The best sets of automotive tools for different needs


For self-repair and work with the machine, each driver is recommended to have a set of tools. Requirements for quality, equipment and type of fixtures depend on the needs of the car owner.

Toolkit for the motorist

In order to choose the most suitable inventory, you should answer the following questions:

  1. What types of work will be purchased kit?
  2. What will be the frequency of use and the load on the tools?
  3. What budget is the driver ready to allocate for the purchase of a set?

It is difficult to choose a specific inventory, focusing on the opinions and reviews of familiar car owners, as well as commentators in the network. The attitude to the same manufacturer's company may differ, but the names of some companies are heard in conversations quite often:

  • «Force»;
  • «Sumake»;
  • «Matrix»;
  • "Let ';
  • «Stankoimport»;
  • «TOPTUL».

Читать далее, какие наборы инструментов лучше-->Это далеко не все популярные бренды, но популярность — вовсе не признак качества. В некоторых случаях в магазине можно найти действительно качественные комплекты по невысокой цене от малоизвестных фирм.

What tools should be in the set? Universal devices and their characteristics

Spanner wrenches

For them, the main quality is strength. Most experienced mechanics prefer domestic copies - despite the fact that foreign counterparts look more attractive, they are often more susceptible to deformation and wear from large applied efforts. Poor quality tools will often break and scroll on the faces of the nuts.

Spanner Wrenches

Foreign manufacturers with high quality: the German company "Gedore" is famous for its good value for money, and the Swedish tools from Bahco are better suited for those who appreciate ease of use - a ratchet saves time and effort by simplifying operations with nuts. The products of the English company “Stanley” with their line of “accelerator” keys are also considered convenient.

In addition, it is recommended to have ratchet handles in a set, on which hexagon heads are put on. In addition to them, there is a knob with a universal joint for access to the nuts located at non-standard angles, as well as a set of special heads in the form of a star with 6 rays.


Chrome samples when the coating is damaged begin to be covered with corrosion - the blades are no longer so sharp and lose accuracy, causing the screwdriver to slip during operation. Handles made of hard materials like plastic during long work leave corns on their hands and cause fatigue from strong compression.

Screwdriver Set Isolated

Professionals recommend purchasing more modern and comfortable screwdrivers - Swedish, English or German. Softer handles with the use of rubber increase the convenience of operation, and the sting has a greater margin of safety. Such tools do not slip out of the hands stained with oil, and in the event of a fall do not crack.

Clamping devices

Nippers, pliers, pliers, etc. - are indispensable attributes of the repair kit. The difficulty of the choice lies in the fact that even expensive specimens have moving parts that can be of poor quality, leading to damage, and possibly injury.

Clamping tools

Even most professionals are not able to distinguish the original. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% good quality to the eye, therefore, recommend:

  • To check the certificate of ISO – 9001;
  • Acquire tools only in specialized stores where they sell reliable samples and can help with advice;
  • Do not set the goal of saving above all;
  • Choose by characteristics on the package - there should be a mark on the maximum load. This will make it clear whether the selected pliers are suitable for snacking on one or another wire diameter.

Hacksaw blade

The usual canvas is characterized by rapid wear, breakage with a strong tension and other problems that interfere with the work. Professionals choose bimetallic counterparts, which, despite the higher (5–7 times more expensive) cost, are positively distinguished by durability.

Different hacksaw blades

Cost of ready-made kits

The full list will include hundreds of positions, but for a rough idea, the following guidelines are sufficient. The most popular kits among car owners:

  • “Sparta” 13309. Set for locksmith - 14 bits, 6 screwdrivers. The kit is essentially for a narrow profile of action.
  • FORCE 41421–9. Universal set on 102 tools. A case containing a multitude of heads and bits, several screwdrivers and keys. Approximate price - 15 thousand rubles.
  • KINGTONY 901–069MR01. A metal drawer with sliding compartments holds more tools than the previous item. Price - about 26 thousand rubles.


Not every car owner needs a whole set, so you shouldn’t buy it just because your friends have something similar. All drivers have their own special needs, so the optimal set is likely to be different from the store. It often happens that over the years since the purchase of a new set, the owner has not used some of the devices.

It’s impossible to stock up on all occasions, so it’s recommended to just have an average set of tools in your car In which case the rest will always be in the garage.

Tool kit for car

One of the main criteria for choosing the right tool is ease of use. For example, in ambiguous situations, a ratchet with a hinge will come to replace a conventional hex head. You should not save on the tool, without which this or other work will be performed more difficult or not at all. While working under the car, it is always more convenient to have a screwdriver with several nozzles, rather than a whole box of ordinary ones.

Thus, in practice, universal and reliable tools, rather than packaged in a corporate box, often win in practice. In search of the best quality, you should carefully treat the lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. In most cases, this is just a loud slogan, because if any device breaks down, it will be necessary to organize an entire campaign to recover compensation - it will take witnesses, expertise, and so on.

Before buying, you should carefully consider whether you buy another tool just in case or on demand. By presenting the optimal personal set, the driver can compare the total cost of individual products and compare it with the price of the set.