The third generation kia picanto will soon arrive in the

Kia Picanto третьей генерации скоро приедет в дилерские автосалоны страны

The start of sales of the third generation Kia Picanto is scheduled for early summer of the current year. Now the Korean machine is stamped with might and main localized at the Avtotor Kaliningrad assembly enterprises. How many will ask for a complete set of the model, and, in fact, what it will be a complete set, is not yet known. This will be reported, as usual, a week or two before the start of sales. New Generation City Car Kia Picanto for the first time will receive its sports version of GT Line. It will look appropriate. Korean car painters have even developed a “sports design” package for this model. This version will not be one, but as many as six! All of them will be “stamped” using the large-slit assembly method at the Kaliningrad Avtotor. It was the last model of the Korean auto brand Kia, which switched to localized production. Now, any Kia Motors model sold in dealerships in our country is assembled by Russian workers. You do not know from this news, for obvious reasons, to rejoice or be sad. Kia Picanto третьей генерации скоро приедет в дилерские автосалоны страны Kia Picanto changed outside due to new head optics, side lights and DRLs are now LED, they protrude on the surface a little further than the previous generation of the car. The car received a more sporty, dynamic aesthetics due to the fact that the contours of its lines became sharper. The distance between the axles has grown by one and a half centimeters and is now 2m 40 cm exactly. The front overhang has been cut by two and a half centimeters, and one centimeter has been added to the rear overhang. The luggage compartment has become more volume by fifty-five liters, now it is 255 liters of usable space, which can be regulated by lowering and raising the trunk floor by 14.5 cm. Kia Picanto третьей генерации скоро приедет в дилерские автосалоны страны In terms of the safety of passengers in the cabin full order. There are six airbags. The car is equipped with a stabilization system, assistants that will help the driver to start up the hill and make other "difficult" maneuvers. The pressure in the tires is controlled automatically and this function is already available from the initial configuration. When ordering a car, the buyer can choose one of eleven body colors. Previously, there were only five.

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Motor line model in the Russian car market is represented only by two petrol engines. This is a 67-hp liter, paired with a five-speed manual transmission, and 84-hp 1.2-liter, working with a four-speed automatic transmission. Both engines for the new generation Kia Picanto passed engineering "finishing" in terms of efficiency. The appetite of a liter power unit declined by six and a half percent, while the 1.2-liter valve timing is adjusted, piston rings have a different coating. This, as the engineers say, increased the efficiency of the engine. Kia Picanto третьей генерации скоро приедет в дилерские автосалоны страны

Новопоколенный Kia Picanto Sold with a five-year warranty with a run up to one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers.

At the New York Motor Show, Koreans presented the new generation Kia Rio for the American market. The Russians also want this model, but as the Korean developers say, the American version of the Kia Rio and the Russian are not at all the same. A couple of weeks ago in Russia they began to sell the updated Kia Mohave at a price of 2 million 400 thousand rubles, this frame SUV will be delivered in three assemblies - comfortable, luxury and premium.

According to statistics from the March sales of Kia cars in our country, the Kia Rio model is the first in the top twenty-five of the best “Koreans” with a result of almost fifteen thousand pieces. This is sixteen percent growth compared with March 2016.