Sales of the japanese compact crossover nissan kicks were a

Sales of the Japanese compact crossover Nissan Kicks were a record in Brazil Presented to the global automotive community a few months ago японский компактный кроссовер Nissan Kiks, oriented to start on the Latin American car market, suddenly took in Brazil, as they say, a sharp start. The Japanese brought their new parquet SUV to this warm country somewhere at the beginning of the last summer month of the current year. And in two months, the Brazilians dismantled almost five thousand cars. And this despite the fact that they brought to Brazil only the maximum, luxury complete set of new items - SL по цене от девяноста до девяносто пяти тысяч бразильских реалов. If a перевести на наши родные деревянные по актуальному центробанковскому курсу, то ценник получится немаленький - это порядка миллиона семисот - миллиона девятисот тысяч рублей. А бразильцы тоже не все наркотиками занимаются, в принципе почти такая же бедная страна Бразилия, как и Россия. Да и наркоторговцы другие автомобили предпочитают, сегмент compact crossovers they are not attracted. Sales of the Japanese compact crossover Nissan Kicks were a record in Brazil Thanks to this stunning success, which the Japanese, by their own admissions, never expected, the brand Nissan For the first time in the history of its presence in the region, it gained four percent among those Brazilians who preferred to buy car from Nissan, and not any other. Today, Nissan occupies just over four percent of the region’s automotive market. BUT Nissan Kiks climbed to the second step of the most popular cars sold in the country for the same price.

Under the hood of the Brazilian version Nissana Kiks while there is no alternative 1.6-liter engine for 114 horsepower. This engine is bittoplivnym, he with the same appetite eats both gasoline and ethyl alcohol. This power unit is paired with the X-Tronic variable-speed gearbox. Sales of the Japanese compact crossover Nissan Kicks were a record in Brazil Nissan Kicks SL has a rich equipment. This includes a 360-degree camera that allows you to solve the problem with the blind spots of the car. Heaped multimedia system with a seven-inch touchscreen, airbags at the front and side and curtain airbags, the ability to provide keyless access to the salon car and start the engine through the button, seventeen-inch cast and air conditioning.

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If a Nissan Kicks  the cost of about 1743 kiloruble disperses around the country like hotcakes, what will happen with cheaper assemblies, what will come to Brazil a little later? Most likely, the hype will last with a new force. Sales of the Japanese compact crossover Nissan Kicks were a record in Brazil Today Kicks It goes to Brazilian car enthusiasts from Mexico, where they started selling it in September. Localized produce nissan kicks here will be from the second quarter of 2017. The Japanese are counting продавать Nissan Kiks in as many as eighty countries around the world. But the Japanese did not say anything about the Russian car market. Just afraid that they will not buy.