Logan and sandero stepvey test in togliatti on all-wheel

В Тольятти тестируют Логаны и Сандеро Степвей на полном приводе In Togliatti, where Renault Logan and Sandero Stepvey are produced, two working "mules" of these models appeared, on which AvtoVAZ developers actively began to test the installed four-wheel drive. The prototypes are not equipped with a Duster-made four-wheel drive, as might have been initially assumed, but with a completely new development. According to electronic media, all-wheel drive Logan and Sandero’s mules are not equipped with the usual all-terrain drive installed in Renault Dusters, but with a hydraulic drive. Such a transmission significantly gains in weight compared to the "classic"; to use it, neither the chassis nor the suspension of Logan and Sandero need to be upgraded. The find is simple, one might say. However, the very high price of components and extremely low efficiency, cast doubt that we need it. В Тольятти тестируют Логаны и Сандеро Степвей на полном приводе New all-wheel drive transmission represents a hydraulic pump mounted on the front axle, it is directly coupled by branch pipes with a hydraulic motor mounted on the rear axle. Even two modifications of this miracle of technical thought are available: the first when the motor has a central location, and the second when two engines are used instead of one central one for each rear axle hub. Technically, it works like this: torque to the rear "rollers" comes due to contact with the engine working fluid under high pressure. Four-wheel drive can be enabled or disabled in automatic mode, for example, if the front rollers start to slip. And at a speed higher than 40 km per hour, it switches itself off. В Тольятти тестируют Логаны и Сандеро Степвей на полном приводе Engineers which company came up with this transmission, it is not yet known, most likely it is still a French development, perhaps Poclain Hydraulics. After all, this company has long been offering mechanical self-locking differentials for Renault, Dachi, Nissans, Fiats, Citroens, Peugeot and Mercedes as an extra option.

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When the testing of models is over, and most importantly, with what success, it is too early to speak. According to rumors serial all-wheel drive Logan and Sandero will appear no earlier than 2018. BUT front wheel drive Logan today sold at dealers, starting with a price tag of 470 thousand rubles. Under the hood chetyrehdverki available petrol 1.6-liter aspirated for 82 and 102 horses. The less powerful of them "mates" with the manual box and the robot, and for the second, besides the "mechanics", the "automatic" is also available.

Sandero's under the hood is the same. Price for "pyatidverku" starts from 480 thousand wooden.