Sawan's chinese photons will enter russia through belarus

Китайские Фотоны Савана войдут в Россию через Белоруссию Models of the Chinese SUV Foton Sauvana began to be localized to assemble at the Belarusian enterprise Belgi. This is good news, because any localized assembly reduces the prices of the finished model, which is extremely important for Russians in conditions of a protracted economic crisis. But for the Belarusians themselves, this will be even more profitable, because the price of the Russian model will increase due to transportation costs for delivery to Russian dealerships. Before the localization of the production of photons, they were delivered to us directly from the Middle Kingdom. Since the assembly is in a country that is part of the Customs Union, in addition to lower prices, the guarantee for the Photon powerplant, as well as its gearbox, has also grown. This is seven years or one hundred and twenty kilometers. All Chinese Photons of the Belarusian assembly are certified according to Russian requirements, and, of course, equipped with the ERA-GLONASS module. Китайские Фотоны Савана войдут в Россию через Белоруссию Under the hood of the Russian version of the Photon is a two-liter 201-217-strong gasoline engine, paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. In addition to the mechanics, however, a six-band automatic is also available, the buyer himself decides at purchase what he needs most. The basic assembly is already all-wheel drive, the rear axle differential is self-locking, there is a reduction gear, anti-lock system, stability control, climate system, fog lights, power windows and much more. Китайские Фотоны Савана войдут в Россию через Белоруссию The maximum assembly has a cool multimedia touchscreen with a touchscreen, full leather interior, parking sensors, an assistant when starting up the hill, a system that also controls the descent from the mountain, a three-row cabin with heated seats for all passengers. A five-seater Photon in the base and with a manual box will cost almost half a million rubles to a Russian today. It is cheaper than the previous price that they asked for for it, for almost one hundred and fifty thousand. A photon in a three-row version in a "comfortable" configuration costs 1,495 kilorubles, a five-seat modification "Luxury" with an automatic transmission will empty the buyer's pocket for 1 million 621 thousand rubles, and the premium assembly, seven-seater, with an automatic weapon, will cost 1 million 705 thousand rubles . Китайские Фотоны Савана войдут в Россию через Белоруссию Photon Savana with a 163-horsepower diesel engine will arrive to our dealers a bit later, in June-July of this year.

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