The cheapest to maintain suvs and crossovers


When buying and owning a car, the costs of scheduled and unscheduled repairs are becoming an important part of the car owner's budget. People when choosing a car is guided and a reasonable desire to save their money. Crossovers and SUVs are not the cheapest kind of car, so it is even more important for the buyer to understand which model of car he will be least costly to contain. To understand this question is not easy, the expenses of the car owner consist of several items: fuel, rubber, transport tax, parking, washing and so on. Today we consider one of the most significant factors: the cost of servicing SUVs and crossovers on the example of the cheapest of them in this parameter.

Car service

Maintenance is quite expensive, so you should consider this criterion when choosing a vehicle.


Simple and unpretentious

На первых местах вполне закономерно оказываются российские внедорожники. Что в них хорошего? Они недорогие при покупке и обладают настолько простой конструкцией, что ремонт вполне возможен своими руками в самом простом гараже. Машину родом из СССР можно отремонтировать буквально на коленке с помощью набора ключей и лома. Стоимость запчастей мизерная, степень их доступности — максимальная. Расходы непосредственно на обслуживание по степени ничтожности — вне конкуренции. Надёжность несколько хромает, но это с лихвой покрывается вышеперечисленными плюсами. Однако есть одно НО — доступных для покупки в салоне моделей автомобилей немного.Читать далее о лучших внедорожниках и кроссоверах с недорогим обслуживанием-->

LADA 2121 (4 × 4) LEVELS

This car is made, scary to say, from 1977 to the present. It can rightly be called the cheapest to maintain. Now he is not as in demand as he was in his youth, but he still has a demand, which makes AvtoVAZ still sell it at the price of 450 thousand rubles (however!). How much is, say, a year of servicing this wonderful car - no one knows, since almost all cars are serviced independently by the owners. The frequency of repairs or replacement of consumables is also a mystery behind seven seals, since all this is purely individual, but there is no statistics. There is even a belief - if the car is assembled at the factory in the morning shift, then its quality is much higher. However, you probably won't know. The order of prices for spare parts is approximately the following - 600–700 rubles are asked for a set of front brake shoes, and for a set of shock absorbers “in a circle” - 2000–2500 rubles.

LADA 2121 (4x4) LEVELS


This car is also a legend. Permeability, simplicity and unpretentiousness of the offspring of the UAZ are known throughout the country. It is also produced not for some year, but “until now!”. The cost of such a vehicle is now slightly more than 400 thousand rubles. What do you get for this money? The ability to fully self-service (if necessary, with the involvement of a couple of friends), cheap parts and, accordingly, your wallet will not lose much weight when going to the parts store. Those pads cost about 800 rubles, and a set of shock absorbers - just over 3000.



For those who use the car mainly in the city and for any reason decides to buy a crossover for themselves, there are also options that do not really hit on a pocket in terms of service. Prices for products of foreign manufacturers, of course, higher, but this is offset by their reliability. These stunning off-road performance, like our Oise and NIVY, these cars do not have, but much more comfortable for movement within the city. When considering the cost of servicing foreign-made crossovers, the cost of maintenance is much more important than the price of specific parts. With a mileage of less than 60–70 thousand (and in some cases up to 100 thousand) no serious damage will occur, and even here the guarantee should save you from expenses.


One of the most reliable and cheap to maintain crossovers. In this sense, the car is extremely profitable to buy, since you will get quite a profitable and unpretentious car. The cost of the first MOT is the lowest in the class - 6500 rubles, for the money in the car will replace the oil and two filters - salon and oil. The second MOT will cost a bit more expensive, about 10.5 thousand rubles, candles and brake fluid will also be replaced. KIA SPORTAGE on this indicator is more democratic than many competitors, for example, the cost of maintenance for Nissan Qashqai is 30% higher.


Honda CR-V

Другим претендентом на звание самого дешёвого в обслуживании городского кроссовера является Honda CR-V Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The cost of MOT is higher than that of KIA SPORTAGE, but not much more - a maximum of 500 rubles for MOT. This makes the car attractive for purchase, besides it is quite reliable.

Honda CR-V


The most interesting thing is that cheap cars do not differ such cars as Renault Duster, claiming the title of both an SUV and a city crossover at the same time. The first MOT for one of the most affordable SUVs on the market will cost 7,000, or 8,000 rubles. Although it would seem, KIA and Honda alone are sold for twice the price than Renault, and even that is cheaper. Miracles, and more!

Renault Duster


More "serious" SUVs require large expenditures for carrying out planned work. From the point of view of cross-country ability, not all of them are real conquerors of off-road, but nevertheless the four-wheel drive is obligatory for everyone, and to call such cars a crossovers does not turn the language. However, this will not affect the cost of the first MOT, and all serious repair costs will fall on the shoulders of those owners of large SUVs who purchased them with a mileage of more than 100 thousand kilometers. Then you have to seriously fork out for maintenance of complex components and assemblies of the car, well, and the first years of life will be almost cloudless.


“Unclouded” of all will be scheduled trips to the service again from the owners of Honda. The PILOT itself is a large and noticeable machine, but at the same time a large investment in maintenance is not required from its owner. For the first time, it will cost 9000–10000 rubles, and the second time - at 11,500–13000. Pilot among its competitors - the most inexpensive to maintain!



Owning an SUV or crossover is not one of the cheap pleasures. At the same time, the cost of servicing these cars often depends not so much on the price of the car, but on its positioning in the market. If the manufacturer classifies his SUV as a prestigious one, then the dealers charge the appropriate amounts for the planned work, and those cars that are positioned as family ones save the owner’s finances during maintenance. Choose a car wisely and leave your feedback on the experience of owning the cars we mentioned! Successes!