Overstepping camera - arrow - ct m

Violators of the speed limit felt a new “headache” when there appeared on the roads cameras fixing the speed limit Strelka - ST / M. Even the most expensive anti-radar will not give 100% probability of warning the intruder about approaching the camera Arrow - ST stands for stationary, whereas Arrow - M is mobile, i.e. exposed on busy roads, where reckless drivers often violate the speed limit.

Arrow - ST / M

Why Arrow - ST / M is elusive for anti-radar

The fact is that the development of this device was developed by the military in the past decade. Our military technologies have always been distinguished by their ability to surpass themselves. Therefore, such a complex was developed as a little noisy with insensitive signals. The sending of pulses and the reception of the reflected signal were brought to a new quality standard.

Arrow - ST / M

Radar detectors that could receive pulses, give different indicators in the K - range, it follows that they are in the lower border of the signal / interference register. Dear anti-radars that are able to detect the Arrow, first filter the signal that the camera gives, after filtering, when it is recognized as being correct, an audible warning is issued. But it is worth noting that the sound signal of your anti-radar, even if the latest model may not have time to inform you about the approach to the Strelka.

The best of the best

It is right to say that the best anti-radar against the Strelka - CT / M is the Cobra RU 955 CT model, the cost of which at the moment is from 7,900 thousand rubles. This model of anti-radar accepts all types of radar and laser signals, besides it is able to catch the signal of safety of road services.

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antiradar Cobra RU 955 CT

In addition to Strelka - CT / M, Cobra RU 955 CT receives similar signals from devices such as ISKRA and CARDON, as well as: Binar, Chris, Arena, Berkut, Sokol, Radis, etc. , but in 2017, reviews of this model are "at the height".

Antirah Street Street

Antirah Street Street STR

Another device that is able to catch the signals from the Strelka ST / M is a Russian-made StreetStorm radar detector in which EX chips are embedded. Its price is about 10,000 thousand rubles. The EX board is able to recognize the Arrow, Cordon and Robot without problems. Thus, the beep of the anti-radar will not be overdue, and will be able to make it clear in time that it’s time to slow down.

Antirah Street Street STR

One of the best models of StreetStorm STR - 9530EX Black Edition GPS was recognized as the best purchased model in 2016.