Car freshener will make the smell in the cabin more pleasant

Most motorists consider the car their second home, and sometimes they take care of it more often than the first. If the technical condition of the car is often trusted by professionals, then car owners themselves are responsible for the aesthetic. At the moment, a large number of motorists use a freshener for cars.

Car freshener

The strong popularity of air fresheners for the car came from taxi drivers who ride on nyuchki nines. During the working day various people, things, etc. can visit the taxi driver’s car. All this leaves behind certain odors, and some passengers smoke at all in the cabin, although there are also those among motorists who are not averse to letting in smoke.

Existing air fresheners by their action are divided into two types. The first are those air fresheners that absorb or neutralize odor. The second type is the so-called ordinary fresheners. They constantly distribute a certain aroma through the passenger compartment.

Classification fresheners for cars

Air freshening devices can vary in many ways. One of them is a mounting method. There are a large number of these methods, but they have one similarity - the fastening system is very simple and the fastening process does not take much time. Such types of fastening are common: hanging, standing, reclining, attached to the ventilation system, etc.

Car freshener

In addition to the main function, most of the car fresheners have a design component. Many options for colors and sizes will help to give your car personality.

Car freshener может состоять из гелиевой основы, жидкости или из твердого материала. Существенную роль в выборе освежителя играет его стоимость. Жидкие освежители на данный момент являются лидерами по ценовому показателю. Это происходит из-за того, что они не затратны в производстве. Но стоит отметить, что такой тип освежителя совсем не долговечен из-за быстрого испарения аромата.

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Low temperature will not affect the intensity of the fragrance and contributes to the long service life of the flavoring. A high temperature - on the contrary, will contribute to a strong evaporation, and therefore reduce the life of the freshener. This is good, because in cars like VAZ 2106 temperature drops constantly occur.

Car freshener

Car freshener на гелиевой основе зачастую имеет самое интересное дизайнерское решение. Такой ароматизатор представляет собой различного рода баночки, которые наполнены ароматизированным гелем. Сами баночки могут различать по форме, цвету и материалу изготовления.

Regarding the liquid flavoring, helium has a longer service life, as its composition is less volatile. But this is bad in the cold season, as the volatility becomes even smaller, up to a complete absence. And in the summer - there is nothing better than this kind of freshener.

Car freshener может состоять и из цветных гранул. Гранулы насыпаются в пепельницу и обладают двойным действием. Во-первых, они избавляют салон автомобиля от неприятных запахов. Во-вторых, они нейтрализуют табачный дым, который является одной из основных причин появления неприятного запаха в салоне.

Car freshener

Also, these colored granules have properties that contribute to getting rid of various kinds of bacteria. In addition, this flavoring has a very simple system to adjust the intensity of the fragrance. Namely, to increase the intensity, it is necessary to increase the number of granules, and to decrease, respectively, to decrease. Simplicity is the key to success.

The freshener for the machine on a chalky basis is currently one of the most expensive air fresheners. It is based on molded chalk, which is located in a special jar. It consists of an atom-atomized substance. The relatively high price of this type of flavoring is due to the fact that it is extremely durable.

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Car freshener

In practice, it is about 8-9 months of persistent aroma. Also, the price includes high-end design, which is suitable even for cars belonging to the "luxury" class. In addition, most of these flavors provide an exclusive flavor.

General information about air fresheners

Car fresheners, which are a heating evaporator, have the strongest odor. This freshener is powered by 12V. Also, it is necessary to say about those fresheners, which have long become the most popular - this is a flavored cardboard. In addition to the price it has no advantages. This type of freshener is very short-lived, not practical and sometimes awfully executed.

In addition to stationary air fresheners, there are also special sprays that are also ready to freshen up the interior of your car. However, they can be used only in cases of extreme necessity, since they are very sharp and contain a large amount of chemistry. This kind of flavors neutralizes all unpleasant odors, and instead leaves a pleasant aroma.

Car Freshener

When buying a flavoring it is important to consider the time of year. What flavors for which time of year are best suited, we have discussed above. In addition, it is desirable, but it is not necessary to buy refreshers that have a neutral scent. Since, besides you, in the car, passengers probably also drive.

Also, it is worth noting that a car freshener can have a harmful effect on a person. Different odors can reduce the reaction, calm down or vice versa. For example, jasmine, lavender, vanilla, wildflowers. If a certain impact does occur, it already threatens driving safety.

Car Freshener

In addition, tobacco smoke, as well as some chemical elements in air fresheners, may contribute to the development of cancer tumors. Smells like food, especially if you are hungry, can cause irritability, which can also contribute to the wrong reaction to any traffic situation. The best aromas are invigorating: citrus, mint, cinnamon, rosemary.

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But It is worth noting that some components may be allergic, and this is also not a positive effect. In addition, coniferous, marine and other neutral pleasant aromas have a positive effect. They help reduce fatigue and increase driver alertness. Also, it must be said that one of the most popular smells, according to motorists, is the smell of a new car. Especially if it is not a Russian car, but for example, a car from Germany.