New revocable campaign toyota will affect almost half a

Новая отзывная кампания Toyota затронет почти полтора миллиона авто

The management of the Japanese automobile concern Toyota initiated a new service campaign for one and a half million cars of various brands of the brand realized worldwide. To be precise, under the "revocable" sight hit a million four hundred and thirty thousand cars. As a rule, they all went off the assembly line from 2008 to 2012. The entire list of specific brands that have fallen under the revocable company, until it is announced, it is only known that they accurately respond Toyota Prius 2010-2012 years of release, and the Lexus CT 200h, produced in 2011-2012. The management of the car brand will tell about the models of other brands a bit later.

What is the reason for such a large review? It's all about the notorious airbagsthis time side. Side curtain airbags, which are equipped with cars falling under the review, may have cracks in their blocks. As a result, airbags, in which such a defect is present ("congenital", due to a banal manufacturing defect, or acquired due to exploitation), can for no apparent reason take and shoot spontaneously, at any time. Imagine a situation: you are driving yourself, you are driving a pedal on even runs, and then bang! - and from two sides you are slapped by side airbag shots. An accident is guaranteed, it is unlikely that a driver unexpectedly received by the temples will be able to retain the ability to drive a car if this happens at high speed - the result will be, as they say, rhetorical. Новая отзывная кампания Toyota затронет почти полтора миллиона авто The Japanese were alarmed about this not by chance. The fact is that in the very Country of the Rising Sun such seven involuntary "pillow" shots have already happened. True, the Japanese do not say anything about the injuries that drivers and passengers have suffered as a result. Maybe scary to say? If there were no serious consequences, such a rush would hardly have been inflated. One and a half million cars - not a cat started. Although, knowing the Japanese’s concern for their customers, they would have made a fuss even because of the trifle, because for them, unlike our automakers, the consumer of their goods is, as befits him, in the first place.

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If you look at the countries, then about half a million defective toyot falls on the United States, Canada and Mexico. One hundred and fifty thousand cars are waiting for a visit to a service center throughout Europe. Japan itself has 743 thousand cars with distressed side airbags. How many Japanese cars are subject to extraordinary service in Russia is not reported, but just in case to break through their four-wheel "beauty" by VIN code on Toyota's official website everyone can. If it is subject to repair, the driver will know a couple of seconds after entering the number in the appropriate field. We all remember the acclaimed reviews of cars due to poor quality airbags of the company. Takata. В данном случае дефектные подушки к фирме Takata отношения не имеют. Новая отзывная кампания Toyota затронет почти полтора миллиона авто Takata Two years ago, in 2014, when her airbags spontaneously exploded around the world, spontaneously exploded. And it was possible to get a serious injury, because along with the soft tissues of the pillow, the metal parts of its structure were also shot at the passengers. As a result, more than one hundred million units of machines were recalled and repaired. There are also victims: at present, ten deaths are known from бракованных подушек Takata.