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Новопоколенная Kia Optima собрала все бонусы на краш-тестах Новопоколенная Kia Optima in the history of the brand was the first model, so highly rated on the rating scale TSP + (TopSafetyPickPlus). This is the American system of automotive safety standards, the most stringent requirements for the car. Successfully passed the test of five crash tests, this fourth generation business sedan became, in fact, the safest four-wheel "Korean". In order for a vehicle to deserve the maximum TSP + rating, it must withstand a head-on collision with a small and medium degree of overlap, endure a side impact, tilting. After overturning, the roof of the cabin is carefully checked for cracks or kinks, in addition, the driver's model is examined for damage to the cervical region. Новопоколенная Kia Optima собрала все бонусы на краш-тестах Part of the evaluation criteria in the crash tests IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety USA) are the toughest among all such organizations involved in automotive testing around the world. Therefore, the result obtained Kia Optima is a remarkable achievement not only for the developers of this model, but for the entire Korean brand as a whole. Koreans have always said that the main priority in the development of cars they have the safety of passengers and driver. Now this is not just beautiful rhetoric, it is a proven fact.

By the way the new Optima successfully passed similar tests before. In particular, at the end of last year, this Korean sedan won a five-star evaluation by the European method of automobile tests - EuroNCAP. Новопоколенная Kia Optima собрала все бонусы на краш-тестах Our Russian car dealers have been selling this sedan for almost a month now. Sales started on the ninth of March. In all versions of the sedan there are a large number of electronic systems and assistants. Provided with a circular viewing system with controlled blind zones, new generation седан Kia Optima becomes a real "sighted" car. Available options are many. Electronic systems will help rebuild, drive back to the parking lot, emergency braking and so on and so forth.

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For the safest Korean car today, our dealers ask for from 1,070 to 1,720 kilorubles. Under the hood новопоколенной Kia Optima 150-strong two-liter gasoline aspirated and 2.4-liter diesel engine for 188 horses are installed. And in the version of Optima GT available turbo diesel volume of 2.4 liters and a capacity of 245 horsepower.