Diy car repair

The wheels of the car must withstand significant static and dynamic loads. At the same time, they are exposed to a significant negative impact of external factors, often scratches, chips or dents appear on them. This happens both as a result of careless operation, and because of the not always high-quality road surface.

After detecting defects, it will be necessary to repair the rims. In some cases, this is feasible in garage conditions at low cost. In other situations, you need expensive professional equipment. But it also comes across the condition of the wheels so problematic that no repair will save the part.


  • 1 Varieties of repairs
  • 2 Application of straightening
  • 3 Work with cast forms
  • 4 Paint discs

Varieties of repairs

The overwhelming amount of damage is due to the physical characteristics of the disks. To bring them in order are used such operations:

  • straightening;
  • rental;
  • primer / painting.

how does car repair begin

At damages of a wheel in places of a raised voltage, except for dents and chips, cracks can appear. The use of welding in this case is not recommended for any type of wheels. Most often, for safety reasons, you will have to say goodbye to parts with this type of damage.

Self-leveling is usually used after careless driving at high speed and possible collisions with obstacles on the road. The demand for surgery appears in the following situations:

  • hitting a “speed bump” at high speed;
  • a blow to the curb during parking or turns;
  • entry into a pit with hard edges and deeper than 10-15 cm;
  • manifested factory defect.

Such a restoration of the car's disks occurs after minor incidents on the road, which by their characteristics do not apply to accidents.

how is the restoration of the car disks

Restoration of the outer coating is necessary for old wheels or damaged after exposure to numerous chemical reagents used in the winter. Aggressive environments adversely affect the outer layer of parts, as a result, it is destroyed and the formation of corrosion centers. To eliminate them, it is necessary to apply a new protective paintwork.

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Application of straightening

To bring in the working form of the deformed surfaces apply straightening. This repair of wheels in some cases may be unsafe, so it is used in a situation where it is not possible to restore the surface geometry in any other way.

what is necessary to carry out the restoration of car disks

It is not necessary to straighten discs with the following damage:

  • when heating is necessary to bring it into its original form;
  • when there is no visible damage, but it has a heartbeat;
  • the disk geometry is significantly disturbed, and the damage is not local, but affects all surfaces.

Work with cast forms

Especially these situations relate to self-repair of alloy wheels. For them, it is not allowed to use heating either point or general, since the power parameters of the material associated with its crystal lattice change.

how to repair alloy wheels

Work with modern alloy wheels are carried out "on the cold." In most cases, repair of cast disks begins with the selection of hammers of various weights and configurations, spacers made from softer materials are also used. Professionals can use a special set of tools for straightening or, in some cases, carry out work on the rolling machines. But after such a recovery it is not recommended to overload the car or drive it at high speed.

To give the surface an aesthetic look is capable of polishing. It is performed using fine abrasive pastes. The material penetrates into the cracks and provides protection from external influences.

Disc painting

In the restoration work can not do without painting any type of disc. The paintwork will protect virtually any surface from corrosion. This applies to cast or forged products. The paint is applied in the same way in both cases. The use of modern materials will provide a long service life of the restored product.

Before applying the paint is sandblasted. For significant damage, use of sandpaper, special nozzles on a drill or a grinder or brushing is allowed.

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how to repair car rims

After mechanical cleaning, the area is necessarily treated with a solvent to remove small debris.

For coloring the closed room is selected, with high-quality ventilation. This will avoid the accumulation of dust on the paint.

how wheel repair is done

The bottom layer should be primer, it can be applied twice with a small interval for drying. After that, before painting for a day, leave the disc to dry. Processing is carried out using paint guns or paint cylinders. Maximum protection will provide several of its layers. The outer part can be covered with automotive varnish.

After the restoration works, it is advisable not to use the wheel for 5-7 days., to ensure that all layers are securely fixed and have gained performance.