Analysis of the model mazda mx-5. sports car features

Those who worked on the creation of a roadster Mazda MX 5They know exactly how to interest an outsider. The car with all its appearance demonstrates the racing character, hardened by the elements of speed: this is indicated by the low seating position, the twin muffler, the convertible top, and the alloy wheels.

New model Mazda MX-5

All the details in the appearance of the car are woven into a single image of the legendary convertible. Every bend, every line speaks of his daring style and attracts an enthusiastic look for a long time. Do I have to say that the exterior of the sports car is something more than just a picture that makes it possible to understand the nature of the car and gives rise to the feeling of pleasure from contemplating the true power of a bright and aggressive body? So, under the blinding beauty of the shell, which can be easily felt by looking at photo Mazda MX 5, the idea of ​​improving aerodynamic qualities, reducing the total mass and increasing strength through well-conceived forms of wings, through the use of ultra-light and reliable materials, as well as through decent build quality.

All advantages on the surface

So that nothing prevents to enjoy high-speed races, the new Mazda MX 5 has a rigid folding roof, designed with the expectation of maximum driver comfort. Is it possible to imagine a full immersion on the road without playing in the hair of the wind and speeding past the picturesque landscapes decorated with the rays of the sun? Forget about everything in the world, leaving the driver alone with his four-wheeled friend and the road lane rushing to infinity will allow automatic folding roof system. Now you do not need to spend extra time on long waiting times: the roof instantly begins to fold by one button press and disappears completely in just 12 seconds. For the folded top of the new Mazda has a special compartment, so that the trunk will be set aside only for the necessary things in the trip.

New car Mazda MX 5

However, the world fame of this two-seater acquired over many years is only partly due to its unique sporting style. A huge contribution to the popularity of the Mazda MX 5 still made unique dynamics that made the roadster not only the best-selling sports car in the world, but also the most deserved contender for the title of car of the decade.

First, as already mentioned, the aerodynamics of the car turned out to be significantly improved with the introduction of a new sports body design. Here the main role was played by lightweight and durable high-tech materials, which formed the design of the updated version of the roadster. It is possible to make mistakes, but it seems that the more modern model Mazda 6 did not overtake the presented version in terms of relevance.

The use of innovative engineering solutions was able to make the convertible faster, easier and more obedient. New Mazda MX 5 like reading the thoughts of someone who sits behind her wheel. Proof of the dynamic stability of the machine can be as the entry into the turns with millimeter precision, and the instantaneous response of the engine. Responsive control, good weight distribution along the axes, the presence of a rear-wheel drive, good setting of gears, a short course and smooth movement of the pedals - all this helps to maintain contact with the road at the proper level, fully knowing the situation.

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A sports suspension on a heavy car would never fully unleash all its advantages. For a lightweight and mobile Mazda MX 5, full elasticity of the suspension is characteristic, so that it easily overcomes sharp turns and steadily keeps on uneven road surface, possessing exceptional directional stability.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX 5 (photo salon)

In the bowels of the cabin

The interior of the Mazda MX-5 with every detail is trying to hint that you are driving a real roadster, powerful and fast. The feeling of comfort in the cabin is created by sports seats, a low-profile fit and modest size steering wheel.

The problem of sound insulation for cabriolets is always relevant. Here it is solved by 100 percent, as a result, even with a raised roof, the noise is less than in some cars with a stationary top. Due to the high-quality anti-wind protection, air currents do not enter the depth of the cabin when the roof is open.

On the Mazda MX 5 photo this is not visible, but the new car has an excellent level of security, which is provided by numerous active and passive systems. As for passive safety, it has already been said about a solid body and grip. It remains to add that from the injuries of the driver and passenger will save 4 airbags, located in front and sides. The side impact is opposed by stiffeners and an elastic composition, represented by the spectacular doors of a convertible. Armchairs and head restraints are designed so that the back stroke does not cause damage to the crew.

Mazda MX-5 photo

We have not even had time to tell what Mazda MX 5 features the power unit, and already led to believe in the impeccability of this “knight of the roads”. The active safety of the car is also top notch. To begin with, this is, of course, the famous MAIDAS system, designed to absorb a portion of the impact energy in the event of an accident with each element of the hull.

For driving around obstacles at a safe distance, as well as for smooth entry into the turns, the new Mazda MX 5 features a DCS system, which stands for dynamic stability control. It calculates the desired response time, which causes an automatic effect on the engine speed, reducing them and setting the optimal brake fluid pressure for all wheels of the car separately.

Automatic wheel speed control, implemented by a traction control system, also called TCS, helps prevent vehicle wheel slip. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand that this system will be a reliable support both when going down from the asphalt to the roadside, and when traveling in bad weather, when due to precipitation the road surface becomes so slippery that there is practically no adhesion to it. The TCS system manages to do such tricks with an elementary reduction of the torque and speed of the wheel.

Mazda mx 5

An interesting innovation in the technologies used by the Mazda MX 5 is the “Active Hood” system. This safety system (DHS) reduces the chances of causing fatal injuries when hitting a sports car on pedestrians. It works in this way: the sensors on the front bumper record the moment of the collision, after which the operation of the hydraulic actuators installed under the hood of the car is initialized. This allows you to increase the gap between the engine and the hood of a Japanese convertible in a few milliseconds, in fact, which is achieved by compensating the impact energy.

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List of recent changes

Initially, I want to dispel the illusion that Mazda MX 5 price excessively overpriced. Even without taking into account the characteristics that the Mazda MX 5 demonstrates, 170 titles and awards around the world will speak about everything for themselves.

The Japanese hit the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling two-seater sports car is also no accident. The catalyst for this event is the 20-year sales schedule, which shows that for all the years of its existence more than 850,000 copies of the MX 5 model have been sold, and 250 of them have been purchased by residents of Russia. The seed of success was laid back in 1989, and then it was too early to make any bets, but now hardly anyone will allow himself to doubt the attractiveness of the model in terms of design, controllability and, contrary to controversial opinion, amazing accessibility.

Mazda mx 5 salon

Starting from the very prototype of the Mazda MX 5, created using computer simulation technology, the model radiated the spirit of innovation, which dragged through everything that followed each other, generations. They are also sometimes called three generations of success. It is difficult to imagine how much in twenty years it was possible to improve a car made in Japan, despite the fact that from the very beginning it had all the characteristic features of a typical roadster.

Further development of the model followed the path of increasing the size of the car, adding weight, expanding the configuration. New headlights, new wheels, expensive upholstery, increased trunk volume, improved aerodynamics, suspension refinement - this is how the main list of changes at the beginning of zero looked. Of course, the technical characteristics of the Mazda MX-5 also changed, a squat silhouette gradually formed, the car overgrown with an excess of useful safety and comfort systems.

New Mazda MX 5 - This is the third generation of the roadster, the release of which was marked by the anniversary twentieth year of the model. On the eve of such a round date, manufacturers have done a really serious technical work, having improved the engine and suspension, and, also, having forgotten to “conjure” the style of the cabriolet, without losing its classic sophistication. The third-generation Mazda will be remembered as a car with aggressive bumpers, innovative optics, with embossed outlines of the side cladding and a pentagonal grille, thanks to which the car looks original and organic.

New Mazda MX-5 2015

Mazda MX 5 photos

Now I would like to give a complete list of qualitative changes and features of the model.

Powertrain Mazda MX 5: 1. Engine MZR, remaining from the previous generation. The volume of 1.8 liters, 6500 rpm, 93 kW (126 hp). At 4500 rpm, a maximum torque of 167 Nm is achieved. Complete with 5-speed gearbox. Consumption - 7 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. 2. Engine MZR, updated. The volume of 2 liters, 7000 rpm, 118 kW (160 hp). At 5000 revolutions per minute, a maximum torque of 118 Nm is achieved. Consumption - 7.6 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. It is completed with 6 speed gearbox with two modes - Active Adaptive Shift and Direct Activematic. Additionally, it is possible to select the gear on the steering wheel using the petals. As a result of the modernization of the valve springs and the installation of a new crankshaft, the level of noise and vibration of the engine is reduced at high revs.

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Mazda MX 5 Exterior: • An updated grille for radiator has 5 lumens • A more streamlined body • Deep triangular-shaped niches for protivotumanok • A new rear bumper is advantageously combined with a car body • The turn signals are equipped with white tint diffusers • The exterior design of the new model is improved • New body kits and side skirts on the sides of the car give body relief. • One of seven body colors is offered to choose from.

Mazda MX-5 engine

Interior Mazda MX 5: • Dashboard lining color changed to dark silver • Improved trim materials • Sophisticated design • Recaro sports seats upholstered in genuine leather and equipped with Alcantra inserts • Silver edging around climate control knobs • Odometer reading is red LCD display. • The quality of the display readings increased due to updated graphics

Equipment Mazda MX 5: • Roadster noise level was reduced by 2.7 db. • In Comfort and Sport, the cruise control system is enabled by default. • For all configurations, an on-board navigation computer is required • The ability to install a five-level electric heating system for chairs new speakers and an uncountable number of channels • Thanks to the new coasters, legroom has expanded

А теперь, самое интересное, это Mazda MX 5 price. У большинства дилеров вы сможете купить последнюю модель спортивного японского кабриолета по цене от 1,3 млн. рублей за младшую комплектацию. Для покупателей родстера владение такой суммой денег не является чем-то выходящим из ряда вон, так что, скорее всего Mazda MX 5 станет как минимум примером достойного выбора.

Our everywhere are ripe. Here is a review of the new Mazda MX 5 convertible specially prepared for interested readers: