Specifications ford focus 2, depending on the configuration

Consider the technical characteristics of Ford Focus 2 - one of the most popular golf-class cars, which is being assembled in Russia.

In 2004, the first model was released. In 2008, restyled. The look of the Ford Focus 2 has changed, the car has become more comfortable. Specifications Ford Focus 2 has not changed. The line Ford Focus 2 can be represented by the following various modifications.

ford focus 2 specifications

Three different body types are possible for the Ford Focus 2

  • wagon;
  • five-door and three-door hatchback;
  • sedan.

Five powertrains to choose from

The Ford Focus 2 can be installed such engines:

  • volume 1.4 liters, power - 80 hp;
  • volume 1.6 liters, power - 115 hp (this engine is equipped with the Duratec Ti-VCT system;
  • 1.6 liter capacity, power - 100 hp;
  • volume of 2 liters, power - 145 hp
  • diesel engine capacity of 1.8 liters, 115 horsepower.

All models have a manual five-speed gearbox. For two-and 1.6-liter units, a four-speed adaptive automatic box is available.

specifications ford focus 2

Thus, the technical characteristics of Ford Focus 2 vary based on what is used gearbox and engine. Consider each modification in more detail.

Model Ford Focus 2 with a 1.6-liter engine, equipped with Duratec Ti-VCT system and mechanics:

  • average fuel flow rate is 6.4 liters;
  • developed speed is 190 kilometers per hour;
  • 100 km per hour is typed in 10.8 seconds.

Modification with automatic and two-liter engine:

  • Ford Focus 2 has an average fuel consumption of 8 liters;
  • developing speed is 195 km / h;
  • 100 km per hour is reached in 10.7 c.

Ford Focus 2 in the configuration with the mechanics and turbo diesel 1.8 liters:

  • average flow is 5.2 liters;
  • developing speed is 190 km / h;
  • 100 km per hour is typed in 10.8 c.
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Ford Focus 2 with mechanics and powertrain 1.4 liters:

  • average consumption is 6.6 liters;
  • developed speed reaches 164 km / h;
  • 100 km / h rally for 14.1 c.

Modification with mechanics and 1.6-liter engine:

  • average consumption is about 6.7 liters;
  • developed speed is 180 km / h;
  • 100 km per hour is typed for 11.9 c.

Complete set with automatic and 1.6-liter engine:

  • average consumption is 7.5 liters;
  • developed speed - about 172 km / h;
  • Response to 100 km / h in 13.6 c.

Ford Focus 2 equipped with mechanics and a two-liter engine:

  • average consumption is about 7.1 liters;
  • developed speed reaches 195 km / h;
  • 100 km / h for 9.2 c.

ford focus 2 specifications

Of the general technical characteristics of the Ford Focus 2 is to provide the brakes and suspension


  • ventilated discs - on the front wheels;
  • disc - on the rear.

2. Suspension Ford Focus 2:

  • rear - independent multi-lever and anti-roll bar;
  • Front - stabilizer bar, MacPherson strut.

Based on the foregoing, a number of conclusions can be made:

  1. in the city where you live constantly traffic jams? Then you will fit a modification with automatic gearbox;
  2. plays a decisive role in choosing the efficiency of the machine? Your version is a model equipped with a diesel unit, especially since the Ford Focus 2 fuel filter in a diesel modification is much easier and cheaper to change;
  3. love the speed and good acceleration dynamics? Prefer models with manual transmissions and a two-liter engine;
  4. like the combination of "speed / acceptable fuel consumption"? A car with a 1.6-liter Duratec Ti-VCT engine will suit you.

And finally, a video test drive Ford Focus 2, the technical characteristics of which are described and shown here:

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