Skoda yeti: description, modification, specifications

In 2009, the Czech model Skoda Yeti literally burst onto the Russian crossover car market. He conquered the Yeti (that is, the "snowman"), first of all, with excellent technical characteristics and comfort, making tangible competition to such models as the Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi ASX, Hyundai ix35 or Kia Sportage.

2016 Skoda Yeti


  • "Yeti" in colors and dimensions
  • Space in the trunk and cabin comfort
  • Specifications of Skoda Yeti
  • "Yeti" all-wheel drive
  • Restyled Skoda Yeti

"Yeti" in colors and dimensions

The Skoda Yeti was created on the Volkswagen A5 platform, which is quite logical: in 1990, Volkswagen AG became a co-owner of Skoda, which was incorporated into a German concern that had previously swallowed German Audi and Spanish Seat.

I must say that the idea of ​​creating an SUV (and on the driving performance of the Skoda Yeti is very close to this class of car, which will be discussed below) did not arise from scratch. Since the 1930s, the auto enterprise had experience in creating army all-terrain vehicles and even tanks (there is a legend that the last of the three hundred light tanks of Czech production was destroyed in 1941 near Moscow).

Of course, the Yeti does not even remotely hint at the stormy military past of the Skoda brand either externally or from the inside. The exterior of the car is moderately peaceful, but still not without a hint of its off-road purpose: the overall dimensions of the Škoda Yeti (length 4.22, width 1.8, height 1.65 meters) and most importantly the clearance increased to 18 cm indicate clearly extraordinary abilities that are fully manifested in the all-wheel drive version.

Restyled Skoda Yeti

Of course, not all the features and options of Skoda Yeti listed above are present in the base model. For seven years, the car was supplemented with new options, mostly not significant, but pleasing to the eye and other organs of perception. Today, there are three configurations - Active, Ambition and Elegance, differing mainly in the interior of the cabin. And let the buyer not be confused by other names assigned to this noble car, such as: - Yeti Outdoor - Yeti Monte-Carlo - New Superb - New Superb Combi - Hockey Edition - Kodiaq.

The difference in the country of implementation, but from the inside and outside is the same kind, reliable Skoda Yeti of the sample of 2009. Is that modernized.

In 2013 there was a rework, called the fashionable word "restyling", but in fact little has changed in the car. Faram added light, the frontal decorative grille was slightly changed ... The already mentioned panoramic roof with a hatch for a selfie appeared, as well as a rear view camera for comfortable parking.

Skoda Yeti 2016

By the way, in the latest configuration "Yeti" there is an autoparking system, when it is better not to touch the steering wheel: the controller will automatically park the car, provided that the driver does not press on the accelerator pedal.

Still, "Yeti" was not created for parking. His element is an active drive that does not go beyond a well thought out country trip. Although in the summer, even in the winter, he certainly will not fail in solving this problem.