Choosing a toyota camry used

At the turn of the millennia, the concept of business class cars has changed significantly, or rather, expanded. A separate class D + has appeared, and the E-class has expanded, not only in the American classification, but also in the world one. At the same time, cars of a similar rank were bought for various purposes: from serving the interests of deputies and officials to personal use by fairly wealthy citizens.

Camry 19-wheels

But one of the most popular cars in this class has always remained Toyota Camry in the back of the XV40, that is, in the 6th generation of this model. Interestingly, this car can be safely called Russian, and not even because it constantly appeared in public procurement and delivered representatives of the authorities of the Russian Federation, but also because the Japanese company opened a plant in the St. Petersburg region, that is, in terms of This car is really Russian.

Reasons for popularity

It is worth noting that the popularity of Camry is not so easy to explain. She does not stand out with a magnificent interior or exterior, it can hardly be called the queen of speed, as regards technical characteristics everything is also quite ordinary. The secret to the success of the Toyota Camry is that the car is a kind of "golden mean": the design is quite calm here, the car itself is extremely reliable, there are no frankly simple configurations, and the level of comfort is quite acceptable even for the authorities. In addition, government procurement and localization of production helped. It is not surprising that even now many people are trying to buy this particular car, despite the fact that it costs much more than cars of an identical cash desk and level of comfort.

Camry XV40

Even if we compare the Toyota Camry with a Mercedes 211, which initially seems, unequivocally, losing for the “Japanese”, then everything is not so simple. Considering how much you will have to spend on servicing the ten-year-old “German”, it is much more sensible to drive a trouble-free Toyota Camry of the same years, although it will initially have to pay more. This car is really successful, reliable and economical in its content, which has become the main reasons for its widest distribution in Russia and its popularity today.


Toyota Camry boasts one of the best anti-corrosion treatments in its class, so even ten-year-old cars are well protected from rust, the areas of its distribution are extremely small. Occasionally they complain only about the swelling of the paint, but this is a misfortune of a much smaller caliber. Corrosion is often noticed on stretchers, so when choosing a car, do not forget to look there.

Toyota Camry XV40

Traditionally problematic for used cars, the arches of the Toyota Camry, due to relatively small age, rarely conceal the cause of waste and excitement for the owner. However, if the car was badly cared for, then there may well be questions about this part of the car, despite its “young” age. Disregard and bad roads can ruin any car!

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The paint itself is not the best that can be understood by looking at the bumper of the car after 5-7 years of run. But this problem is not too difficult to eliminate with the help of special treatment with protective elements or the application of ceramics. Yes, and excellent dealer service, a large number of proposals for painting the machine can forget about this problem to any caring owner.

In general, Toyota Camry stands out in excellent condition among its “peers”. In those days, the anti-corrosion coating was not saved as it is today, so this car is still quite comparable as with new cars, if, of course, it was looked after.

In terms of exterior, you can only find fault with purely decorative elements. So, the chrome parts quickly lose their luster, which is why the car looks less elegant, and the fasteners often peel off and rust. Also to the minuses of the body can be attributed the lower part of the bumper, which is clearly not very durable, so any physical contact with a solid can be fatal for it.

Toyota Camry фото

Later, this problem will be solved by restyling, but unfortunately it is present in this body, which drivers should not forget about, because the repair will cost at least 50 thousand rubles. If the mileage is large enough, the following problems are also observed: the windows are rubbed off, the headlight reflectors usually burn out, the door handles often lose their original appearance and may not work correctly.

All the flaws named by us cannot be compared with many other models, which is why the body can be called the exclusive strength of the Toyota Camry. A used car looks quite presentable and does not require any investment for cosmetic work.


Everything is good in the cabin of this car, but only at first glance. There are some drawbacks here, namely: not the best quality of finishing materials, shabby varnish, wood-like styling quickly loses its appearance, and the skin creases. After a couple of hundreds of thousands of traversed paths, the Toyota Camry can still remain silent, but only if the car was serviced properly, original fasteners were used. Of course, the center console starts to squeak, small drawers, the steering wheel and door handles are rattling. Fortunately, any of these problems is only for big lovers of silence, and you can get rid of them without any problems in any service for a small fee and as soon as possible.

Camry XV40 Salon

There are practically no questions to electronics, it is reliable and relatively modern here. Questions arise except to the electric window, because of which the machines even withdrawn from sale. Therefore, if you have a problem with glass, then perhaps this electronics will be replaced by dealers. You can also count on the replacement of floor mats and fasteners to them, since some of them just pressed on the gas pedal. In general, everything is fine with electronics. But the seats, in many respects, because of the size, can look unpresentable, especially if the driver is quite massive and often drives.

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With the electronics in the car there are also few problems, a weak point can only be called a generator, more precisely, an overrunning clutch on it, which can cause noise and other malfunctions even with relatively low mileage. The problem is solved by installing a single pulley from the "Americans". The wiring here is extremely simple and reliable, the wires almost do not fray.

The 2.4-cam Toyota Camry is equipped with a 4-step “automatic” that can sometimes not be switched due to selector glitches. This can be corrected by simple disassembly and lubrication, by installing a new brake sensor. A lock motor may also work incorrectly, but it is inexpensive to replace it, and you can simply remove the locking pin.

Toyota Camry XV40 steering wheel

A weak point in terms of electronics can also be called the anti-theft system of the EUU, which is responsible for blocking the motor when the car is stolen. It is open, so hijackers can easily hack it. So it is worth thinking about additional measures of protection! At the same time, the car is immobilizer, alarm, which adds to its complexity in terms of electronics.

Brakes, suspension and steering

The braking system, with proper care and lubrication calipers does not cause complaints and works fine even with high mileage. But a lot depends on the engine. With a 3.5-liter engine, which is literally created for aggressive driving, the pads will not survive for long. A weak spot can be called a handbrake, but for cars with an “automatic” it is simply almost useless, therefore, with insufficient braking force, it is usually not even replaced and not repaired, which is understandable.

In terms of suspension, the Toyota Camry causes only positive emotions, because it is made perfectly. With a solid run, it is worth changing only the supports, and then, rather, for comfort. The disadvantage can be attributed to the regular need for wheel alignment. There are also some standard problems for used machines that can be fixed quickly and without significant expenses.

There are also few problems with the steering column. It starts tapping with a large run, and the oil is well sealed and rarely flows out. There are malfunctions with steering position sensors that can cause problems with the electronics, but this is rare.

V40 Camry


For cars on the mechanics of the established classic and proven E351, which does not cause censures, different reliability. The problems include only the condition of the CV joints and the possibility of percolation. Also, due to long-term operation, the shift lever is broken, and the rocker is not very stable. It is advisable to change the drive cables after 200 thousand in order not to tear them off from the clamps at all.

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The “automata”, the majority of which are represented by Aisin U250E, U660E, U760E, and other variations, although they exist, were extremely rare in Russia. It is the first option from the listed most common, especially for cars with a 2.4-liter engine. With proper care, this box is almost eternal! But, if you use the Camry as a racing car, problems will arise very soon. Fortunately, it is not difficult to solve them due to the prevalence of U250E, which made it possible for many service centers to get good at repairing them.

The U660E is not as reliable and has typical problems for many automata: solenoids, linings, a drum and a plate wear out, thermal sensors fail, minor problems occur in operation. It is also commonplace to wear the back cover, in which C1-C2 bags light up. Be attentive to the main bearing housing, which can loosen, which is why later have to change the entire system. On the U760E, many of these problems were solved, making this box ideal for 3.5-liter engines.


In terms of engines, everything is also extremely reliable and simple. As a 2.4-liter, 2AZ-FE is usually used, the only “disease” of which can be called the flow of oil, therefore, it is regularly necessary to conduct an inspection to prevent oiling. This engine has a really long life, don’t be surprised if it works normally even with half a million kilometers. The main thing that followed him! The timing chain is also durable, and it will be inexpensive to replace it. Weak points can be called a catalyst on the engine, as well as a pump with a small resource.

Camry XV40 motorcycle

The 3.5-liter engine has almost the same problems as the 2AZ-FE, only the timing is weaker. Also often appear suction on typical places. Due to a not too powerful cooling system, problems with the fifth cylinder may arise. This is quite serious and expensive in terms of repair, but the problem is not too common. The six-cylinder engine is similar in terms of weak points with a 5-cylinder.


Overall, Camry will be an excellent purchase option for those who are looking for a "middle ground". There is no divine comfort, extreme speeds or chic appearance, but the whole model is simply superb!

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