Known ruble price tags on the new generation “suv» audi q5

Known ruble price tags for a new generation All-terrain vehicle audi Q5 The second generation was officially presented last fall as part of the Paris Motor Show, then it briefly lit up at an exhibition in Moscow, and now it is announced that in May he will finally receive a Russian "registration". Those who want to buy this Ingolstadt "SUV" can already be built in front of dealership car dealerships to place an order, because the Russian price lists for this model have already been announced. The cheapest, in the basic configuration, Audi’s all-terrain “five” starts with almost three million rubles. (If to be extremely accurate, then from 2 million 980 thousand wooden ones.) Under the hood of versions intended for the Russian car market, there will be a pumped two-liter turbo engine for a quarter of a thousand horsepower. The crossover, of course, with the "Quattro" and "es-tronicik" (who is not in the subject - all-wheel drive quattro and automatic transmission S-tronic). Known ruble price tags for a new generation "Five" assembled on the modular "trolley" MLB, as, indeed, the full-size crossover Q7, the power unit has a longitudinal arrangement. Interestingly, the crossover has become longer and more bulky than its predecessor, but at the same time it dropped almost a hundred kilograms due to the use of more durable and lightweight materials. Belonging to the new generation of new items can be determined by appearance. The headlight and grille, which German car designers harmoniously “merged” with optics with a wide chrome frame, received a new picture. They did everything to give the model a more impetuous look.

The power unit of the new generation model will accelerate the crossover to the reference "weave" in 6.3 seconds, extremely squeeze out two hundred forty km per hour. The motor appetite with such power is quite modest - 6.8 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers when driving in mixed mode.

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Starting with the basic configuration, the crossover is equipped with a start-stop with recovery, the head optics are xenon, the rear optics are LED. The front seats are electrically adjustable. The dynamics of the movement of the SUV is controlled by an electronic control system, the car is equipped with a parking assistant and a rear parking sensor, the side mirrors are heated, the angle of inclination is set by the button, the luggage door is electrically operated. There is a three-mode heated front row of seats. Polyfunctional "steering wheel" lined with natural leather. Known ruble price tags for a new generation Climate control, rain sensors, multimedia with a seven-inch touchscreen for enjoying hearing audiophiles equipped with ten speakers. The Comfort-Line package receives LED headlights and dynamic turn signals in the back, a heated steering wheel, a three-zone climate system, and a front one has been added to the rear parking sensors.

The Sport-Line package receives an individual interior design for the crossover cabin, a glass roof and an original nineteen-inch cast. If you pay extra, the package will add a larger multimedia box with a built-in navigator, amp, subwoofer and nineteen speakers. You can also choose one of the three available suspension types. We are talking about sports suspension, suspension with controlled stiffness of amortization and adaptive pneuma.

Known ruble price tags for a new generation

About the cost of the basic version said above, and sports equipment and "assembly" Design start from 3 million 115 thousand rubles. The basic version of the first generation of the "five" Audi was worth a hundred and fifty thousand cheaper, but this comparison is probably inappropriate, since we are talking about the new generation model.