Rating of the best motor homes for travel


The modern world is full of wonders that you want to see firsthand, and not to look at the pages of printed publications.

Dethfless Glober by car

It is precisely such a craving for research, for learning the unknown, “gives rise to” an insatiable desire to travel. Modern man is accustomed to a comfortable existence.

Читать далее, какие дома на колесах лучше-->В прошлом остались утомительные поездки, изнурительные поиски приличных гостиниц, а в настоящем — удивительное творенье человека в виде дома на колёсах.

Classification motorhomes

Mobile Home is a vehicle resembling a small apartment or room in a comfortable hotel.

Given the level of comfort, motorhomes are classified into three classes:

  • luxury class A;
  • alcove class B;
  • compact class C.

Depending on the level of equipment, trailers have a different price range, which allows the consumer to choose the best option.

Luxury class A

Class A is the motorhome, which has a large construction size and a high level of comfort.

The largest motor house in the world is considered to be the A class motor home of the company Anderson Mobile Estates, which is a real luxury hotel. It has everything that a modern person needs. Those who at least once won the opportunity to travel on such an amazing vehicle, I am convinced that this is the best motorhome that can successfully compete with modern luxury hotels and cottages.

Anderson Mobile Estates

The motor home of the company Anderson Mobile Estates is incredibly popular in the world, since the occurrence of an emergency is almost impossible. Thanks to the installation on the outer surface of the trailer of modern cameras, the driver is provided with 360 ° visibility. The only disadvantage of a car house is its high cost, which reaches about two million dollars.

Another bright representative of class A among mobile motorhomes is the American model Fleetwood RV Discovery. The interior space can be different, the manufacturer adjusts the design of the living room and bedroom to the customer's wishes. Fleetwood RV Discovery is equipped with a 380 liter engine. with., thanks to which travel is quite simple. Even difficult places submit to such a monster.

Fleetwood RV Discovery

Only a little inferior to the previous models of the large autohouse Fleetwood RV Bounder, also belonging to class A. Its length is just over 9 meters. Of course, on such an area, the manufacturer quite successfully managed to create an exclusive comfortable house. Engine power in 362 liters. with. allows you to cover distances as easily and simply.

The more compact model Fleetwood RV Storm, reaching a length of just over 7 meters, also belongs to class A, but this does not prevent it from being successful and comfortable. The manufacturer has reduced only the length of the design, but the engine power left the same, so fans of autotravel consider Fleetwood RV Storm to be an excellent option among the motorhomes presented.

Alcove Class B

Alcove minivans, equipped with extra beds placed above the driver's cabin, are popular. Their internal space is accompanied by a variety of layouts.

More recently, the latest German model of class B auto-camper, Winnebago Itasca Navion, has appeared, the characteristics of which impress even seasoned auto-travelers. The manufacturer has given the model not only an interesting internal design, but also an amazing appearance. Unfortunately, in this model, like in all other alcove autocampers, there is a high probability of mechanical damage to the alcove, especially if the journey is accompanied by forest roads.

Winnebago Itasca Navion

This leads to the fact that the paint quickly peels off, the appearance deteriorates. The owners of Winnebago Itasca Navion have to carry out paint work to maintain the external aesthetics of motorhomes on wheels. Motor capacity of 188 liters. with. allows you to accelerate high speed, although the manufacturer does not recommend this, because the motorhome on wheels is not designed for racing.

Another representative of alcove motor homes is Jayco Seneca 37 TS. It is characterized by excellent endurance to any load, as it is equipped with a turbo diesel engine. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru capacity of 340 liters. with. that quite unusual for models of this class. However, in spite of such capacities, it is still not necessary to “test luck” along country roads mired in mud or snow drifts.

Jayco Seneca 37 TS

The motorhome is equipped with three separate outlets, a sufficient number of luggage compartments, a comfortable place for the driver, surveillance cameras, a generator, generating about 8,000 kW of electricity, which is enough for the operation of all electrical appliances and household appliances.

Compact Class C

Motorhomes on class C wheels are more affordable because they are smaller, more modest equipment, respectively, and their price is much lower.

The Fleetwood RV Tioga Ranger DSL 2015 is a great budget option. At a much lower cost, it allows you to make comfortable and exciting travel. Its length is about 6 meters. Engine power in 188 liters. with. quite enough for successful movement on the roads.

Fleetwood RV Tioga Ranger DSL 2015

Another representative of compact motorhomes in the world is the Brevio model of the Bürstner series, in which the characteristics of cars for every day and motorhomes have successfully combined. The Brevio is not only the most compact, but also surprisingly flexible compared to vans. The living area is filled with a wonderful atmosphere, allowing you to bliss while traveling.

Motorhomes of interest

Compact Evan - autohouse, presented by Dethleffs, belongs to the category of innovative cars that allow you to make daily trips, as well as use it as a mobile office. No wonder such a model was awarded the highest European award for the most innovative approach to the creation of motorhomes.

Fans of alpine skiing, too, want to stay in a comfortable environment, going to the highlands. Dethleffs took care of them, providing an interesting model Dethleffs Esprit Comfort, in which everything is thought out to provide all skiers with everything they need.

Dethleffs Esprit Comfort

Under the Oxygen brand, motorhomes are made for those who like to engage in active sports. Such motor homes are equipped with special compartments in which motorcycles, bicycles and other equipment are successfully transported.

Designer Cornelius Comanns, displaying a creative approach, created the world's smallest car house on wheels, giving it the name Bufalino. It is designed only for travelers who prefer to be in splendid isolation. Bufalino is attractive because it has excellent maneuverability, incredible economical fuel consumption, so the trip is accompanied by small financial expenses.

Bufalino is a small house on wheels

A decent, movable housing for workers forced to carry out repairs away from home, invented by the British Air Transport Association. A small motorhome called Qtvan is equipped with everything needed for a good rest, food and hygiene procedures. The manufacturer even provided for central heating in order to provide the worker with a comfortable stay in the house during the cold season.

Everyone who wants to feel an incredible need for constant travel should be familiar with the characteristics of modern motorhomes. This will help make the right choice, choose the option that allows you to make the trip colorful and unique.