Cheap american cars look very impressive

On the roads of any country in the world we see a large number of trucks, cars made in the USA. The original design, excellent driving performance, powerful engines, stunning roar of the engine - all American cars.

Американские автомобили

If you look at prices, they are lower than the prices of competitors, for example, cars from Germany are on average more expensive. This was made possible by the introduction of new assembly technologies, significantly reducing the cost of American cars. The United States is one of the first countries in the world, even when the automotive industry began its development, started mass production of cars, making them accessible to all segments of the population.

Basically, the car market is dominated by the three largest concerns –Chrysler, Ford and Chevrolet. Yes, they are not like German cars. Consider some models of these cars.

Famous American cars

Some Ford models

Ford Kuga - American car (produced at the German branch of the Ford plant) for people who love agility and comfort. Excellent, optimally assembled suspension paired with a quick engine will make the ride on this car trouble-free and comfortable, if it does not break, of course. This car works great manual transmission, allowing great save on gasoline.

Ford Kuga

Brief specifications depending on the configuration:

  • Fuel: gasoline / diesel;
  • Drive: Front / full;
  • Maximum speed: 187-195 km / h;
  • Engine power: 140/150 hp;
  • Price: 28,500 - 45,700 $.

ford kuga 2013

Great inexpensive car for everyday life, and it is quite inexpensive, compact on the roads ... Some advantages.

Ford Mondeo - Looks like a solid car that combines excellent value for money, pleases the owner with its remarkable dynamics and comfort. Generally, Ford is a relatively inexpensive brand of American cars, but in America you will not meet it, because it is produced in Germany and successfully sold in Asia and the European market.

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Ford Mondeo

Excellent handling, comfortable seating, a spacious lounge, a large trunk make this American car indispensable for traveling over any distance, even the most distant.

ford mondeo 2013

Brief specifications depending on the configuration:

  • Fuel - gasoline / diesel;
  • Drive - front;
  • Maximum speed: 195-205 km / h;
  • Engine power - 120-140 hp;
  • Price: $ 24,200- $ 40,700.

ford mondeo price

The new Ford Mondeo looks very good, in most cases a manual gearbox is installed, but there are also variants with automatic transmission, which is also very convenient and more modern.

Ford Explorer - reliable unpretentious car, surprises with its driving characteristics. Excellent proven off-road. Quality finishes, insulation at the highest level, purebred American.

Ford Explorer

The engine is powerful, but at the same time - economical. Thanks to the excellent suspension, it behaves well not only on off-road, but also on public roads. By its qualities it is very similar to the Dodge Ram SRT 10 Sport jeep.

Brief specifications depending on the configuration:

  • Fuel - gasoline;
  • Drive - full;
  • Maximum speed: 183-230 km / h;
  • Engine power: 294-360 hp;
  • Price: $ 54,324 - $ 69,300.

ford explorer characteristics

For so little money, you can buy a huge SUV, which is capable of much, besides everything, Ford Explorel is also inexpensive to maintain - just a wonderful car.


Chrysler 300C - American car for confident people. The new model, as always, pleased the fans of this model. As always, the design of this car is impressive. Salon impresses with its luxury. Leather seats in combination with handmade wood inserts and a spacious interior give the best impression about this car.

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Chrysler 300C

The Chrysler 300C is equipped with a Keyless Enter-N-Go system that can recognize its owner when the keys are in your pocket.

Already that year, one of the top ten six-cylinder engine continues to delight with its power and reliability. Independent suspension and perfect noise insulation make the ride as comfortable as possible.

chrysler 300c price

Brief specifications depending on the configuration:

  • Fuel - gasoline;
  • Drive - rear;
  • Maximum speed: 240 km / h;
  • Engine power - 286 hp;
  • Price - from 59,975 $.

American cars Chevrolet

chevrolet cruze 2013

Chevrolet Cruze - A great American car intended for a family or a family car. Reliable with a well-designed security system makes the trip easy and comfortable. I would like to mention the excellent stereo system of this car. On the way it will not be boring. In America, this car is not particularly popular, so Cruise is rarely found on American roads.

chevrolet cruze characteristics

Brief specifications depending on the configuration:

  • Fuel - gasoline;
  • Drive - front;
  • Maximum speed: 177-190 km / h;
  • Engine power: 109/141p;
  • Price: $ 18,424 - $ 22,568.

Chevrolet Captiva - A good SUV for a relatively low price. Excellent traction with pretty good fuel consumption. Suspension holds the road well, the car behaves well in the pits and potholes. The trunk is spacious and roomy. Chevrolet Captiva - a great car for traveling. The car, albeit of an American brand, is assembled in different countries of the world:

  • South Korea (Incheon)
  • Thailand (Rayong)
  • Russia (Shushary)
  • Mexico (Ramos - Arisle)
  • Vietnam (Hanoi)
  • Uzbekistan (Asaka)
  • Kazakhstan (Ust - Kamenogorsk)
  • Ukraine, Zaporozhye)

Chevrolet Captiva


  • Fuel: gasoline / diesel;
  • Drive: full;
  • Maximum speed: 175/190 km / h;
  • Engine power: 167/249l.s;
  • Price: $ 32,219 - $ 41,597.
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chevrolet captiva 2013

In this article we reviewed only some models of cars from the USA. All of them are constantly being improved. Safety increases, engines become more economical. But comfort, original creative approach to design, will always distinguish American cars from cars of other manufacturers.