Restyling cheaper basic kia picanto. and in all senses ...

Restyling cheaper basic Kia Picanto. And in all senses ...

Simplified basic version of Kia Picanto, undergoing the process of restyling, will appear in the Russian car dealer network after May holidays. The initial price for it has been reduced by as much as thirty-five kilo rubles, and now four hundred ninety thousand wooden ones will be asked for it. Kia Picanto hatchbacks The pre-restyling era had a much richer package bundle than the updated model, so those who were happy about the cheaper car would not expect anything fundamentally new and technologically advanced from the manufacturer. It will be a little different bumper and it will be a little different lighting. Everything. From marketing tricks, but with restyling basic kia picanto This has happened, no need to wait for more.

In addition, there are more significant consequences of cheaper prices: if the old version was a five-door, then the restyled one received only three doors. Set in motion updated Kia Picanto will be a one-liter motor with a manual transmission. He is able to develop the efforts of sixty-six horses. For unforeseen circumstances, the Kia Picanto is equipped with a pair of airbags. Manufacturers decided not to sacrifice electric windows, but they saved on silver paint by painting the door handles and case parts of the mirrors in black. This is about "упрощенной basic version of Kia Picanto." Restyling cheaper basic Kia Picanto. And in all senses ... There is also a middling "Comfort", prices have even increased by a dozen. Comfortable version remained five-door, under the hood, it beats 1.2-liter 85-strong heart, coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission. For her, the buyer will have to empty his wallet for 645,000 rubles.

Most "stuffed" versions Kia Picanto Luxe and Kia Picanto Prestige increased in price by 50 and 55 000 respectively.

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Despite the depletion of picking basic version of Kia Picanto and the rise in prices of its more advanced versions, dealers expect good sales figures from this model. Over the past year, Russians have bought 4,500 of these hatchbacks, which made it possible for the Kia Picanto brand to take the second place in its class of urban small cars. Immediately after Daewoo Matiz.