The right choice of the best recorder with rear view camera


Каждый водитель сегодня задумывается о том, как сделать поездку в автомобиле максимально безопасной и комфортной, а производители автомобильной электроники, благодаря использованию новых технологий и интересных инженерных решений, готовы удивлять своих потребителей оригинальными устройствами, обеспечивающими эти потребности. DVR with rearview camera — одно из таких уникальных изобретений, которое сразу пришлось по вкусу многим автовладельцам. Какое-то время назад новинки, появившиеся на прилавках автомагазинов, были доступны только покупателям премиум-класса. Сейчас устройства доступны каждому потребителю за счёт доступной цены и выбора функциональных возможностей.

DVR with rearview camera

Читать дальше о том, как правильно выбрать видеорегистратор с камерой заднего вида-->Видеорегистраторы подходят для любого автомобиля, занимают крайне мало места, не мешают обзору и не привлекают лишнего внимания. Они фиксируют все происходящее не только впереди, имеется виду, положение участников дорожного движения и возможные препятствия, но позади машины. Информация с камеры заднего вида зачастую играет ключевую роль в определении виновника ДТП или помогает поймать мошенников в «автоподставе». Решив, что такое устройство просто необходимо для оснастки машины, автовладелец должен сначала понять, как правильно выбирать видеорегистратор и на какие критерии ориентироваться. Спонтанная покупка такой техники может обернуться выброшенными на ветер деньгами и зря потраченными нервами.

Types and design of the DVR with a rearview camera

As a rule, car DVRs with rear-view camera are divided into two types: ordinary or so-called classic and original, made in the form of a rear-view mirror. In the first case, the device is fixed on the windshield with the help of a sucker or adhesive platform, in the second case it is installed over the factory mirror. The advantage of the second type of DVR is that it is installed permanently and it is unnecessary to remove and hide it, because it absolutely does not attract attention, and therefore, it will not cause interest among burglars.

DVR with remote rear view camera

Rear view cameras can be built-in and remote. If both cameras are built-in, then events are recorded simultaneously at the front of the car and inside the cabin. If the equipment includes one built-in camera and one remote, in this case, the remote is either mounted on the rear window, or taken out and mounted under the hood or slightly above the license plate. It is noteworthy that in some models, the rear camera can record lower quality than the front one.

Choosing a way to mount a remote rear camera, you need to consider some of the nuances. For example, when installed on the rear window, the viewing angle is quite large, but in winter, viewing a video image can be worse due to snow sticking or the formation of ice. But if heated brushes are installed in the car, then this problem can be solved. And when installed on the bumper, despite its clearly advantageous placement, the main problem will be pollution, which significantly degrades the image.

Car DVRs with rear view camera can also be divided by functionality. In different models of the device, it is characterized by the presence of GPS, anti-radar, Wi-Fi, G-sensor and the like.

An overview of the cameras is displayed on the screen, and the recorded video is saved to a memory card. Standard data storage devices SD and MicroSD have a memory of no more than 32 GB, but usually car owners use cards with a large volume. There are models of DVRs that allow you to use two memory cards at once. Some devices are equipped with special connectors, through which recordings can be viewed on other electronic devices: a tablet, laptop, phone and TV.

DVR NTK-352 Duo

You can install the DVR with a rear-view camera on your own or with the help of car service specialists. When mounted, the rear remote camera is connected to the recording device with the help of wires neatly hidden under the casing. There are DVR models that use wireless technologies to connect the rear camera. In this case, the instrument must have a special module that accepts incoming signals from the video device.

Properly installed DVR will help solve a number of tasks, such as:

  • control of the situation in front and behind, observation of cars moving behind;
  • An overview of the front camera is wider;
  • All conversations with a patrol inspector are recorded;
  • Significantly increase the chances of proving his innocence in the event of an accident.

How does a DVR with a rearview camera

After the initial installation, the driver enters the settings only once and begins to use the device. Automatic start of the DVR occurs when the engine of the machine is turned on. The driver will only buckle up and hit the road.

The volume of a standard memory card, as mentioned above, is quite small. Anxiety about how the information will be recorded when the entire memory of the card is already occupied can be quite reasonable. To do this, the devices have a loop recording function. That is, a new video is recorded instead of the deleted old one. The recording cycle can be set up on its own, the optimal switching interval is considered to be a range of 15-20 seconds.

It happens that a car owner needs a 360-degree viewing angle, which a regular two-channel recorder cannot provide. Then you can consider the version of the device in which more cameras are connected.

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The work of the registrar is also resumed even when the machine is standing still, but at the same time, for example, it received a blow from the side. It also happens when a car in the parking lot can be accidentally touched or tried to be opened, then the DVR with a rear-view camera will turn on and record everything that happens. This will happen due to the fact that the wireless connection technology integrates the device with the security system.

Very often, a DVR with a rear-view camera is compared to a PDC system. Despite clear advantages, electronic systems that help to park properly, are inferior to the recorder in functionality under the most difficult weather conditions. For parking, a video recorder with a rear-view camera will be an indispensable helper that will allow you to view everything that happens on the monitor and over the mirrors using installed spatial sensors.

Features of the choice of the recorder with a rearview camera

Once the consumer first encountered such a novelty, as a DVR with a rear view camera. Not fully appreciating its advantages and potential benefits, buyers took the model at the lowest cost. But cheap does not mean profitable. After some time, the equipment started to work badly badly, the quality of the picture did not allow not that it recognized even a large object to recognize a road sign.

The tendency to buy "cheaper" has been preserved to this day. Today you can find good models, for example, at a discount, but the quality of the equipment should be checked first. First of all, make sure that the image data is excellent and that the components are working, test the device if possible.

When choosing a recorder with a rear-view camera, the vehicle type is also taken into account. For example, in taxis or company cars, devices with two built-in cameras are mainly installed so that everything that happens in the cabin can be controlled. Remote cameras are used not only to monitor the situation behind the vehicle, but also for proper parking. Such cameras are absolutely suitable for all vehicles.

When buying, you need to check the equipment. After the transaction is completed, and the presence of all components is not checked and later before installation it turns out that some important wire is missing, you have to spend time figuring out why it is not included and, as a last resort, buy separately. By the way, choosing the right model of the DVR focusing on only one manufacturer is fundamentally wrong. Any brand, even the most popular, can produce both good products and not very successful ones.

Functional features of DVRs with rear view camera

When choosing a DVR with a rear-view camera, user needs play an important role. Based on them, the main functional set is formed, which consists of:

  • the presence of the display;
  • quality of shooting;
  • GPS, G-sensor;
  • presence of inputs mini HDMI, USB;
  • night mode;
  • timer setting;
  • the presence of antiradar.
  • etc.

Using the display, you can not only monitor the situation behind and in front of the car while driving, but also view the recorded video after the incident. Screens can be color and black-and-white, in size you can choose any on which the user will be comfortable viewing images. The presence of a microphone in the device will complement the integrity of the picture with sound and then it will be possible to easily restore the chronology of what happened in full.

The quality of shooting is recommended to choose Full HD. Clear images with recognition not only of roads and curbs, but also road signs, pedestrians and obstacles will be an excellent helper in solving the issue of safety, and in case of an unusual situation on the road, they also witness the accident. Image quality often depends on processor performance. If it is extremely small, then the picture will be blurred. In the parking process, the picture must be clear so that you can see all the curbs or bumps and do not damage the car.

The availability of the GPS function has become the main determining option in most registrar purchases. With its help it is very easy to navigate in an unfamiliar city, as well as view your route using on-line maps, the speed with which it was overcome and time. The G-sensor function, which is also called the shock sensor, can also be useful in the event of an accident. With its help, all necessary records will be saved and available for viewing at any time.

The device DVR with rearview camera

If the device is equipped with mini HDMI inputs, USB definitely adds advantages to it. The presence of these inputs makes it possible to view the recorded video, for example, using a TV or copy videos to electronic media. Some other devices are turned on not only when the engine is started, but also at a predetermined time using the “Timer” function.

Among the functional stands out so special as the mode "Night Scene". With it, you can safely move in the dark, fixing with the same clarity as during the day any little things while driving. As a rule, attempts at attacks on other people's machines occur precisely at night, so it is of fundamental importance that the device be able to record everything that happens in excellent quality at night. The car owner can be sure that such a device in the morning will present all the evidence of what happened a few hours earlier.

Car DVRs of different models have many different functions and open up new possibilities. The more options in the device, the more expensive it is, that is why, in order to comply with the price ratio of the device and the potential benefits of it, you need to clearly understand why a recorder is needed in a car and for what purpose it is purchased.


The decision to buy a DVR with a rear-view camera was made, but doubts still remain: is it really necessary in the car? It is worth looking at its advantages once again and make sure that the instrument is completely useful. The advantages of the DVR:

  • The location does not reduce the viewing angle of the driver;
  • There is no need to remove the device all the time, leaving the car for a long time and then fix it back, thanks to its hidden fixation;
  • The desired viewing angle can be selected independently and change it if necessary;
  • An overview of the road in front and behind can be increased with additional cameras;
  • Easy and quick to set up while driving;
  • Remote camera can be used when reversing and while parking;
  • Possible functions for calculating the distance between moving machines;
  • Easy to install;
  • Compact.

A car enthusiast who was puzzled to purchase this trendy and useful gadget, first of all, must figure out what type of installation is needed, whether it will be a wired connection of a remote camera or wireless connection technology. It is necessary to make a choice, which type of DVR will be more convenient: the one in the form of a rear-view mirror or an ordinary device.

Having defined the initial parameters, you can proceed to the next step of the selection. Select a device model and familiarize yourself with its functionality, make sure all the necessary options are present. After confirming your requirements for the registrar, you can further check its performance. Here you should pay attention to the video image, check whether the recording is made, how the GPS data is reflected, and whether the outputs work.

If the included DVR with a rear view camera gives a bad picture, slowly transfers data, and even with errors, then it is better to pay attention to other models in the range.

After testing the performance, it is imperative to make sure that the equipment is adequate, that all components of the installation kit are present. A car owner who wisely approached the choice of a DVR with a rear-view camera will spend money wisely and equip its vehicle with modern car electronics.