Hyundai creta vs renault kaptur vs kia soul?

Chalk, Kaptur and Soul are about the same price cars and are in the same class. How do they differ from each other and which one is better to buy, we will now find out. Recently, cheap SUV-crossovers are in fairly good demand. These cars are equipped with automatic boxes and 1.6-liter engines. In the Renault Kaptur installed CVT box, so the initial data are about the same.


But outwardly, these cars are very different, so you will not confuse them on the road. Hyundai Chalk looks pretty rustic. Each of the cars has its own characteristics, for example, in the hood, Kia has gas springs, which is quite convenient, in Hyundai and Renault, in order to open the hood, you need to put a bonnet wand. Kaptur has double seals on the doors, besides this, the trousers will always be clean, because the thresholds do not get dirty, as they are closed by doors. And on Crete and Soule the thresholds get dirty, so you can easily get your pants dirty, so you have to be careful when sitting in the car.

Renault Kaptur

Для тех, кто покупает кроссоверы, очень важным моментом считается объем багажника, так вот, наиболее большой объем багажного отсека у Renault Capture. Но зато в нем нет подполья и других удобств, это касается обычной базовой версии с передним приводом. Запаска находится под днищем, а борт багажника довольно высоко находится, поэтому если сумки будут сильно тяжелые, то их будет не просто поместить в багажник.


Kreta has a slightly smaller trunk volume, but the height of the board is 4 cm less, the board almost does not interfere with loading, there is also an underground in which you can hide a motorist's tool. The Soul has the smallest trunk, because the length of the body itself is less than 20 cm less than that of Renault, therefore the trunk is smaller in width and length. But in terms of space in the rear, all 3 cars are about the same. But in the Kia Soul there is a panoramic roof, if you take the Premium package for 1,195,000 rubles.

Also in the Kia Soul is electric seats, beautiful appliances, used on the doors and the front panel soft plastic pleasant. But the design of the Hyundai Crete is better and richer than in the Kia Soul, but the ergonomics of these cars are equally good. In these cars for a long time you can drive and at the same time, not to get tired. If you take a non-top grade, then the steering wheel can be adjusted only in height. But the steering wheel itself is pleasant to hold, because it uses high-quality plastics, but on more expensive trim levels - leatherette, which does not have the same good friction properties.

kia soul Saloon

But in the Active configuration, a simple audio system was installed, with a conventional display without a sensor. But the controls are simple and intuitive. The center console in the Active package is generally pleasant, but simple. But the more expensive equipment Comfort already comes with climate control. And if you additionally order the Advanced package, which costs 50,000 rubles, the car will also have a more advanced audio system with a 5-inch touch screen and a CD player.

Reno Kaptur is salon

If you take Renault Kaptur in the most expensive picking Style, then this car will not be so comfortable. Though the seats here are softer, but you get tired more quickly in them, after 2 hours of driving there is a desire to change the angle of the back and sit somehow differently. Also in Reno, regardless of the configuration, the steering wheel can be adjusted only in height. Moreover, the steering wheel itself is big, like on a huge SUV. Another audio system is not very convenient to manage, because the joystick for control is under the steering wheel, and this is not very convenient. In Crete, the buttons on the steering wheel are better positioned.

Hyundai Chalk салон

In Renault Kaptur, there is a cruise control, which is better suited for our roads, and the navigation system is better than other cars. But plus Kreta is that she has a heated steering wheel and rear seats, these things can be ordered as an option. Also in Renault, visibility is not very good, because its front pillars are quite wide and you have to be more careful during turns, also the side mirrors are cut in the lower corners, so you must also be careful during rebuilding. KIA Soul and Hyundai Chalk have better visibility.

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Speed ​​characteristics

Разгоняются эти автомобили не особо быстро, у Рено, например, 14,5 секунды до 100 км/ч, Hyundai Chalk с автоматической коробкой разгоняется за 12,5 секунды до сотни. Да и отклик на педаль газа у Креты лучше, она понимает, что хочет водитель и спокойно переключается на пониженную передачу. В плане динамики разгона, Крета с передним приводом разгоняется так же, как и с полным приводом.

Kia soul photo

Fuel consumption

While driving through the city, Renault Kaptur consumes 10.3 liters / 100 km, and Chalk about the same - 10.9 liters. If you drive steadily, like on a highway, then Renault's consumption decreases to 8.8 liters, and Kreta has 10. This is because Renault is equipped with a variable speed gearbox, therefore if you drive in the same mode, then the speed drops to around 1500 rev / min And almost no matter what the speed will be. On the automatic box, the motor will run at high speed.

In Kia, the automatic transmission is as fast as on the Hyundai, but the response to the gas pedal in the Kia is slightly better. Even Kia can drive faster, because it has a more advanced GDI engine under its hood, which already has direct injection.

soul photo

Brake system

Best of all brakes KIA Soul, during braking from a speed of 100 km / h, the stopping distance is 36 meters. In Reno and Hyundai - 42 meters stopping distance. But the stopping distance also depends a little on rubber, if it is Chinese, then the stopping distance will be a couple of meters longer. Initially, the Soul and Chalk just set Chinese tires Nexen 16 inches.

Renault Capture

Renault Capture обут в покрышки российского производства Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season, в целом нормальная резина, и тормозной путь в пределах нормы. Зато в Renault Capture с 1,6-литровым мотором руль достаточно тяжелый, хотя здесь работает электрогидроусилитель. На 2-х литровых версиях установлен гидроусилитель руля, но руль более тяжелый. Если ездить по ямкам и другим неровностям, то удары на руле чувствуются.

In Hyundai Chalk, the steering wheel is very easy to turn, even while standing still, the steering wheel can be rotated with one finger. And at speed, the steering wheel becomes heavier. In Kia, you can change the effort, simply changing the mode, for example, in Comfort mode, the steering wheel will be light regardless of speed.

Hyundai Chalk photo

In general, the handling in Chalk and Soul is better than in Kaptur. The response to actions is more accurate and faster, the rolls are also smaller, so driving pleasure is also better, especially in Kia. In Kia and Hyundai there is a stabilization system that allows cars to enter corners at high speeds. And for those who want to feel the joy of skidding, you can disable the anti-slip system and the ESP system. But all the same, if there are really emergency situations, the system will turn on will not prevent skids.

In Renault, you can't turn off the traction control system on front-wheel drive versions. And in general, the stabilization system in Reno has its own nuances, for example, if you press the gas abruptly on a wet road, the system makes the car not accelerate because it turns off the fuel supply for a couple of seconds. That is, the stabilization system does not use brakes, as usually happens. At the same time, the light starts to wink. But this cannot be called a problem, because it is necessary to accelerate not sharply, but smoothly, then there will be no reason for the stabilization system to work.


Зато подвеска в Renault Capture дейсвтительно отлично настроена для российских дорог, она отлично гасит удары от любых неровностей. В Крете тоже подвеска хорошо подготовлена для езды по российским дорогам, но она немного уступает Renault Captureу, потому что в Крете меньше ходы подвески, поэтому серьезные ямки она хуже отрабатывает. А подвеска Kia Soul более жесткая, потому что у этого автомобиля 18-дюймовые колеса на низкопрофильной резине.

Noise isolation in Kaptur is also better than in Korean cars. If the cabin is quiet, then the outside sound is quite a lot from the motor. In Soul and Crete, the noise comes from the tires, and already at high speeds there is a squeal from the engine.

Off-road driving

On the roads, these cars have nothing to do, especially for cars with front-wheel drive and standard tires. And if there is a slight rise with wet mud, then getting on such a climb will be an insurmountable problem.

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Hyundai Chalk

If off-road with a dry surface, then it all depends on the geometric terrain, and in the Capture it is best, especially since there is a metal protection of the engine compartment, as well as ground clearance - 200 mm. In Kreta, the clearance is 180 mm., And the protection of the engine compartment is plastic, in order to install metal protection, you will have to pay 7,500 rubles for the protection itself with installation, but if this is done, the clearance will decrease by 15 mm. In Kia Soul ground clearance is 170 mm. Here, too, the protection is made of plastic, and the suspension is tougher, so you will not go much off-road with this suspension.

Если дорога сухая, автомобили смогут забраться на крутой подъем, автоматические коробки на Крете и Соул позволяют заехать на подъем в 22 градуса, Renault Capture с вариаторной коробкой тоже сможет заехать на такую горку, но бывают случаи, что в этом автомобиле может перегреваться гидротрансформатор. На подъем в 17 градусов машина легко сможет заехать, а этого для нормальной езды достаточно.

In general, if you count the total ball, the machines are about the same. But Kreta has a slight advantage, because her trunk is more spacious than in Kia Soul, Kreta is also better adapted for Russian roads. So, sales of this car are pretty good, Chalk even beat Renault Duster and Chevrolet Niva.

Crete 2017

Cars with manual transmission

Для тех, кто больше ценит механику, есть возможность взять автомобиль с такой коробкой передач. Это будет переднеприводный автомобиль с мотором 1,6 и 5-ти ступенчатой механикой, 6-ти ступенчатая механика доступна уже для 2-х литровых версий Renault Capture. В Хендай Крета независимо от мотора стоит 6-ти ступенчатая МКПП.

Разгоняться проще на Renault Capture, потому что у него более растянутая педаль сцепления, поэтому ее можно отпускать быстрее. Но передачи переключаются не так четко и динамика разгона не особо большая, поэтому Каптюр к резвой езде не особо приспособлен.


Crete is different. To move on Hyundai Crete, you need to be more attentive, because here to catch the moment when the discs are closed more difficult. But all this is a matter of habit, after a while, quick acceleration will be easy to get, the main thing is to give more gas.

But the transfer is clearly included, the shift lever is convenient. There is an armrest, so you can switch gears with one hand movement, but the stroke of the lever is a bit too big. In second gear you can drive up to 90 km / h, in the third - up to 142, and in 4th - up to a maximum speed of 190 km / h. But all this will be at maximum speed - 6500 r / min.

Captur photo

But there are still 5th and 6th gears, which can already be driven at lower revs. But at medium speed Kreta is not particularly responsive to the accelerator pedal. Therefore, to drive fast, you need to include a reduced speed. But still the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 12.6 seconds. If you disable the traction control, the car will slip even on a dry surface, and when you turn on the second speed, you will also hear the squeal of tires.

На Renault Kaptur такого визга шин сделать не получится, потому что здесь нет возможности отключить антипробуксовочную систему. Машина разгоняется еще медленнее, а также рычаг коробки не особо четко включает передачи. Но зато автомобиль хорошо разгоняется на средних оборотах, потому что у скоростей ряд короче. Например, на второй до 82 км/ч можно ехать, а на третьей – до 123 км/ч. Для тех, кто не ездит на повышенных оборотах, Renault Capture придется по вкусу, для спокойной езды – самое то.

As for driving pleasure, it is more in Crete, because the acceleration dynamics are faster and the maximum speed is greater. And another important factor is the price, it is even less for the Hyundai Chalk, the car in the database can be taken for 750,000 rubles, and the Capturer in the basic configuration will cost 860,000 rubles.

Vehicle ratings


Fuel consumption в городском режиме на 95-м бензине:

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Fuel consumption

But in Korean cars you can even fill the 92nd gasoline, and in Reno - only the 95th.

Comfort in the rear seats

Rear seats in terms of comfort are very similar to each other, it is convenient to install a child seat. But in Kia there is an armrest, which can be reclined, but it is only in more expensive trim levels.

Luggage capacity

The most capacious trunk is Kaptyurovsky trunk. For measuring, the boxes were used, so, in Reno, 12 boxes were placed, in Hyundai Cretu - 10, and in Kia Soul - 7 boxes.



Car cost

Чтобы купить Hyundai Chalk с мотором в 1,6 литра и мощностью в 123 л. с. с автоматической коробкой автомат, придется заплатить 920 000 рублей. За эти деньги в машину входят 2 подушки безопасности, кондиционер, подогрев передних кресел, система стабилизации, электростеклоподъемники на все двери.


There is a complete set with front-wheel drive and a 150-horsepower 2-liter engine, this includes an automatic transmission, the price of such a car is 1,080,000 rubles. A four-wheel drive version with the same engine costs 1 160 000 rubles. Basic equipment Start costs 750,000 rubles. Usually, dealers have the most complete sets with manual transmission and 1.6-liter engine. If there is a desire to order more expensive equipment for your taste, you will have to wait until it is collected and delivered - about a month. Cretu is guaranteed for 3 years or 100,000 km. run

More expensive is the Renault Kaptur, under the hood of which is a motor with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 114 liters. with. Also here comes the variable-speed gearbox, front-wheel drive. The price for such a car is 980,000 rubles. For this money, unlike Hyundai Kreta, there are installed 17-inch wheels, there are side airbags for the front passengers, mirrors are added with the help of an electric drive, there is a cruise control, the engine is started from a button.

Renault Capture фото

If you take the car in almost the maximum configuration, in which there is climate control, a heated windshield, a navigator, a rear-view camera and a 2-color body. The price of this configuration will cost 1,090,000 rubles. If we consider the basic equipment with a manual, then it will cost 859,000 rubles. All-wheel drive 2-liter equipment with a capacity of 143 liters. with., mechanics will cost 1,050,000 rubles. If dealers do not have the desired configuration, then the order will have to wait about a month. The guarantee is the same as for Cretu.

With regards to the Kia Soul, the 1.6 GDI engine with a capacity of 132 liters stands under the hood. with. Also here is a box automatic, the price of Kia Soul is 1,015,000 rubles. In the basic configuration there are 6 airbags, heated all the seats and steering wheel, rear view camera and climate control.

There is also a more expensive Prestige equipment, which includes the driver’s seat, keyless entry, parking sensors, a navigator, an expensive Infiniti audio system, a more expensive interior and exterior trim. The price for this equipment is 1 115 000 rubles.

Soul Kia

Basic equipment with a 124-strong 1.6-liter engine and manual gearbox will cost 855,000 rubles. But regardless of the configuration, all Kia Soul only with front-wheel drive. Any equipment, even which is not in stock, will be ready in 2 weeks. On the Kia Soul more warranty - 5 years or 150,000 km. run This indicates reliability.

Cost of maintenance

In general, cars in the cost of maintenance are about the same. THAT on all cars it is necessary to pass every 15,000 km., The cost of the work is about the same. The difference is only in the price of Casco, because at Hyundai Chalk it is more expensive. The difference in who will be driving, Casco for a 32-year-old man will be cheaper than a casco for a young girl. For Cretu you have to pay 165,000 rubles a year, and for a capturer - 126,000 rubles.

Service cost

And further on the video Kia Soul: