Americans promise ford kuga st

Американцы обещают Ford Kuga ST Ford management wants to develop a hot sports version for each line of its models. Actually, for the Fiesta and the Focus, they already exist (Fiesta ST, Focus ST), in line Ford Kuga. This is not accidental, because today crossovers are in great demand around the world, therefore, first of all in this segment version ST will be in great demand. Americans smell on such things. Американцы обещают Ford Kuga ST Ford is expanding a number of its SUVs, not only inventing new ones, but also offering new modifications of already known cars. This is the trend. And creation ST version of Ford Kuga, in many countries known as Escape, goes just in the realities of this trend. The new car will compete with the Juke Nismo RS and the Mini Countryman JC Works.

Details of the configuration of the future model, for obvious reasons, are not disclosed. But logically thinking, you can already pre-make a certain opinion on this subject. Today, the most steep in terms of power is the Ford Kuga, having a two-liter Ecobust under the hood, capable of showing 240 horsepower at a peak torque of 366 Nm. Neither the Nissan Juke Nismo RS, squeezing 215 horses, nor the Mini CJ CW, issuing three horses more, can no longer compete in power with the Kuga.

Американцы обещают Ford Kuga ST

However, if you intend to make a sports version of the 240-strong engine, you probably need to somehow force it, which will make it even more powerful. As a result, there will be a need to strengthen the suspension units and the brake system, giving the car body more aerodynamic properties. Most likely, the transmission will be mechanical. Американцы обещают Ford Kuga ST In addition to the hot version, parquet Ford Kuga are going to develop and luxury modification, which will receive the prefix Vignale. Among European motorists today there is a steady demand for luxury equipment Ford, for this reason, Americans can expect from the new version of a clear success.