Video cameras tracking will determine fake ctp

Видеокамеры слежения позволят определять поддельный ОСАГО

During the remaining months of 2015, only in two “pilot” cities - Moscow and Kazan - are going to start identify fake insurance policies OSAGO through surveillance cameras. A whole project has been developed for this and the corresponding funding has been received. The initiative came from the regional traffic police offices and was approved by the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA). According to statistical studies, about eighty percent of Russian car owners have a positive attitude towards buying a policy that is not real. autocitizenand linden. Not only do they have a positive attitude, they are also going to acquire it in the near future, the benefit of which today is not difficult to do. The PCA sees the total dislike of Russian drivers for official insurance as a big problem, and is going to deal with it with a stick and a carrot. Well, about the gingerbread it is said so, to be honest, because no one is going to reduce the cost of CTP, on the contrary, they are trying in every way to pull more out of the poor car owner, who for the most part does not want to insure. But about the whip insurers say at every opportunity. Having bought a fake insurance, citizens hope only to save money and otmazatsya when checking the traffic police, because about any insurance protection with fake documents do not have to think. Car owner's insurance historywhich is maintained by insurers, if the formal contract is not renewed, it is simply lost. For a newbie, this is not a problem, but for a driver with length of service, this threatens to lose all preferential preferences for a real CTP in the future. This is about bonuses-malays. In addition, when in the hands of the driver will be detected fake car insurance policy, he will be fined eight hundred rubles. The amount is small, but still. Check, fake in front of them or real OSAGO, inspectors can in real time, it is worth only to doubt and send a request to a centralized database. This applies to any policy: even paper, even electronic. By the way, recently the number of such requests has increased significantly. Видеокамеры слежения позволят определять поддельный ОСАГО And today they are going to teach them to check the presence of the CTP policy of the surveillance camera on the roads. They do it simply, not more difficult than teaching the camera to identify the traffic offender. The camera records the numbers of cars passing by and, besides other actions to control the “correctness” of their movement, it punches the base for the presence of an official non-expired policy autocitizen. If a driver with such a number in the database does not have an actual policy, then the conclusions are easy to make, and after the conclusions, react promptly.

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There is a grace period of up to two weeks. For example, the driver had just issued an OSAGO, but he had not yet been entered into the database, and the camera had already checked his car, and the driver had problems with traffic cops. Therefore, this delay is given so that the data have time to enter, and there is no misunderstanding. This does not apply to policies in electronic form, as they are instantly entered into the database.

It is worth recalling that today there is a so-called five-day “cooling period”, during which the car owner may change his mind and terminate the contract of voluntary insurance, which he concluded in addition to CTP. In this case, all the money contributed by the contract is returned to the car owner.