Your car service: how to open your business

Own business

His business, his business - the dream of many. And today I want to open my eyes to the men's business - auto repair. What you need to create it?

The most common reason for contacting a repair is a crumpled body after an accident. Moreover, the owners of expensive cars are more often treated with this problem. Economy class cars drive crumpled on roads and without headlights. People with big money require higher quality, which means the equipment for straightening and painting must be of high quality. And not the cheapest.

Your car service is real

For example, the stand of Maxima - B2E. Trouble-free American hydraulic system, universal grippers for reliable fastening of the car, ergonomic shape, allowing the worker to do all the operations as convenient as possible.

And even for starting a business, you can rent equipment or request an outdated model of the same stand for straightening, with an increase in business turnover, you need to strive to replace equipment with a modern one.

Twice a year in the car change the oil - summer for winter and vice versa. This procedure also requires special equipment. Oil draining can be both classic, longer, and vacuum. In the second case, this happens faster and one master can serve more machines for the same amount of time. Actually, of course, when there are many customers.

Your car service is real

A very important equipment for car services - equipment for pumping the brake system, discs and drums. For example, the Italian Raasm, three-chamber with the pneumatic principle of operation. Completely eliminates damage to the brake system and the emulsion of fluid during pumping.

Credit or own savings

Of course, to start a car service, it is not at all necessary to acquire all the equipment at once, then. It will be enough to provide the most popular services. And buy the rest later.

Your car service is real

The question rests on money. It is too risky to take a loan in order to equip a large car service station from scratch. It is better to take a small loan for a small amount of equipment and unwind so. For example, tire workshops are not in need all year round. The main earnings fall on the spring and autumn days of changing wheels, but on other days they are treated with punctures.

The benefit of a small car service for a client is that there is no bureaucracy here. The waiting time for repair is significantly reduced. After all, a small, not yet promoted auto service is so important to make a name. So here hold on to each client. And customers appreciate it.