Updated toyota land cruiser 200

Обновился Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Classics of the genre, TLC 200, and in use "Cruise", survived a significant update of electronics and power units. External changes are not so significant, so a small facelift, because legendary cars rarely fundamentally change their appearance: designers are afraid of the wrath of fans, and in this legend it's hard to change something, because - the legend, and that says it all. Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 The model year is distinguished from the previous version by a more severely shaped nose section: a chrome grille with six corners, narrowed headlights, more deeply protruding into the wings, a more prominent hood, and a new bumper. There are no special changes behind the changes, although the rear bumper, the lights and the outer surface of the rear door are also new. Kruzak is available in ten different colors. Обновился Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8 motors used in Toyota Land Cruiser 200 trim levelsrejuvenated completely. In the 4.5-liter diesel engine, new injectors and firmware appeared. This allowed to bring the power of the engine to 272 horsepower with the same torque of 650 Nm. Full compliance with the fifth European standard and a reduction in fuel consumption of up to nine and a half liters per hundred km is the result of engine refinement.

Bezinovy ​​same 4.6-liter engine has not undergone such a modification, its power remained the same. Now he is also, like the diesel "colleague," corresponds to Euro-5 in terms of environmental friendliness and has moderated his appetite for fuel. How much more economical has the Kruzak gasoline engine, not reported. Both units are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Обновился Toyota Land Cruiser 200 As already mentioned, the electronic filling of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is substantially refined and expanded. This and “smart” headlights, which themselves, without driver intervention, change the high beam mode to the low beam, as soon as the oncoming vehicle approaches the desired distance, and then switches back to the high beam. This and cruise control, which has a radar and a front-view camera, all this allows you to stay at a safe distance from other cars, with such software, it is almost impossible to drive in with someone. In addition, the radar and camera can identify even a pedestrian in dangerous proximity to the car. A notification about this is sent to the driver instantly, and if he doesn’t react, the car itself slows down. Обновился Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Interior Toyota Land Cruiser 200 became more ergonomic and soft for the driver and passengers. Trim can be done with a cloth or leather, it all depends on the chosen configuration. Salon can be either five or seven-seater.

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Center console Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has a 12-volt outlet in all trim levels, and the top-end Sahara even got a wireless storage device. This package has a dashboard with a 4.2-inch display, in addition, a 9-inch multimedia screen located on the center console, which displays navigation information.