Duel: lada priora and hyundai accent?


Almost equally often on our roads today there are two cars - Lada Priora and Hyundai Accent. So willy-nilly, you wonder what the reason for such a frequency is. Well, everything is more or less clear with Priora: it is the star of the domestic auto industry, a decent option and quite affordable for local motorists. What accent? This "Korean" - a budget foreign car. A typical choice of those who do not want to buy a domestic car, but for an expensive "foreigner" there is no money. So, without knowing it, Hyundai and Lada fell into one class, a comparable price segment and ... became competitors. But which of them is better - Accent or Priora? Compare right now.

Lada Priora and Hyundai Accent cars due to a number of factors became competitors in the Russian market.

Lada Priora and Hyundai Accent cars due to a number of factors became competitors in the Russian market.

 Korean: Russian Adventures

We begin to get acquainted with the duelists closer. And immediately - a surprise. It turns out that the “Korean” accent is not so much as he is painted. Yes, this is really the brainchild of the South Korean Hyundai Motors Corp. Only since 2001, the car was allowed into circulation at the automobile plant in Taganrog. So, it can be said that Russian has accent now.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Lada Priora and Hyundai Accent-->Мы уже говорили выше, что Хендай Акцент отлично прижился на наших дорогах. И вот вдогонку интересный факт: for several years in a row, the car kept the palm, as the best-selling foreign car in Russia.

The appearance of the car Hyundai Accent

Hyundai was originally considered a family car. Several times the model was reborn. And today we are dealing with the third generation Accent.

My dear…

Now we meet Priora. You look at it, and immediately there is such an inexplicable feeling of something familiar, even your own. And the feeling does not fail. The fact is that the queen of AvtoVAZ was created on the basis of the VAZ 2110. And, of course, many people in Russia know and respect the “ten-point”.

Since its release in 2007, Lada Priora has undergone profound changes. Initially, she absolutely resembled her elder relative, but since then designers and designers have made more than 1000 changes to the model.

The appearance of the car Lada Priora

This car has the image of youth. Actually, it is this kind of audience that most often drives Priory. And, although there are questions about the quality of its assembly, the car has become the highlight of the VAZ price.

To the barrier!

The formalities are met, so now let's proceed to the debriefing. You need to understand what is better - Accent or Priora - in terms of technical characteristics, exterior and interior design, etc.

For comparison, we take the most common version - with the type of body sedan.

Size matters

Visually, Hyundai looks slimmer. He and the passport above and longer. It is clear that based on the overall dimensions of the body, the capacity of the luggage compartment is also formed. So here Accent gives a head start: its trunk is designed for almost 455 liters, and for Priory this figure is 430 liters.

Cases "heart"

Let's look at the "cardiogram". Frets are usually equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Maximum power - 106 "horses."

Accent sell with engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters. The strongest of them produces 123 "horses."

In general, with regard to the motors, then according to the description of the manufacturers, and, according to motorists, more reliable units are installed on the "Koreans". In Lada, according to reviews, problems with the "heart" occur more often.

How to go ...

Hyundai wins and in terms of transmission. There is a complete set of both mechanics and machines. Manual box is designed for five stages, automatic - for four ranges. The maximum speed Hyundai develops when the engine (both 1.4 and 1.6-liter) works as a duet with manual transmission. It reaches 190 km / h. In such a modification, the car takes acceleration to 100.2 in 10.2 seconds.

Test drive the car Hyundai Accent:

In the case of the Priory transmission, there is no choice. There is only a manual transmission in five stages. The car picks up speed to 183 km / h and accelerates in 11, 5 seconds.

... and how much "eat"

And how voracious are your rivals? The most powerful Ladovsky engine in mixed mode requires “for lunch” 6.9 liters. Menu Hyundai modest. If the 1.6-liter engine "studies the menu" in a company with manual transmission, then on average it will take 6 liters. If the partner is automatic, then the order will be 6.5 liters.

That is, though small, but the bonus for profitability also goes to the Accent.

"Leaky" realities

By hodovke hard to say who will take advantage - Lada Priora or Hyundai Accent. In this part they are very similar. Both front and rear suspension are the most common.

Test drive car Lada Priora:

The only thing that can be added here is the positive feedback from some Priory owners. Drivers claim that Lada is not afraid of bumps and holes. Emphasis on such courage does not boast, although it tries not to fall face down in the mud. Vazovskaya machine, I must say, better prepared for our "holey" realities.

Modifications: there is a contact

And what kind of "stuffing" did the manufacturers make in these models?

Lada: modestly, but not expensive

Let's take a look at Lada. The basic modification looks modest, but not mean. The slats on the hood and trunk are chrome-plated, the door handles are the same color as the body. The car runs on 14-inch tires with steel discs.

In the cabin of the car Lada Priora

In the cabin - fabric upholstery. There is a board computer Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, mounted in the dashboard. In the armrest - a ditch for trifles. Driver and passenger (front) doors are equipped with electric windows. The mirrors on the side are also driven, well, plus are heated. What is not in the "Norma", so it kondyra and audio.

But the standard Lada is equipped with an airbag for the driver. By the way, Priora in general became the first Russian-made car, which began to be assembled with an “air bag”. There are standard anti-theft systems.

Hyundai: another reality

"Classic" grade Hyundai different. The emphasis goes on a 15-inch wheel that is set off by steel wheels with hubcaps. What is not pleasing to the eye, so it is unpainted pens, there are no designer inserts on the body. True, included in the basic version of the day optics.

Inside the car Hyundai Accent

Here, too, fabric interior. Most often in gray tones. There bortovik and (big plus!) Air conditioning. But also the audio system is not provided, there is even no corresponding wire distributing. (In Priore, by the way, preparation is included in the base). The front windows are also electronic.

Khendayevts have equipped their base with two airbags - for the driver and the passenger sitting in front.


By the way, the luxury version of the Priory is also slightly higher than the “Comfort” from Hyundai. Ladushka supplied with electronics on all windows, the seats are heated, there is a climate system and cruise control, rain sensors. This “sat down” extra pillows - for the front passenger and side. There are tumanki and running light.

In the VIP Accent, there is already an audio system that is adjustable from the steering wheel. There are also power windows and heated seats. The pens in this modification have already “accepted” the body color. It is disappointing that in terms of safety, this equipment remained at the level of the standard version.

Car model:Hyundai AccentLada Priora
Producing country:South KoreaRussia
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:13961597
Power, l. c./about min .:108/620098/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:190183
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.211,5
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​8.0; track 6.0city ​​9.6; highway 5.6
Length, mm:42804350
Width, mm:17001680
Height, mm:14701420
Clearance, mm:160165
Tire size:185/65 RAF 14175/65 RAF 14
Curb weight, kg:10331185
Full weight, kg:11001578
Fuel tank capacity:4543

And further…

True, the choice of modifications Hyundai slightly wider than the opponent. (Four versus two variations). But it is still the situation in favor of Accent does not unfold.

But the complaints from the drivers on the uncomfortable seats in the VAZ make a fly in a spoon They say that after traveling in Priore, they hurt their backs because the chairs “walk” and do not hold their shape well. In this sense, the Accent is more comfortable.

Now we consider

Now, as for the issue price. Those who decide to purchase the Prior should have at least 364 thousand rubles. This is the cost of the base. The “top” version is represented by an average price of about 460 thousand rubles.

Emphasis due to quality advantages in the assembly and technical equipment, is more expensive. Price minimum - 380 thousand rubles, maximum - about 640 thousand rubles.

Who that

So what do we have? It's time to make a choice of Priora or Hyundai Accent.

Let's start with Lada. This is a youth version of the car. Priora, of course, loses Accent on the technical component and road performance, but it looks, perhaps, fashionable. Plus - a more solid filling in the trim levels. Well, somewhat cheaper Ladushka. And what a sin to conceal, when this factor is today one of the decisive when choosing a car.

In addition, there are special loan programs that allow you to take the WHA on good conditions. So, if you are young and do not have a “fad” about domestic cars - Priora is quite an option.

А для тех, кто располагает чуть большей суммой, ценит классику sedanов и ждёт от автомобиля не столько внешних эффектов, сколько ходовой надёжности — безапелляционный выбор Хендай Акцент.