Making skirts of fiberglass do it yourself

Aerodynamic body kit can significantly improve the appearance of your car. Different shapes and designs of dodger can give transport: bold, sporty, stylish, modest and even funny image. In addition, high-quality parts can significantly improve the dynamic characteristics: handling, stability and fuel consumption. That is why we can say that the work goes through a comprehensive tuning. Moreover, if we consider a specific type, then the body kit of the front bumper, as if it lands the car at high speeds, and the body kit of the rear bumper removes the air swirls that can lift the car. Kits of aerodynamic skirts are presented on the market in a wide variety, but all of them, as a rule, have a considerable price. Significantly save on tuning can only one way - to make the kit yourself.

How to make a body kit with your own hands

Car with body kit

Before you make a body kit with your own hands, you should decide for what purposes you need it? If to change the external tuning, then the product must be without extra holes and design changes. When for running characteristics, the change in the body and the deformation of the remaining parts is inevitable.

Note: at low speed, the advantages of the aerodynamic body kit are not visible, but from 100 km / h everything is manifested At high speeds of 140 km / h, the body kit begins to affect handling. Because of this, you should not discount the aerodynamics.


  • 1 Types of materials
    • 1.1 Aerodynamic ABS plastic kit
    • 1.2 Carbon body kit
    • 1.3 Polyurethane body kit
    • 1.4 Fiberglass body kit
  • 2 Instruction

Types of materials

Before you start creating, it is worth considering the question of what materials do body kits make of?

Common speakers are:

  1. ABS plastic (ABS plastic).
  2. Carbon.
  3. Polyurethanes (rubberized or foamed).
  4. Fiberglass.

Aerodynamic ABS plastic kit

This material is a shock-resistant plastic containing copolymers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Used most by domestic manufacturers dodger. It is used in the creation of automotive parts, and in household appliances.

Its advantages:

  • moderate cost;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • flexibility, allows you to restore the previous form with a small impact;
  • Holds a long time paint coating.

    Making skirts on the car with your own hands

    ABS plastic body kits

Minusы АБС-пластика:

  • if in the process of creation the technologies are violated, then in operation the part will start to be easily exposed to low temperatures;
  • Need a fit of elements during attachment.

Carbon body kit

Carbon - composite material consisting of graphite filaments and epoxy resin. Refers to the category of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber elements make tuning machine: struts struts, hoods, body, bumpers and interior elements. Today, carbon is used not only in the automotive industry, but also in many other areas.

Material advantages:

  • excellent quality;
  • lightness compared to steel;
  • low weight with high impact resistance;
  • unique appearance.


  • cost;
  • cannot recover form;
  • at non-observance of manufacturing process, gives in to dot blows.

    Fiberglass kit do it yourself

    Carbon body kit

Polyurethane body kit

Polyurethane is a polymer that has in its chain macromolecules of the urethane group —NH — CO — O-. There are two types:

  1. Rubberized Polyurethane (PP)The best quality material. is he manufactured using cast-iron, non-deformable dies under pressure. His shock resistance is surprising. The rubber content makes this look the most flexible. Even if the mechanical impact occurred several times in a row at the same place of the part, it will still take its original state. The detail from polyurethane can fly off from a place, but remains invariable as it is. You can create a defect on it only by cutting. The paintwork is kept on rubberized polyurethane for a long time.
  2. Polyurethane foam (VP)Slightly inferior in rubberized properties. Direct exposure will not affect the condition of the product. Minus that over time, the material will deteriorate due to fractures. By itself, polyurethane is lightweight, but the edges of the product are thickened. Abroad, the manufacture of material made of polyester resins is popular - it increases the resistance to frost.MinusA: Both species have a high cost.

    How to make a body kit with your own hands

    Making bumper foam and foam

Fiberglass body kit

Fiberglass is a type of composite material. It consists of fiberglass impregnated with resin. Material new generation allows you to carry out any ideas. Fiberglass allows you to make a body kit on the car with your own hands of any complex shape, and is the best solution in all areas of activity. Due to its qualities it is widely distributed in the field of tuning.


  • affordable price;
  • if the production has been observed all the nuances of manufacturing, then the quality is not inferior to ABS plastic and polyurethane;
  • light;
  • easy to use;
  • after the strike can take the original position.


  • toxic;
  • defective material can easily crumble, and break in the cold;
  • Requires fitting parts before installation.

    Making skirts on the car with your own hands

    Fiberglass Matrix for Bumper


Consider how to make a fiberglass body kit with your own hands. Work can be divided into several stages:

  1. You need to start by considering the appearance of the product. It is necessary to calculate the parameters and determine the form. For easy perception, you should make a layout or sketch a sketch of ready-made selling options. On the Internet, find interesting types of dodger and embody on the basis of their unique design.
  2. Next, based on the sketch or image in the head, prepare fiberglass body parts. Beginners are advised to first cut a rectangle, and then give it the necessary shape. If you cut out the parts with small bricks, and then glue them with resin, then during fastening to the car they will form a smoother.
  3. We turn to the most difficult part of the work - we prepare the bends in the arch area. This part is difficult because it is located along the edge of the wing divider. It is necessary to approach responsibly to perform the task, since the transition of the extender to the rear bumper canine can have flaws.
  4. If the kit is designed incorrectly, then dents will appear. When the defect has already happened, you can fix it with a putty for plastic. Fill it with the cavity of the product.
  5. Remember that between the parts of tuning should be left gaps. For example, between the bumper and the wing.
  6. After the preparation is completed, we proceed to the application of the primer and wait for it to dry completely.
  7. Making skirts on the car with your own hands suggests and independent painting of the structure, so the paint must be selected in advance in tone to the body.
  8. If the paint is dry, install the body kit on the vehicle. We take sealant and screws.
  9. During attachment, it may be necessary to fit the parts.