The japanese give a discount on the honda crosstour until

Японцы дают скидку на Honda Crosstour до конца января Crossover Crossover Japanese automaker Honda will be sold in Russian dealerships at a special "anti-crisis" price. All-terrain "Japanese" will be sold for symbolic money: buyers will have to fork out just one million eight hundred thousand wooden ones for the basic equipment of the car. Designed for the Russian car market version Honda Crosstour is front wheel drive. Under the hood Crosstura running 2.4-liter gasoline engine of the I-VTEC family. He is able at peak to demonstrate the power of a herd of 194 horses. This unit is paired with a five-band automatic transmission.

Японцы дают скидку на Honda Crosstour до конца января AT оснащении Honda Кросстур there is a dual-zone climate control system, all the seats - both driver and passenger - have the function of adjustable electric heating, the interior is completely trimmed with leather, and there is a controlled sunroof in the roof. On tidy installed two touch screen, the main and additional. Японцы дают скидку на Honda Crosstour до конца января In addition to heating, the front seats are electrically operated, and the driver's seat can be adjusted to the anatomical features of the driver by pressing the control buttons. Moreover, the found comfortable position can be saved in the memory of the system, and then simply select it and the chair will automatically accept this position. In the same way, you can adjust the position of the side mirrors, and, in addition, turn on or off their heating or fold if necessary. The salon is crammed with all sorts of sensors, for example, a light sensor. There is a rear-view camera transmitting a picture on the display. In the presence of cruise control, auto tuning xenon headlights, radio with a subwoofer and six speakers. Японцы дают скидку на Honda Crosstour до конца января Honda Crosstour crossover It has a lot of bells and whistles in traffic safety. We are talking about eight airbags, anti-lock braking system, the system of distribution of braking forces and ensure directional stability. When braking, an electronic assistant also automatically connects, and another electronic “controller” insures against departure from the strip.

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According to statistics Honda It has failed sales figures for 2015. Sales have fallen by almost eighty percent when compared with 2014. Total Russians bought last year 4622 Honda.