem for the Outlander. But the rack, stabilizer bushings, rear suspension hub bearings and other parts are considered to be quite durable.

  • Engine.

The risk group for Nissan at this point includes:

  • engine mounts;
  • spark plugs (or rather, the process of replacing them).

Opponent boasts a long serviceable work of the main elements of the motor. The only exception is the roller drive belt units. It wears out pretty quickly.

Replacing candles in the Nissan X-Trail can be difficult

Replacing candles in the Nissan X-Trail can be difficult

  • Transmission.

The X-Trail is initially a weak variator, which requires careful attention of the driver to himself, including periodic oil changes, and not cheap. Bearing and driven shaft bearings may also fail. But in general, it helps significantly to extend the powertrain days for a neat ride.

Outlander CVT today runs smoothly. Although a few years ago, it was he who was one of the weak points of the then-produced models. He was not even taken to repair, but simply changed under warranty. The only claim of the modern Mitsubishi can be considered a rapidly overheating clutch with a long slip.

Advantages and disadvantages

On this list of the main and most costly breakdowns for both machines can be finished and put in a separate line the pros and cons of each model.

So, the Mitsubishi Outlander has the following advantages:

  • The work of the automatic transmission is clearly and consistently delivered, and the connection with the engine is simply fraternal.
  • The car is truly reliable and with reasonable operation allows for a long time not to recall the road to the service station.
  • Excellent handling.
  • Sophisticated ergonomics salon.
  • Reasonable off-road performance.
  • Good noise isolation.


  • Stiffness suspension.
  • Not too spacious interior and luggage compartment.
  • Not very high quality interior materials.

Test drive a car Mitsubishi Outlander:

Nissan X-Trail and its advantages:

  • High cross on off-road.
  • Large cabin and trunk.
  • Quality materials trim.
  • Good interior equipment.
  • Good handling and dynamics.


  • Bad insulation.
  • Sharp tip steering with a soft suspension and as a result, decent roll when cornering.
  • Insufficient off-road underbody protection.

Test drive the car Nissan X-Trail:

Ну вот, собственно, и все, что хотелось бы рассказать об этих двух SUVах. Выводы — дело сугубо личное. Но делать их на основе нескольких прочитанных статей, наверное, дело последнее. Гораздо информативнее будет личный опыт езды на тест-драйве, который поможет в полной мере сравнить Х-Трейл и Аутлендер и отдать предпочтение одному из них наверняка. The only thing that can be said for sure is that both of these handsome men have found their audience long ago. And it only grows every year.