Disabled parking: rules

Domestic legislation distinguishes among motorists preferential category in which people with disabilities fall. One of the privileges is the possibility to have a dedicated parking area. To identify this area, use the special sign "Parking for the disabled."

Usually, for such a category of persons in the standard parking places, up to 10% of the area is allocated. When designing automotive sites near medical institutions where patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system can be treated, there can be up to 20% places for people with disabilities.


  • 1 General rules
  • 2 Area of ​​the sign "Disabled Parking"
  • 3 Legislation and Rules
  • 4 Penalties

General rules

Use the sign "Parking for the disabled" is allowed wherever there is a possibility of stopping transport. Permissible percentage for cars is regulated by traffic regulations.

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It is important to know that for persons with disabilities who are drivers and car owners, the placement of their vehicles in the area of ​​a 6.4 sign with an additional sign 8.17 with a valid certificate, is free of charge.

The presence on the side of the corresponding traffic sign is a confirmation that in its area of ​​operation there are places specifically designated for transport of drivers with disabilities. However, in some places the pointer is missing, but there is a sign prohibiting parking.

For healthy people, such information limits the parking interval (stop), no more than 5 minutes. And for the disabled, this limit does not apply. Such citizens legally have the right to throw the vehicle for a fairly long period.

Area of ​​validity of the sign "Parking for the disabled"

Under the index 6.4 and the plate 8.17 there may be special signs applied on the road surface with a stencil. Duplication of information allows you to specify the allocated places for cars. The presence of exclusively signs without a sign has no legal effect.

The current GOST 52289-2004 assumes that a parking space will be indicated on the asphalt. Otherwise, it is permissible to be guided to allocate space by an area not less than 3 m wide to ensure comfort and free opening of side doors. Only the presence of a print on the site makes it impossible to arrange parking for persons with disabilities.

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The following areas can be allocated for parking lots:

  • place on the roadway;
  • part of the curb;
  • section of the walkway;
  • plot near the tram tracks.

If there is a sign with a sign, and some area is not allocated for disabled cars, then you can choose any convenient place, and the landowner or tenant will be responsible for the absence of marking. It is impossible to become ordinary people to the allocated places where there is a marking, since this is fraught with significant fines.

Legislation and Rules

We will understand who has the right to park in designated areas. It is a mistake to think that all owners of IDs from the first to the third group can use the privilege. The right is available only to owners of the first and second categories. The third group refers to the worker, so its owners can not claim a free place on a level with ordinary citizens.

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A prerequisite for the use of a special place under the car is the presence of a sticker on the glass in the form of a yellow identification mark. To establish a distinctive mark are the right of persons with disabilities or drivers carrying them. In the absence of a yellow badge, a special parking place is not allocated, and its unauthorized occupation equates to a violation.


In the case when parking spaces for people with disabilities are not provided when arranging parking, by law, individuals will have to pay a fine of 3-5 thousand. For legal entities, the bar rises to 30-50 thousand rubles.

It is worth considering that parking for disabled people, the rules of which are the same for all participants, does not allow unauthorized people to specialized places, since they will have to pay 5,000 rubles for illegal occupancy.

Incorrectly standing car is allowed to take away with the help of a tow truck. In such a situation, it will be necessary to pay 5 thousand rubles for a call for special means, as well as about 1 thousand for each day of idle time on the penalty area.

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