Where are the fuses in priore: cigarette lighter, stove and

Modern car is a complex set of various components and systems. In it, complex systems working on a mechanical, hydraulic and, of course, electrical principle work in sync and are combined. The search for breakdowns in electrical systems is a rather long and laborious process in any car of both foreign and domestic production.

The most common causes of failure of electrical equipment are voltage surges. To protect against them help fuse links. In your own car, it is advisable to know yourself where they are located. The Priora’s fuse box is within the driver’s reach.


  • 1 Power supply for external devices
  • 2 Causes of fuse links breakage
  • 3 Fuse location
  • 4 Replacement in the engine compartment

Power supply for external devices

The installed cigarette lighter socket gradually loses its original function. This is due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. However, automakers do not seek to abandon this unit, since it was actively used as an outlet for recharging various mobile devices:

  • cellular telephone;
  • satellite navigator;
  • a laptop;
  • the tablet;
  • fridge;
  • compressor, etc.

В связи с этим повысилась нагрузка на электропроводку, и приходится выяснять, Where is the cigarette lighter fuse Priory, так как он нередко, защищая от превышения напряжения, выходит из строя и требует замены. Располагается автомобильная розетка на видном месте – в начале центрального туннеля между водителем и передним пассажиром, около ручки ручника.

The location is quite ergonomic and allows you to reach the driver’s connector with your right hand without much effort. At night, for quick detection, the zone is highlighted, which greatly simplifies its search. The nest has a more compact dimensions, in comparison with previous vazovskimi models of cars.

where are the fuses Lada Priora

Before you understand why the Priory fuse fuses often melt, it is recommended to get acquainted with the design of the socket. It is a hollow cylinder with a metal cartridge inside, which is equipped with a high-strength nichrome spiral.

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Outside there is a plastic button that, when pressed, makes positive contact with a negative contact. The helix is ​​heated in the same way as it is done in conventional irons. There is no thermal relay in the block, and the opening of the contacts is carried out thanks to a pair of bimetallic hooks. When heated to a sufficient level, they unclench and sever plus minus. Spring returns the cartridge to its original position.

If after pressing the plastic button there is no contact, heating and shooting, then this indicates a break in the electrical circuit. The most common cause of events is a burnt fuse. The driver to replace it will need to know the location of the Priory fuses.

Causes of fuse links breakage

The reasons why the Lada Priora fuses that protect the cigarette lighter are on may be several:

  • imbalance of current parameters acceptable for the cigarette lighter circuit and connected equipment;
  • connection with a built-in socket of the plug, which has significantly smaller dimensions, which leads to the closure of the network;
  • there are electronic faults in the attached device.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse Priory

You need to know that the constructive diameter of the cigarette lighter Priors is 21 mm. Mobile equipment input plugs should be as close as possible to this parameter. If the plug is 18-19 mm, it will dangle in the opening and spark. This will burn the contacts and increase the load on the network.

Do not exceed the current parameters. A significant difference will lead to burnout fuse.

Important! The maximum allowed current passed through the cigarette lighter outlet is 15 A.

If you let a current of 20 A through this network, the insert will burn out and you will have to figure out how the Priory circuit breakers are designed. Find the appropriate connector and replace it.

Fuse location

The central unit with fusible inserts is located next to the driver’s left foot. You can see it through the open front door. The scheme is hidden ergonomic cover. To open it, you need to screw in three clips for 180 counterclock-wise. Next snaps off the cover itself.

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The second most important block is located deeper. To reach it, you need to open the hood. To the right of the battery, the circuit is closed with a black lid. Fold it and make a replacement.

The third most important unit is also located in the cabin near the left foot of the driver. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to access it. Unscrewing the screws and throwing away the plastic panel, the car owner can carry out diagnostics and repair.

Replacement in the engine compartment

It should be noted that fuse and relay sockets may differ significantly from individual vehicle modifications. We give the most popular arrangement in which you can determine where the fuse on the Priora wipers are. Also using the table is easy to detect a low beam fuse on the Priore. There are several fuses that protect the work of the anti-blocking system. Change the fuse ABS Priors will also help the scheme presented.

Marking Functional
Set "Norma"
K-1 Radiator fans
K-2 Rear window defroster
K-3 Starter
K-4 Touch
K-5 Reserved Relay Connector
K-6 Electric windshield washer
K-7 Headlights, lamps
K-8 Sound signal
K-9 Emergency
K-10, K-11, K-12 Reserved Relay Connectors
Assembly "Lux plus", "Lux"
K-1 Near headlights and dimensions, lamps
K-2 Heated rear window
K-3 Starter
K-4 Auxiliary relay
K-5 Backup connector
K-6 Providing work "janitors"
K-7 Headlights, lamps
K-8 Sound signal
K-9 Anti-theft (sound)
K-10 Fog lighting
K-11 Heated seats
K-12 Work "janitors" relay

Priora Fuse Box Layout