Comparative review of volkswagen touareg and toyota land


Two very popular SUVs in Russia made their way to the top of success in different ways. Each of them used his individual tactics and the battle continues to this day. A comparative test of Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, conducted by our experts, will help determine the winner. Fuel to the fire adds to the fact that at the beginning of this year, the Toyota Prado refreshed and looks awful in a duel.

Comparing Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Comparing Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

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Updated Toyota Prado

Updates touched in the Prado is not only the grille, which has become more massive or transformed headlights with LEDs flocking to the bumper. All this catches the eye as soon as you look at the updated Toyota Prado. But the modernization has covered almost all the internal components of the car. It looks great beautiful color 4.2-inch TFT-display, located between the tachometer and speedometer. The Prado center console looked different.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car

Although no revolution with the interior and did not happen. The huge host of electronic gadgets, for which Toyota Prado was criticized earlier, still remained. And all these things are located on the plastic, which is too much in the car. All this does not contribute to the elegant style sought by designers Toyota Prado. On the other hand, the decision to assemble in one place all the keys and buttons responsible for the operation of off-road systems is truly Solomon.

Comfortable driver's seat

Toyota Prado - is a huge ship, which is surprisingly easy to find a comfortable fit. The SUV, though large, is compact. The driver's seat is regulated in all possible ways and if you push it all the way back, the rear passengers still have enough legroom.

Saloon car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Saloon car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


Spacious trunk "Japanese" delighted summer residents, travelers, and in one word, all those who are not indifferent to the transport of all necessary in the car for long and close distances. You can easily place a 50-inch plasma panel here, and even the rear seats of the Toyota Prado do not need to be folded down. Of the minuses of the trunk, you can note an unnecessary huge loading height and the right door, which you will have to constantly bypass if you parked at the sidewalk, and you have to put things in the trunk.

Car trunk Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

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Volkswagen Touareg - intelligent in everything

The "German" trunk is not exactly bigger, but more practical. Due to the adjustable air suspension, the body is lowered so that the upper line of the rear bumper is 17 cm lower from the ground than the “Japanese”. There is also the fifth door, which allows not only to stack things from any side, but also becomes a real umbrella protecting against unexpected rain.

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg

Not everything is so perfect with Volkswagen. So, the space for the rear passengers of the “German” is clearly less, but this cannot be called cramped either. On the couch can easily accommodate two large people, taller than average.

Salon at Volkswagen is also made of glory. In the manufacture of used only high-quality materials, it can be seen immediately, and ergonomics deservedly get an impeccable assessment, because even after 4 years the interior can be called a reference.


Volkswagen Touareg is intelligent in everything, including in driving qualities. Off-road vehicle moves almost like a passenger car, smoothly passing over bumps. Due to the excellent sound insulation in the cabin can only hear the muffled sound of the engine. When turning, rolls are minimal. An error-free feedback is established on the steering wheel, and the diesel engine thrust with a power of 245 l / s seems immeasurable. The automatic with 8 steps switches barely noticeable and it’s hard to believe that you are driving an SUV that weighs two tons.

Test drive a Volkswagen Touareg:

Riding на Тойоте Прадо – жесткий, но надежный друг

The driving characteristics of the Toyota Prado did not cause such praise. Although the SUV and rulitsya quite reliably, but the awkwardness inherent in the SUV, manifested in everything. The steering wheel, as if it were pustovat, the body is rocking with unevenness, and in the cabin the roar and vibrations of the 3-liter diesel engine are constantly heard.

If riding a Tuareg seems like a walk, then in this case, this is a serious and painstaking work. And it’s not for nothing that Prado is held in high esteem by people of serious professions with a tough and direct character. But there is a certainty that, if necessary, you will move mountains, but you will reach your goal. With a partner like Prado, you can even into the fire, even into the water. Do not fail, be sure!

Test drive car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado:

Indeed, the SUV will get out of the way, but it will try to justify itself. Only now you need to be patient and wait a bit until the “Japanese” does not show all the advantages of his “ponizhayka” on the roads. It is here that the hard inter-axle and rear axle differential lock will be as out of place. And again, be sure that if at least one tire of this SUV finds something to cling to on the road surface, Prado will pull.

Technical details
Car model:Volkswagen TouaregToyota LC Prado
Body Type:wagonwagon
Curb weight, kg:20802165
CAT:8 automatic transmission5 automatic transmission
Engine:turbocharger, R4turbocharger, R4
Engine capacity, cm3:29672982
Max power, l / s:245173
Max cool moment:550410
Max speed:220175
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, with:7,611,7
Fuel consumption:8,4/6,5/7,210,4/6,7/8,1
Retail price:2 508 000 rubles2 079 000 rubles

If it seemed to the reader that only smooth highways or, at the very least, a cultural undercoat on the way to the country, it seemed to an intelligent and dapper “German” in the teeth, this is not so. Off-road arsenal Tuareg is not inferior to Prado. Where the Prado passes, the Touareg will crawl through for sure. But there is one "but." Only one modification of Folsfagen Touareg and far from basic can boast of off-road qualities. This is a Volkswagen Touareg 4Motion.

It was this modification that was fully endowed with rigid locks, to which you can also order air suspension, in order to be able to increase the ground clearance. It is worth all this - plus 105 thousand rubles.

It turns out that if the buyer wants to buy a Tuareg with all-terrain vehicle capabilities, he will have to pay extra. But Prado, in the basic version, is able to plow the entire planet. So much for the difference!

Advantages and disadvantages

Toyota Prado:

  • Nice and comfortable back sofa.
  • The ability to purchase a 7-seater version with two folding chairs in the trunk.
  • Roomy, huge trunk.
  • Full size spare tire.
  • Convenient fixtures for securing cargo in the trunk.
  • The most affordable equipment under the name "Standard" includes 7 airbags, excellent audio system, air conditioning, alarm, interior with fabric upholstery, power windows and mirrors, a steering wheel with many adjustments and much more.
  • A set of keys and buttons on the instrument panel of solid forms and large sizes.
  • The presence of a sport mode suspension, allowing to steer much more collected.
  • The lack of elegance of interior style.
  • Insufficient ease of driving on a flat road.
Volkswagen Touareg - side view

Volkswagen Touareg - side view

Фольксваген Туарег:

  • Wide back sofa, the backrest of which is adjustable by the angle of inclination.
  • Basic equipment Volkswagen Touareg includes 6 airbags, climate control, leather steering wheel, seat upholstery, excellent audio system with CD changer, electric mirrors and power windows, and much more.
  • All the necessary buttons and keys are always at hand.
  • Nothing extraordinary in the interior, which can rightly be called elegant.
  • The presence of the Area View system, albeit at extra charge.
  • Cargo latch in the trunk, going for extra charge.
  • The lack of a full-size spare tire, even in the most off-road version 4Motion.
  • The transmission tunnel is too high, which prevents the third passenger from being comfortably in the back.
Expert evaluation:
Car model:Volkswagen TouaregToyota LC Prado
Power unit:97,5
Course stability:8,57
Off-road performance:7,59

The result of our test is as follows. The Tuareg is a universal passenger car that can be turned into a powerful SUV by making a certain surcharge. Prado is the default all-terrain vehicle, but as it does not feed, a comfortable ride, characteristic of a car, will not show. It turns out that Volkswagen looks to some extent more versatile than its opponent, however, comparing prices, you understand that the difference in price only for comfort and versatile qualities is too high. Tuareg costs 700,000 rubles more. If you choose a modification with relatively the same prices, Touareg loses all its advantages.

In short, the verdict is: Tuareg is more suitable for those who do not often leave hard pavements, and the Prado was originally born off-road.