Where in russia to buy a car cheaply


Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive new high-end car. An ordinary Russian has a limited budget, and many are looking for a cheaper car. Of course, I want with this high-quality and reliable cars. How and where can I get the cheapest cars in Russia? Perhaps our recommendations will help you save money on such a necessary many purchases.

New car Renoult

A good car does not have to be expensive.

How to buy a cheaper car

Secondary markets

Для поиска дешёвых машин лучше обращаться на вторичные рынки. Авто б/у, с пробегом обойдётся вам гораздо в меньшую сумму, чем такое же по характеристикам, но новый. Тем более, что ассортимент на вторичном рынке не меньше, а подчас даже больше, чем в автосалонах. Средний срок службы транспортного средства при хорошем уходе — 20 лет. При покупке автомобиля в хорошем состоянии с пробегом вы получите машину, которая прослужит вам ещё долго, и по невысокой цене. Кроме того, выявив недостатки авто, которые продавец не назвал или попытался скрыть (если, конечно, они не столь значительны, и вы готовы пойти на такой вариант), вы сможете снизить предлагаемую вам цену. Как вариант, приобретая машину после ДТП, вы сможете купить её дешевле, а потом восстановить.Читать далее о том,где купить самые дешевые автомобили в России-->

Pledged auctions

At auctions, they sell used cars seized by the court from debtors for sale and reimbursement of debt. Information about trading in Russia is usually posted in the media and on the Internet, and can also be obtained through friends. Of course, here the choice is small, you can only buy what is put up for auction. But the prices are much lower than the market, because every day of idle cars in the parking lot brings banks and creditors losses. If several lots are put up, we advise you to be patient, because, say, to the sixth lot of competitors you will have less, and accordingly the cost will not increase much, you can buy the desired car cheaper.

Foreign auctions

You can inexpensively order a new car from a foreign auction via the Internet. Trading platforms are located in Germany, Poland, Holland, France, and the car will be delivered to you, which is convenient for residents of the European part of Russia, since transportation costs will be small. In the east of the country should consider the proposals of Chinese, Japanese and Korean auctions.

Internet auction window

Online auction

Please note that with this method of buying a car, you can “fly into” a “cut” - a car that has been sawn and taken out to reduce customs taxes in parts. Then, already in Russia, such a car is assembled, but because of the cut, it will serve you for a short time and there will be great technical difficulties with it. Avoid situations with a cut can be carefully studying the auction sheets, which in such cases put special marks.

Corporate fleet

Large fleets often sell their vehicles after a run of 200–300 thousand km. Here you can buy not only compact cars, but also business-class sedans like the Toyota Camry. With this method, there is a risk to get a completely broken car, especially advised to avoid buying cars used by private owners in the taxi, most likely they will be in very poor technical condition. However, large taxi companies usually try to keep their equipment in perfect shape.


Dealer auto centers in most will sell not only new, but also used cars. Of course, here the cars will be somewhat more expensive than on the car market, because the salons include their mark-up in the price. But they will help you to choose a car with the required characteristics, the evaluation of the car is made by experts. Also, if you want to buy a certain brand, you can do this through auto centers, which specialize in it. In addition, discounts on official dealers are often provided for a new car.

Toyota Camry

Internet services

Through the Internet, you can easily buy a car, pick up the desired model, and without leaving home. You can find services where the cheapest cars also deliver to your home. Then you will not need to bypass kilometer markets, to hurry, and calmly and thoroughly compare the proposals. Of course, there is a danger of getting to unscrupulous sellers, because it is still worth inspecting the car personally before making money for it.

The lowest prices for cars by region

In some regions of Russia, according to experts from the Internet resource Yandex. Auto ”, prices for vehicles may be lower by 10–15%. It depends on the level of competition. If the demand for cars is significantly lower than the supply, then the cost is reduced.


In the capital, hundreds of sellers and dozens of official dealers and car dealers compete with each other. In the secondary market, a huge number of offers force sellers to reduce prices for equipment, especially used ones. Low prices here and on new foreign cars.


Besides the fact that here, just like in Moscow, a large volume of offers, a large stream of cars imported from Europe passes through the northern capital: cars from Germany and Sweden are brought here by ferry.

В Petersburgе можно также выгодно купить самые новые модели многих брендов, например, Toyota, Volkswagen. Они производятся в технопарке вблизи города, потому на них можно получить значительную скидку.VW Passat SS Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru


In the south, in the capital of Kuban, a huge number of car markets, where cars are cheaply sold to foreign manufacturers. The demand here is high, they often come here from other regions to buy an inexpensive car.


Здесь выгодно покупать иномарки, потому как через Kaliningrad проходит половина ввозимых из Европы авто. На рынках, в комиссионных отделах магазинов вы недорогие найдёте машины, здесь на выбор вам предоставят самые различные марки, классы и, конечно, цены.

Tolyatti, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk

This is the city where the auto industry of domestic brands. Here you can get a significant discount on a new car from dealers, as they do not bear the cost of transportation. And after the low prices in the primary market, sellers are forced to lower the cost and used cars.

Lada Vesta


For residents of eastern Russia, we recommend visiting the Vladivostok car market. You do not need to travel huge distances to the European part of Russia, because in this city cars are brought by ferries from Japan and Korea. Particularly impatient can search for a car directly in the port: at closed auctions and auctions they sell vehicles that barely left the board of the ship. Thus it is possible to buy a car in excellent condition and inexpensive.


On the car market in Lithuania, you can buy a car much cheaper than in some regions of Russia. Moreover, they are located not far from the European part of Russia, and when the seller sees a profitable buyer, there will be no language barrier. The most inexpensive city in terms of prices for cars is Kaunas. Of course, you still have problems with customs, but in general the car will be much cheaper. In addition, the car market in Kaunas is impressive in its size, which means that the widest choice awaits you here.

The cost of new cars depending on the season

The cost of new cars is significantly influenced by such factors as seasonality.

The best time to buy a new car is winter. Of course, you should not look for a cheap car right on the eve of the New Year holiday, when, on the contrary, prices are rising. The calculation here goes to wealthy customers who want to present a new car to their relatives as a gift. Dealers, of course, are in high demand and raise the cost. But in January-February, prices are usually reduced. At this time, the demand is generally low, besides the frost, the need to “change the shoes” of the car and other reasons affect the price reduction. In addition, immediately after the onset of the new year, the cars "age" for a whole year. Therefore, dealers are trying to sell new items in December, and in January the price for a new car is already lower due to the last year of release. You can save about 200 thousand rubles.

Prices may be reduced at the end of the month or quarter. Dealers need to fulfill a plan, and if the number of sales has not reached the desired figure, it will be cheaper to sell it to the salon and retailers. Because you will be able to provide a discount on seeing your interest in cars and the limitations of your funds.

Official dealer or "gray"?

If you decide to buy a new car, it is recommended to contact the official dealers. It would seem that the informal, the so-called gray, offer more favorable conditions. But there are a few nuances.

  1. The price stated on the website or any other ad is not necessarily the one for which the car will be sold to you. On sites you can often see a small inscription that the value indicated there is “not an offer”. This means that there is no guarantee for the purchase of a car at a named price. Attracting a low cost in the ad, the “gray” dealers already at the meeting “process” a potential victim
    • unnecessary additional equipment is imposed, often at inflated prices and of dubious quality;
    • they say that “unfortunately the car was already sold, but we are offering you another option, even better”;
    • cars are sold only on credit, and even with insurance at dubious value from a little-known company, and necessarily along with some other insurance, such as life;
    • you are ready to give the car at the price mentioned in the advertisement, but without the necessary equipment or in a poor configuration (for example, without ABS or with a 4-speed gearbox), and the normal configuration is sold much higher, respectively.
  2. Unofficial dealers do not receive discounts on a new car, as in official dealerships. Usually, official dealers do not indicate these discounts on websites, because they cannot be advertised, but in the end it will cost you less when buying a car.

According to analysts, used cars in Russia are becoming cheaper every year. We can say that the more expensive the new car, the more it becomes cheaper with every kilometer. Also, according to the data of 2015, it is noticed that it is used cars that are in great demand. New cars were bought less often. The same situation is predicted this year. The budget segment is increasingly attracting buyers. If you want to save, consider different options, be careful when buying, if necessary, consult with experts.