What to do and where to call if you hijack a car

Car owner can bring not only joy, but also unpleasant experiences. This is due to frequent hijackings, which are estimated at more than $ 20 billion annually in the world.

Even with the help of modern security systems, it is difficult to avoid such a situation. After all, professional hijackers are able to pick up keys for almost all types of security services. We will understand what to do if you hijack a car with documents, and what the consequences will be from this situation.


  • 1 Popular reasons for hijacking
  • 2 The initial actions of the car owner
  • 3 Appeal to the nearest MIA office
  • 4 Contact the insurance company
  • 5 Parsing documents
  • 6 Machine found what to do?
  • 7 Conclusion

Popular reasons for hijacking

There are several reasons for the theft of vehicles. In each situation, the criminals behave according to a certain scheme:

  • Theft of a particular car. In some unscrupulous car dealerships may transfer information about customers to unauthorized persons. In addition to address data, employees have the opportunity to transfer duplicate keys. Such actions are typical for new cars within 1-2 weeks after purchase.
  • For disassembly. This situation has minimal chances to return the car. Immediately after the theft, disassembly into separate units for sale for spare parts occurs. However, this type of crime is gradually losing relevance.
  • Sending outside the Russian Federation. In these crimes are involved criminal ligaments with the traffic police. Export is carried out within the countries of the near abroad.
  • The need for redemption. This option is most appropriate for the car owner, as the car will be kept in the maximum working condition in order to return it for a certain price. As a rule, it is in the range of 10-50% of the market price of the car.

where to call if you stole a car

In any of these situations, you need not to delay with contacting law enforcement agencies.

The initial actions of the car owner

Take the case when the owner has a CASCO issued with a clause relating to theft. In the rest of the situation, the sequence will be similar.

You can’t panic if you hijack a car, what to do, where to call, let’s go further. Carefully inspect the scene of events, noting the presence of important details. After inspection, you must make a call to the police or personally contact the nearest office. You will also need to call the traffic police officer on duty in the city or district.

You need to know that for cars equipped with satellite security systems, you will need to make a call to the control room service.

what to do when you hijacked a car from the garage

A call is made to the police and insurance company.

Required is a call to the insurance company. To do this, they will need to provide data on the number of the policy, as well as the name of the owner of the vehicle. You will also need to provide current contact information.

There is a mandatory check for all car keys. They, together with a package of documents are proof of ownership of the vehicle. The lack of a full set of keys will complicate the receipt of compensation payments.

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Appeal to the nearest MIA office

From the owner of the car will be required to write a statement to the police department about the fact of theft. It is recommended that the document contains the maximum amount of relevant details. Information can speed up the process and facilitate the task of specialists.

These data include:

  • exact date of purchase;
  • location of the transaction and information about the previous owner;
  • availability of security systems in the car;
  • need to describe people with free access to the car.

It is advisable to include a detailed description of the various machine damage present, and also indicate under what circumstances they were received. Some citizens pre-install certain beacon marks by which the car can be distinguished. If your car has the same individual signs, then you need to declare them.

who needs to call when the car is stolen

You need to know that after filing and registration of the application from the injured party, the applicant is issued a confirmatory receipt.

If it is available, it will not be possible to hide the fact of contacting the police.

Contact the insurance company

In the case of the insurance company can not be delayed with the treatment. The procedure for contacting the insurers is given only two days.

When notifying the company will need:

  • available sets of keys;
  • keyfobs from installed security systems;
  • original insurance policy;
  • available documents for the car;
  • car owner's passport;
  • driver's license.
where to call when the car is hijacked

Contact the insurance company

The chances of receiving payments in the absence of a policy, one of the sets of keys or documents on the car are significantly reduced.

It is necessary to know that the refusal of the insurance company to pay compensation for the theft of a car can be appealed in court.

Litigation with Themis takes a lot of manpower and resources, and is also not always justified. On their perspective, you should consult with experienced lawyers.

Parsing documents

Within ten days, law enforcement authorities undertake to transfer the theft order to the injured party. This document will be required by the insurance company. This is due to the legal intricacies of opening a case.

The bottom line is that the hijacking case is initially initiated, which does not provide for obtaining benefits. Only after 10 days will be initiated a case of theft, which is an insurance case. Police officers are obliged to re-qualify the case for the given period independently, if a car was not found.

hijacked the car, what to do, where to call

It is necessary to check the wording in the resolution before sending the document to the insurance company.

The car owner will receive insurance payments at the end of the preliminary investigation period. Usually this period is limited to two months. As confirmation of the event, the relevant decision is transmitted to insurers.

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For credit cars, the amount of insurance to the owner applies only to the proportionally paid part of the car.

You need to know that in the calculations, any insurance company uses the depreciation coefficient of the wear of a new car, which is usually taken from the interval 12 ... 15%.

where to look for a car, where to call when she was hijacked

This parameter is usually not taken in the calculations for other insured events that occurred with the car.

Car found what to do?

There are happy times when the car is located. Although this is a rare phenomenon in statistics, but you also need to be prepared for it. Even if this happy event happened, then it almost doesn’t concern the applicant about the hijacking.

You need to know that, along with the transfer of keys and available documents on the car, the motorist transfers the ownership of the vehicle to the insurance company.

This means that even if the police find the car in good condition, motorist has the right to refuse to receive it. Insurers may demand a refund of the amount paid, however, the success of this case can only be decided through the courts.

what to do if you hijacked a car with documents

If the car is found in a damaged state or with interrupted numbers, then there should be no refund to the insurer. The law is on your side.

When the desire to possess a car takes the upper hand, you will need to re-register the car, change the TCP and certify all changes legally. Such actions will take more time and effort than with the standard registration procedure.

You need to know that until the complete closure of the criminal case on the theft of a car, it will not be possible to sell the vehicle, since it is material evidence.

Understanding the current situation, many car owners reject such bureaucratic red tape in favor of financial compensation.


Experienced motorists do not store keys in the car. Also, you should not carry a CASCO policy with you, as it is not a mandatory document for driving a vehicle. Inspector, if necessary, it is enough to present a CTP policy.

If possible, you should ask the clause in the contract with the insurance company about the deadline for submitting documents about the theft. The period of indemnification for the insured event will also be indicated there.

It is necessary to check the documents that the police sends to the insurers, since payments on the policy largely depend on them. When the car is found, then you need to weigh all the positive and negative points to return it to the property.

It is desirable to equip the car with several types of protection, including satellite navigation from theft. Thus, in hot pursuit, you can have time to track the car, if you call the service call center.