Nissan beetle (nissan juke) again in russia: prettier, but

Nissan Juke returned to the Russian car market Japanese subcompact crossover stopped selling in our country more than a year ago. The reason for the termination of sales was the drop in demand for this model due to the economic crisis. If the Japanese are to be believed, the economic crisis in Russia is over, otherwise they would not have returned the modernized and much more expensive market to us. Nissan beetle. Brand managers Nissan We are confident that the situation in the Russian car market has leveled off, and they expect that the car will bite at the price tag for the maximum number of buyers. beetle came to car dealers in five trim levels, but all of them have only one engine under the hood. This is a 1.6-liter 117-horsepower gasoline engine. He works in pairs exclusively with the variable speed gearbox. All-wheel drive version is not, only front monodrive.

The basic assembly of subcompact SU SE is already available for purchase at a price of one million one hundred thousand rubles. The package bundle has ESP, airbags in a circle - both front and side and window, climate and cruise control systems, heated front seats, leather-covered steering wheel, four-speaker audio system, fog lights, seventeen-inch alloy wheels. But the ERA-GLONASS module required by the Russian rules is not on board, the fact is that Nissan beetle will be sold under the old certificate. Nissan Juke returned to the Russian car market The most expensive build Juke It is called LE Perso and costs one million three hundred thousand rubles. Here there is a circular video review, control of blind zones, a system that monitors the movement within the band. The car itself recognizes obstacles on the road, it is equipped with light and rain sensors. All chairs are sheathed with natural leather, the interior is decorated with colored inserts, consonant with the "color" of the car. The six-speaker multimedia with 5.8-inch touchscreen has an integrated navigation system; xenon optics, eighteen inch cast.

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Раз уж в российском субкомпакт-кроссоверном сегменте появился еще один игрок, есть смысл сравнить его с конкурентами. К примеру, самая доступная моноприводная Hyundai Creta со 123-сильным 1,6-литровым движком и автоматической коробкой передач обходится российскому покупателю в девятьсот сорок тысяч рублей. За Renault Kaptur, позиционируемый, как и Nissan Джук, в качестве автомобиля для молодежи, россияне отдают девятьсот восемьдесят тысяч. Здесь на борту, в сборке Drive, наличествует 114-сильный 1,6-литровый атмосферник с вариаторной трансмиссией.

Nissan Juke returned to the Russian car market Да, оснащение базовых комплектаций у названных конкурентов похуже будет, чем у beetleа, но покупателям Каптура и Креты доступен большой список дополнительного обвеса, который можно докупить. Nissan beetle same comes without any "special stages" as is. In addition, it does not have a four-wheel drive version, which is still a big minus for our road conditions.

Collect the Russian version of Juke nissanovtsy began at their English car factories. Hence, these price tags, because they include the cost of shipping cars from the shores of Albion.

At the beginning of June, the Japanese took the Nissan Patrol from our car market, and the localized assembly of the compact four-door Nissan Sentra at the Izhevsk facilities of the company was stopped, and it is unknown when it will be launched again. Many are confident that in the near future, the subcompact Nissan Kicks crossover, sold today in Brazil, will arrive in our car market. The Japanese are going to produce this car for other countries on the "trolley" B0, well known in Russia.