The best cars with a coupe body shape

Coupe refers to the closed body type of the car. When the concept only appeared in the automotive industry, it was strictly regulated: the cars had two doors, one row of seats, a trunk without a lift door. Unnoticed, but every year cars became more and more popular.

What is the reason for the success of the body and how much will have to pay for the car? Next will be considered the best coupe cars in each price segment.

The reasons for the popularity of the coupe

As the automotive industry developed, the word coupe became a marketing term. High demand for cars due to the following prerequisites:

  • sporty appearance (attractiveness for young people);
  • dynamic movement;
  • maximum comfort for the driver and passenger;
  • aesthetic beauty and attractiveness (the car never goes unnoticed);
  • compactness with excellent technical characteristics.

An important factor in the high demand for the best coupe cars is their cost. Their minimum price tag varies from 800 000 thousand rubles, which is not affordable for the average citizen, but can reach up to 4 million rubles.

  • moderately hard power steering.
  • The car is deservedly included in the rating of the "Best auto coupe" and does not lose either Subaru or Hyundai in its characteristics. Taking into account the acceptable price (and it is higher only by 0.5 million than the previously mentioned cars), the number of “Camaro” on the roads of Russia will only increase.

    The attractiveness of the coupe is due to a combination of dynamism, beauty and power. Demand for models is not as high as for sedans or premium cars, due to their high cost. However, among the machines you can find low cost and expensive options. Subaru BRZ, Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Chevrolet Camaro are the best coupe cars on the Russian market, and this fact has been proven in practice.

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