Suzuki grand vitara: technical specifications, photos, model

Take a look at the harsh and invincible Suzuki Grand Vitara, the photo of which is presented below, and enjoy its grace and unbending willpower. The legend is alive! And today we will consider its main advantages.

Suzuki Grand Vitara A couple of years ago, modern burghers could observe a curious picture in their lands: a car, which resembles a mixture of a military armored SUV and a dark, sinister Batmobile, is driving around on well-groomed roads. It turned out that under the dense camouflage was hiding the new Japanese “suv» Suzuki Vitara 2015-2016 year. Here, look at the photo:

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The task is simpler than steamed turnip. In order to save money on transportation, the manufacturer simply left the concept iV-4 at the German plant, successfully demonstrated at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Conjuring over the design, the Japanese released the "stallion" at will, so that he could quickly adapt to the conveyor production.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara22

2.4-liter power unit hides a huge herd of "horses" of 169 "heads." All this power develops a top moment of 227 Nm. To "weave" - ​​for 11.7 seconds. In urban conditions, the fuel consumption of a 4-cylinder engine reaches 11.4, and on the highway - 7.6 liters.

Suzuki Grand Vitara23


Surprisingly, the Japanese SUV still occupies a leading position in the entire model range of the manufacturer. Deprived of any obvious weak points, the car demonstrates the strengths of a real hegemon in the Russian market.

Uncompromising reliability, original concept, time-tested, advanced technical characteristics and attractive charm made from a shy newcomer of the late 80s a purposeful and charismatic businessman who still gives odds to many modern competitors.

Suzuki Grand Vitara24