The most sold cars in the secondary market of russia


The Russian car market in 2017 demonstrates the growth of consumer demand for both new and used cars. Most Russians prefer domestic manufacturers, as well as relatively inexpensive models of imported cars. Ratings show that the combination of price and quality for the average consumer has always been and will be much more important than the pursuit of prestigious innovations.

best selling cars with mileage in Russia

High demand for used cars

Российский рынок подержанных авто вырос в 2017 году на 1,4%, при этом продажи отечественных марок снизились на 1,8%, возможно, по причине того факта, что лидеры первой тройки уже сняты с производства компанией АвтоВАЗ. Действующие модели Лада Гранта (прирост первого квартала составил целых 29%!), Калина и Приора показывают исключительно положительную динамику продаж. Тем временем спрос на бу иномарки повысился на 2,9%, что, в принципе, обусловило рост общих показателей в целом.Читать далее о самых продаваемых авто с пробегом в России-->

As well as by the results of last year, in the secondary market today the cars of the Russian brand Lada, produced by AvtoVAZ, are in the lead. Despite the fall in demand in the first quarter of this year, domestic models are still not inferior to the leading positions.

So, let's see how the most popular used cars were distributed in the ranking of sales in the secondary market of the Russian Federation.

1. Lada Samara

lada samara 115

Leader in sales ranking of used cars

Lada Samara is the undisputed leader in the rating, the car has been popular with Russian car enthusiasts for many years, its sales in the first quarter amounted to 88,800 units. December 2013, when the last representative of the Lada Samara 2114 family rolled off the assembly line, became a new round of development for other assemblies of the domestic brand. Despite the cessation of production, cars are still in demand by Russian consumers, although the dynamics cannot be called positive.

2. Lada Classic

fret classic 007

Classic Lada is no longer released

Lada Classic is also long ceased to be produced, but the second-hand Zhiguli on the secondary market is plentiful. In the first quarter of this year alone, 59,000 cars were sold, and this is not the limit, even though demand has declined compared to previous figures.

3. Lada 110

VAZ Lada 110

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Closes the top three sales Lada 110. Like the previous top family, is no longer available. The figures for the first quarter were significantly lower than last year, but still 51,500 copies were sold during this period.

4. Lada Priora

VAZ Lada Priora

Practical car from AvtoVAZ

Practical domestic car Lada Priora enjoys considerable popularity among motorists. At an affordable price for a car, the manufacturer offers to get a decent quality. Sales Priory increased by 5% and make up 37 300 cars.

5. Ford Focus

Ford Focus with good buy

The best-selling foreign car in Russia

On the fifth place of the general rating and on the first among the most sold foreign cars in Russia is located Ford Focus. Its sales for the first quarter amounted to 28,100 cars, which is 5% more than last year. Ford Focus, moreover, is among the ten best-selling cars in the world.

6. Lada 4 × 4

VAZ Lada 4x4

Compact domestic SUV

Compact SUV Lada 4x4, or simply Niva, has long been a legend and earned the high appreciation of the Russians. Sales of the current year fell slightly, but still the car is in the top ten. Reasonable price in combination with excellent running characteristics make the Niva a popular Russian SUV.

7. Lada Kalina

AvtoVAZ Lada Kalina

Lada Kalina shows high sales results

Lada Kalina showed rather good results, having increased its sales since the beginning of the year by 7%. Reliability and practicality at the lowest price make AvtoVAZ’s next child one of the best-selling cars in the Russian secondary car market. During the first months of the year, quite a lot of cars were sold in quantities of 25,200 units.

8. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla mileage buy well

Corolla with mileage is in high demand

The best-selling car in the world today, Toyota Corolla, is in demand and in the version of the bu. It ranks eighth in sales on the Russian used car market, and second in the list of best-selling cars. Despite the fact that the demand of Russians has decreased slightly, Toyota has managed to stay in the top ten leaders.

9. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry with mileage buy well

One of the leaders in sales of imported cars with mileage

But sales of Toyota Camry increased by 7%, which allowed the car to take the ninth position in the rating and close the top three leaders of imported used cars. The popular business sedan has long won the lion’s share of adherents and continues to enjoy great demand.

10.Hyundai Solaris

Solaris with mileage is very popular with motorists

Hyundai Solaris is adapted to the climatic and road conditions of our country, so that it became so popular among motorists. It has a high level of safety and comfort. In the first months of 2017, 15,300 vehicles were sold, and the increase was + 29%.

With the same figures, the domestic Lada Grant is catching up with Solaris, whose sales have increased at exactly the same percentage ratio with the mark of 15,200 units sold. This is the hottest fight for a place in the top ten.

The symbiosis of Russian-American cooperation SUV Chevrolet Niva (Chevrolet Niva) has 15,100 cars sold, but there is no growth trend compared to last year.

If we continue the list of Russian brands, then the next in a row are Gaz 3110, Oka and UAZ Patriot. And the latter, has become much more in demand, demonstrating an increase in sales of + 23%. The positive dynamics of sales of the Patriot can easily allow him to overtake the 3110 and Oka ahead of GAZ.

The top ten best-selling used cars of the Russian market also included Renault Logan (14.9 thousand units; + 2%), Daewoo Nexia (13.6 thousand units; -6%), Opel Astra (13.2 thousand). units; + 9%), Kia Rio (12.9 thousand units; + 20%) and Volkswagen Passat (12.1 thousand units; -2%).

According to analysts, even the overall rating is straightforwardly made up of AvtoVAZ’s manufacturer’s cars, indicating that motorists are committed to the Russian manufacturer. Popular cars of domestic quality in the secondary market in Russia will long be at the top of sales lists.