Volkswagen polo sedans lowered in price

Седаны Фольксваген Поло сбавили в цене Russian car dealers of Volkswagen revised the price tag on Polo sedans, which were extremely upset by the marketing specialists of this organization by the results of March sales. Compared to last year’s March, the cars of this model were sold out for three and a half thousand less. The prices have been adjusted. So model Conceptline Polo, which has an eighty-five-strong 1.6-liter gasoline engine and manual gearbox in its basic configuration in the base version, today it costs from 505,000 wooden ones. Yesterday they asked for thirty-three thousand more for this car.

Models Polo Trendline depending on the level of body kit can be purchased in the price range from 523 thousand to 604 900 rubles. Here we are dealing with a more significant discount of forty five thousand rubles. Cars Volkswagen Polo Trendline available today in two versions: with the same engine as Volkswagen Conceptline Polo, and with a more powerful 105-horsepower engine with both MCP and automatic. Седаны Фольксваген Поло сбавили в цене Cars of the comfortable version Volkswagen Polo Comfortline available for sale with the same two engine types as the Polo Trendline. The price tag on them is in the range from 561 thousand to 642 thousand 900 rubles. Here the benefit will be 58 thousand rubles compared to the old prices.

Well, the top version Volkswagen Polo Highline available for amounts from six hundred and fifty thousand rubles with a mechanical transmission and a 105-strong unit. Previously, 722 thousand rubles were taken for him. A car with a gun today costs seven hundred thousand. It is cheaper by 72,000.

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Special sedan version VW Polo Club with the engine for 85 horses and mechanics today will cost the buyer 614,000 rubles, and with the unit for 105 horses from 645,000 rubles. It is cheaper by 35 thousand rubles than yesterday.

It is clear that no one will lower prices without much need. And this cheaper models Volkswagen Polo there is a reasonable explanation too. Most likely, this "guilty" entry to the market restyled version of Volkswagen Polo and the desire of dealers in connection with this to quickly get rid of warehouses with old versions of cars.