The first mg gs suv is going to europe

В Европу едет первый паркетник MG GS British automobile brand MG, acquired by a Chinese company SAIC MOTOR, at the car show that started in London, demonstrated European version of the MG GS crossover. He debuted the first serial "SUV" of the British car brand at last year's Shanghai motor show. But this version was intended exclusively for Chinese car enthusiasts. China is the only country in the world where, in fact, it is still sold. The variant, demonstrated today in London, will come from the Celestial Empire to conquer the Foggy Albion in the middle of the coming summer. The Chinese and other media trumpeted that England would not be the only European country to which the Chinese would supply new parquet SUVHowever, there was no specifics in their publications. В Европу едет первый паркетник MG GS The Chinese, by the way, said last year that they were going to bring this model to our country. Production, they say, will be localized, at the facilities of the Kaliningrad Automobile Plant Avtotor, which will significantly affect the reduction of the car price tag for Russians. But it did not go further than loud statements. Now the Chinese are silent like fish about production of the MG GS crossover in our country. В Европу едет первый паркетник MG GS If you put in a row MG MG crossover Chinese version and the new version for the British, then apparently no difference will be found. That the Chinese, that the Englishman is one "face." The crossover is exactly 4.5 meters long, it was 1 m 85.5 cm wide, and its height is 1 m 67.5 cm. The distance between the axles is 2 m 65 cm. The vehicle is based on a platform, which It was developed jointly by engineers at MG and the Chinese concern SAIC, which bought this British brand. В Европу едет первый паркетник MG GS Under the hood of the British version of the MG GS there will be a 4-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a turbine. The Chinese did not say a word about his power, but, one hundred percent, it will be the same engine that stands under the hood of the “Chinese” MG GS, and he is able to demonstrate the power of 168 horses at the peak. For the English version, the Chinese later promise a diesel unit. MG GSdesigned for the UK market, will have both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Transmission is available both mechanical and automatic. The Chinese have not yet shared more detailed information.

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Somewhere from next June, English ladies and gentlemen can already order these cars. About that how much will the British version of the MG GSno official data. Probably, he still will not be more expensive than his closest competitor, who is Nissan Qashqai. A sale of Qashqai in England for £ 18,550 and above. This is about 1,770 thousand rubles for our money.