Bmw x6 2015 model year got its changes

Already in the early summer of 2014, BMW announced the upcoming release of second-generation X6 cars, but recently it was officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, having received the F16 index.

BMW X6 F16

The sale of the new car starts in December of this year, the cost of the second generation X6 in Russia is already known, it will be 3 million 508 thousand rubles for the basic configuration with a 3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 294 horsepower. It is worth saying that a new BMW will appear at the same time at dealers in America and Europe. What are the features of this new model X6, what are its undoubted "pluses" and what are its "minuses"? About this and talk.

Bigger and easier

The second-generation BMW X6 was created on the basis of the X5 model of 2014, which was officially introduced for the first time in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But despite the fact that the X5 2014 and BMW Х6 2015 - Relatives, however, they have completely different concepts. If the X5 is a large, serious, solid SUV, then the X6 is an unusual combination of an SUV and a glamorous, extravagant sports car. And no matter how strange this combination, the result was impressive, at least outwardly.

BMW X6 2015

BMW X6 car turned out more stylish and chic than its predecessor, and this is due to the unusual design of the new model and its increased size. Now its length is 4 meters 909 centimeters, width is 1 meter 989 centimeters, and its height is 1 meter 702 centimeters. This is significantly more than the model X5 2014.

But despite this, the car "lost" tens of kilograms. This is because the body was made of other more durable and lightweight materials: the wings are plastic, the hood is aluminum, the front panel frame is magnesium alloy, and other parts of the body are high strength steel. Thus, the car became larger, lighter and stronger than the previous one.


The body has changed not only in size, due to a change in the concept of the car, its design has also seriously changed. BMW Х6 (a photo further) is the embodiment of the inexhaustible energy of a car, its power and superiority. It looks, at the same time, very elegant and expensive.

BMW X6 new

The already impressive bumper from the previous model has become even bigger, the headlights have risen higher, but they have not changed their traditional shape - two rings of LED lights and an arc running. The size of the bumper increased due to the emergence of new aerodynamic parts, for example, air collectors.

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In the basic configuration, the optics consist of xenon, but an option with LEDs is also offered. In general, the design of the head optics is made in the style of the whole car and resembles the narrowed eyes of a strong predator.

Another traditional element are radiator false grilles in the form of rectangles with rounded edges. They, as always, are ideally combined with the overall look of the body. The impressive size of the hood, bulging sides of the body, the unusual relief of its side, powerful arches - all this gives the impression of developed muscles of the same beast of prey.

If you look at the side of the car, you can recognize in it the features of a sports car, such as a dome-shaped roof, which smoothly flows into the back of the hood, massive food and small glasses in a chrome-rimmed frame. This gives the car an unusual, but very interesting and memorable look.

BMW X6 2015 F16

The back of the car is very massive, though not elongated, but merging with the roof. The fifth door is more like a hatch, because, in size, even for a not very large car, it would be too small. A small rear window will not allow to see the situation on the road, but this is not required, because the car is equipped with a program for parking assistance, and side circular rear-view cameras, which will allow you to easily and clearly assess the situation and skillfully maneuver such a large car even in city conditions .

Rear lights, like all elements of the car, quite massive, but very elegant and especially attractive in the dark when the LED lights up.

The basic equipment of the car involves the installation of disks on 19 inches, and tires size 255/50. On models with more powerful engines, they put the 20th light alloy wheels of unusual design and tires in the size 275/40 R20.

Well, having examined new BMW X6 2015 model year from all sides, look inside the cabin.

Interior decoration

In the design of the cabin model X6 2015 is very similar to its predecessor - X5. The salon is also comfortable, the driver feels very comfortable and confident. The instrument panel is not piled up with a bunch of buttons, on it only what you need. In addition, there is a color touch screen with a diagonal of 25.4 centimeters of the most modern multimedia system and the ability to control through it a flight computer, a navigation system, and a speaker system.

BMW X6 2015 saloon

Under the display, on the instrument panel is the temperature control unit in the cabin and air conditioning, even lower multimedia unit. The steering wheel has the most comfortable form for driving - three beams emanating from the center circle to the steering wheel itself. In addition, two of them, lying on the same line, are the headlight control units - turn signals, main beam and dipped beam, etc.

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The seats are as comfortable as possible and long trips are easily carried. The driver's seat is shaped so that during extreme driving, when turning at high speed, performing difficult turns, the driver feels comfortable, does not fall out of it.

BMW X6 saloon

The central instrument control panel smoothly flows into the panel between the front seats, where the gearshift lever is located, a small multimedia control unit in the form of a small height cylinder and other service buttons, as well as large armrests, where there is enough space for both the driver and the passenger.

Если покупатель захочет, у него есть возможность установить новейшую систему Head-Up Display, которая проецирует необходимую вам информацию на стекло прямо перед водителем. А также, дополнительная система, которую предлагает компания BMW – установка невероятной акустической системы с шестнадцатью колонками - Bang & Olufsen.

BMW X6 2015 Multimedia

In addition to all of the above, there are many more options, among them heated seats, massage, ventilation, electrically driven seats.

In the new model, the trunk volume has been increased, now with the usual position it is 580 liters, and with the rear seats folded down - 1,525 liters. This is very practical for such a car, in which practicality is not at all in the first place.

Vehicle specifications

First, the company will produce X6 with three engine options. In the first version - xDrive 30d - there is a 6-cylinder diesel turbocharged engine with a capacity of 249 horsepower. The sports version of the M50d has the same engine, only equipped with a triple turbocharging system, thanks to which its power reaches 313 horsepower. The third option is a petrol V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with double turbocharging, so this engine has 450 horsepower, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km per hour in 4.8 seconds!


In the future, it is planned to release this model with a six-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 305 horsepower, this equipment will be called xDrive 35i. Also available on sale option xDrive 40d with a six-cylinder diesel engine and a turbine, with a capacity of 313 horsepower.

In all versions, only automatic transmission ZF is possible.

The X6 has an independent suspension with two levers, and the back of the crossover is supported by a multi-link BMW brand suspension - Integral V. In addition, the rear suspension is pneumatic and has a trim that is self-leveling.

"Pros" and "cons" of the crossover BMW X6 2015 model year

Let's start with the positive sides of this car. For a hybrid car, it has a good permeability - it quietly overcomes angles with a slope of 26 degrees, passes by a ford half a meter high, and without any particular difficulties, with the right tires, runs along a muddy primer.

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BMW X6 at the top

Full information on driving in the online mode on the display. Moreover, in full, with an indication of what wheels how to turn, in what slope is the car. Firstly, it helps to understand the situation and make the right decision to correct problems. And secondly, it is very interesting to watch how the car works, what happens to its suspension. Dynamic sensors and stability control - allow you to feel confident on the track, go into sharp turns, maintain controllability on wet asphalt.

In general, it turns out that the car is very safe, even at high speeds and slippery surfaces. Moreover, its easier handling and maneuverability than its predecessors, is explained more likely not by the loss of a few tens of kilograms, but rather by the latest computer technology, electronics settings.

BMW X6 2015 year

Great suspension

On any road conditions, passengers of the crossover will feel comfortable, because the suspension does its job.

Reinforced front brakes. They were strengthened from 365 to 385 millimeters, which is even safer.

Unusual and attractive design

Many options for convenience inside the car, which were discussed above.

Well, from the "minuses" you can select only one, but very significant - the BMW X6 is still a mixture of an SUV and a sports car that does not play, ultimately, to its advantage. It also loses in off-road performance to real SUVs, and in terms of speed due to the weight of the sports car. Thus, it is designed for the city or small trips with the family on the nature, but in any way for trips to the mountain or racing with true sports cars.

However, the price, a lot too high, can also be attributed to the disadvantage of this car. Everything said in the "minuses" section makes this crossover a very expensive means of transportation around the city, it was created for fairly wealthy people who want to stand out, but not for those who are interested in high-speed sports car characteristics or SUV characteristics.

And then a video review of the new BMW X6 2015 model year: