How to check the car before buying for legal purity

Buying a car for many car owners is a costly and troublesome business. In order to somehow reduce costs, you have to pick up a used vehicle. However, all the risks accompanying such a transaction are also shifted to the future owner.

On the market there is a sufficient number of proposals with the sale of cars in the secondary market, but first it is necessary to figure out how to check the car before buying for legal purity. Indeed, besides the technical component, the car has a documentary past, which must be flawless.


  • 1 Options for selling offers
  • 2 Preliminary verification of documents
  • 3 Check for online services
    • 3.1 Check on the site traffic police
    • 3.2 Check on the website of the bailiffs
    • 3.3 Registry of movable property
    • 3.4 Autocode for Moscow
    • 3.5 Paid services
  • 4 Technical condition of the machine

Options for sale offers

The easiest and most affordable way is to search for ads on the sale of the Internet. Here you can get maximum information from the description, photos, and sometimes a short video about the future of cars. But, as with any activity, fraudsters are often found in this method of sales.

Car dealerships also offer cars that have mileage. This relatively new service provides more guarantees than buying with it. At the stage of taking such a car to the salon, the car passes a series of checks by employees, so many questionable options are eliminated at this stage.

Note: car dealerships are only official dealers and no others. In Moscow, a huge number of pseudo-salons have divorced - fraudsters who are guaranteed to deceive you.

how to check the car yourself before buying for legal purity

Used cars in the cabin

Services help reduce the cost of purchase Trade-in, in which your car will be offered the same brand in return. It is enough to pay the difference in price and get the keys to another car.

For some citizens, an excellent option would be purchase of a vehicle from friends. Close people will tell the entire undercover purchase, and also should not have problems with the renewal.

how to check the car before you buy

The most dubious option is reseller deal. In this case, the deal for them is a job in which you need to sell a car in any condition for as much money as possible. In such situations, almost always the buyer loses.

Preliminary verification of documents

In order not to get into an undesirable situation with the car, it is necessary to check the car before purchase for the presence of all documents. The main among them is the passport of the vehicle. This document carries out tax transactions with the machine. Also, it is possible to find out the year of purchase of the vehicle, the number of owners, the history of origin.

During the transaction can take place two options for the provision of TCP:

  • the buyer is given the original document;
  • the owner has only a document marked “Duplicate”.

In the first case, less cause for concern. For the emergence of the second case there may also be well-founded reasons:

  • was the loss of TCP by the current owner;
  • the fields for inscribing the next owners have ended;
  • Title has been physically worn or decayed, therefore it has been replaced.
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how to check the car before you buy

In the latter two cases, car owners usually make a photocopy of the “old” document. In this way they are trying to confirm the legal “purity” of the vehicle. Additionally, when you buy, you can contact the traffic police yourself to clarify the data on cars.

When the document is marked “instead of lost”, then with a high degree of probability, the car may be pledged, or perhaps one of the owners did not pay the loan. In this situation, the sale of cars can be equated to fraud. In this situation, the bank or other institution with which the car is in the pledge at any time has the right to request the vehicle back.

You need to know that a full base for cars that are in the pledge in the territory of the Russian Federation is not currently created.

The approximate coverage of available information in various sources on this issue is 20-30% of all such cases.

Check for online services

Restrictive re-registration actions may be imposed on cars in the Russian Federation by law. For such limiting situations there can be several root causes:

  • the car is in the federal wanted list;
  • restrictions imposed by court order;
  • the locks are established by investigative or other government agencies (for example, bailiffs).

how to check the car before buying online

Check on the site traffic police

All cars from this list fall into the Internet traffic police database. There you must enter the data of the car, and you can instantly get the result.

You need to know that the car usually gets into the police information system within 10-14 days after the vehicle owner submits an application about the fact of theft.

If you have time, then you can wait for this period to fully check the car when buying with hands on this position.

Check on the website of the bailiffs

Be sure to check the car owner on the FSSP website. There you can see all his debts. These can be minor delays in fines, or serious debts on tax evasion and so on. You need to know that bailiffs can impose a ban on registration actions even because of unpaid fines amounting to just a few thousand rubles. Link to check:

Registry of movable property

The next step is to check whether the car is in the pledge register. Check is carried out here: By entering Vin on this site, you can find out if the car is pledged to a bank.

Autocode for Moscow

Almost everyone has already heard about the autocode site for checking vehicles registered in Moscow. We can not fail to mention it. Link: On it you can learn not only about the restrictions on registration actions, but also about the accidents into which the car fell, and a lot of other interesting and useful information.

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Paid services

There are paid services to provide information about the legal "clean" cars. They are for a relatively small amount, usually within 300 ... 900 rubles, they will carry out an inspection of a specific vehicle.

The most popular are (299 rubles) and (995 rubles). Their services involve paid databases, as well as customs, information about court decisions, data from Rosstat and some municipalities.

through which service to check the car when buying from the hands

Check through

Payable services also include the provision of data from a credit bureau. Independently find free such data will not succeed.

Technical condition of the machine

With how to check the car before buying a legal purity, we figured out, now a few words about checking the technical condition. In addition to the formalities with the documents, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of the general condition of the car to identify possible problems. After all, the car may have a broken body numbers. In this case, a fake VIN number is used. Most often, the operation is applied to stolen cars.

If such a car is detected by a traffic police officer during his examination, the car must remain on the site until the circumstances are clear. You can pre-apply to independent experts, if there are doubts about this.

how to check the car before you buy for legal purity

Checking the technical condition at the service station

Also, during a personal inspection of the car, a condition that is not consistent with the declared in the ad can be detected. In such a situation, there are cars whose owners are trying to hide possible trouble:

  • the car was a bat, and now reanimated after significant mechanical damage, as evidenced by problems with the overall geometry, poorly closing doors, hood or trunk, as well as possible cracks when mounting windows;
  • the car has a twisted mileage, if in reality the car is significantly “battered”, and there are small numbers on the tachometer; most likely the car was under a taxi;
  • "Drowned" cars, which fell into a large flow of water and have problems with the electrical system; they can often be identified by new poorly cleaned bundles of wires, corrosion zones at the points of attachment and welding, and sometimes the characteristic smell in the cabin
  • cars needing expensive engine repairs; they are detected after operation, as well as possible leakage of oil, coolant, significant smell of fuel under the hood, etc.

Note: Yes, you can buy or ask friends for a thickness gauge to check the paintwork and the presence of putty under it. But only a person with experience will be able to conduct a truly qualitative diagnosis.

Diagnostic work, depending on the complexity and brand of car can vary from 2-4 thousand rubles. Without paying this amount, the driver can get more expensive repairs when buying an unknown car.