In frankfurt, the germans will show the opel astra sports

Во Франкфурте немцы покажут универсал Opel Astra Sports Tourer

The nearest Frankfurt Motor Show will showcase the latest developments including German car makers in just a few days. In addition to the new, fifth hatch Opel Astra, there will be shown handsomeWagon Sports Tourer.

When looking at new German cars it becomes depressing from the fact that the Germans turned the sale of Opel models in Russia until better times. Opel leaves us, and it seems that we will not soon see us as brilliant Astra hatchback, and no less pleasant for the eyes and driving imagination wagon. It's a shame for the power. Though cry.

Unlike the hatchback "Astra-5", which has become smaller in size, Astra Sports Tourer on the contrary, rang out into the distance and in breadth compared with its predecessor. With the same wheelbase of the hatch and the station wagon - 2 meters 66.2 cm (the previous generation had another razier - 2 m 68.5 cm), the length of the latter was increased by 4 mm, and the width by 57 mm. By height Astra Sports Tourer sank 36 mm. Rear passengers received an extra nearly three centimeters of space to stretch their legs. When you move your foot under the rear bumper, the rear door opening sensors work, and it opens up hospitably. What opens to the eye after that - a roomy trunk of 1,630 liters - is pleasantly struck by freedom, and the brain automatically begins to pack this volume with all kinds of picnic goods. The modern version of the "barn" holds from 550 to 1,550 liters, when the rear row of seats is folded.

Во Франкфурте немцы покажут универсал Opel Astra Sports Tourer

The new station wagon is based on the same D2XX platform as the Chevy Cruze and Chevy Volt. This platform has made it easier Astra Sports Tourer almost two hundred kilograms. Basic equipment wagon weighs 1 tons of 263 kg, and it is 130 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

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The range of engines used is the same as that of the hatchback. These are 3- and 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines that comply with the environmental standards of emission of the sixth European standard. Their volumes vary depending on the configuration from 1.0 to 1.6 liters, the power range, respectively, from 95 to 200 horses. One to one with Hatch.

Во Франкфурте немцы покажут универсал Opel Astra Sports Tourer

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, they will show the top-end equipment for the Astra Sports Tourer wagon, with a two-liter turbocharged engine that develops two hundred horsepower. It has direct injection and overboost, upon activation of which temporarily torque grows to 300 Nm. Equipped with a top wagon with all sorts of assistants, including recognizing the markings, pedestrians and road signs, automatically slowing down the car when there is a threat of collision at low speeds up to forty km.

Orders for Astra Sports Tourer Germans will start taking in October. Except at home, it will be sold in Italy and England.