Self-windshield replacement

There are unpleasant moments when a small pebble from a vehicle in front flies into your windshield when driving on a busy highway, and leaves a small crack or chip. All would be nothing, but over time the crack will "disperse" throughout the glass, and now you are already going and looking for the road as if through a web. Of course, it is necessary to replace the windshield with a new one.

Most motorists think that such a replacement can only be done by specialized service stations. Do not rush to go to the service, observing small successive operations, you yourself can easily cope with this task.

Necessary tool

- Gloves and tampons;

- Solvent and primer;

- Glue - windshield sealant;

- The gun for putting glue - sealant;

- Masking tape;

- Stameska;

- Spanners;

- Screwdrivers;

- Suckers for holding glass;

- Sharp wire or awl;

- Metal string with two handles.

Workplace selection and preparatory work

It is necessary to choose a closed dry room, a garage or a car box is perfect. Wash the car well in the windshield area, and it is advisable to invite one or more of two assistants to help.

Remove the old windshield

  • - Using a flat screwdriver, remove the windshield seal on the outside of the car;
  • - Remove the plastic protection and wipers. All that will interfere with the removal of glass;
  • - Close the front part of the instrument panel and the seat in the cabin, this will allow you to avoid sealant ingress on them, dust and dirt;
  • - Now, from the passenger compartment, remove the rubber seal and front pillar cards;
  • - Remove the sun visors wires and sensors supplied to the windshield;
  • - With the help of sewing, pierce the old hermetic seam;
  • - Insert a metal string into the puncture and fasten the handles at the edges;
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- Cut off the old glue on all edges of the glass, for this you need a partner who will hold the string from the opposite side of you;

- After a complete cut of the adhesive, remove the windshield with suction cups (if necessary).

Preparation before installing a new windshield

Well clean the glass and the body in places where the glass will "fall". Use chisel and thinner. Treat the primer glass contour. To make the glue well applied, heat the tube with a hairdryer or warm water.

We put in place the windshield

- Mount the glass clean degreaser sealer;

- Cutting the dosing tube at a height of 20 mm;

- Apply glue to the surface of the body or glass contour. At the same time the strip of glue should be integral;

- Next, carefully place the glass in the opening, firmly push it to glue filled all the hollow places;

- Fix the glass with masking tape;

- After the sealant has completely dried, install all the elements that have been removed on the vehicle.

Some useful tips

Until the glue - sealant is completely dry, do not slam the doors and the hood. This will prevent glass shifts. Full drying glue 24 hours. The warmer the room, the faster the glue dries. If the temperature in the garage is below zero, the glue will not dry. After 24 hours, remove the tape and wash the windshield.

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That's basically it. Agree, the task is not difficult, and every motorist can do it.