Jaguar s-type with mileage in the secondary market

Many believe that the Jaguar S-Type often breaks down, the body rust, spare parts are expensive. After all, in the secondary market prices for this car fall pretty quickly. But in reality this is not the case, the car is not inferior in reliability to German cars produced in the same years: from 1999 to 2007. There are problems with spare parts and rust, but they can be solved if you find good craftsmen who know how to repair the jaguar.

jaguar s type 2000

This model is quite widely sold in Europe and America. Jaguar S-Type was released for a long time - from 1999 to 2007. In 2004, the model was restyled. The car is English and should be expensive, but in the secondary market it is relatively inexpensive. The car is built on a Ford platform, created as a competitor to the BMW 5-ke and Mercedes E-class.

In terms of dynamics and controllability, the car could compete with the E39 and W210. In England, the S-Type is considered a budget and fairly reliable car.

Initially, the Jaguar produced large sedans and expensive sports cars, but these cars did not bring much profit in the 90s, but the Jaguar managed to stay afloat. And when Jaguar got into Ford, they managed to create an E-class car, which was in demand in Europe, in America, too, such a mid-size car was considered to be in demand. Having released the S-Type, the goal was to sell more than 200,000 cars a year.

jaguar s-type 1999

For the S-Type, the DEW98 platform was developed in conjunction with Ford. Motors installed not large in size - V6 AJ6. It was produced in the Mazda, only in the Jaguar it was seriously redone - they installed another timing belt, block heads and much more, as a result, the engine power became more. Also in the S-Type installed and V8 AJ8 engines, which are created together with Ford, they were installed in the Land Rover, Ford and Lincoln. Who wanted more power - could choose a complete set with an even larger engine - 4.2-liter with a capacity of 400 liters. with. with a compressor, it was also installed in the Range Rover Supercharged.

The car uses automatic transmission from ZF. After some time, ZF has created a new 5-speed automatic transmission, which has successfully become established in the S-Type. Now we will understand how reliable the car is for everyday driving.


The car begins to rust over time, though not quickly, but surely. Usually, rust appears on doors, wing edges, seams and arches. Thresholds especially suffer from corrosion and the place where moldings are mounted. But the bottom and pillars of rust are well protected, and problems with thresholds have already learned how to fix.

Jaguar 2001

For the body must be monitored, in general. But there are about the same problems with the body on Mercedes W220 and W210 of 2000s. And all because in those years during production they tried to reduce emissions of harmful substances, therefore the quality of the metal became worse. So, if you manage to find an older car in good condition, then it is better to take it, for those who want to repair their car body less.

In addition to rust, plastic and rather complicated assembly of parts can deliver trouble. Therefore, in order to repair such a car, the master will have to be well versed in the design and, if necessary, study the catalogs so as not to make things worse during body work.

Door handles may hang, the boot lock may eventually fail, and other minor problems may arise, as in any old car. But if you do everything well once, the car still has to go.


Inside the car, everything is done perfectly, even on older copies, the interior looks good. After 2002, the quality of the finish became better, the interior became more comfortable. There is an English style. In the rear seats a little cramped, if the front will sit tall people. But otherwise, the salon in the Jaguar is excellent - strict, comfortable and does not look old.

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Salon Jaguar S-type

There may be difficulties with an electrician, but this is a feature of the Jaguars, so it’s better to buy a car with a simple V6 engine. In general, it usually works, with proper care: climate control, power windows, central locking and appliances in the cabin. But it often happens that the elegant elements of the decor can fall off if you do not use the car carefully. But all these little things can be repaired quite inexpensively.

Problems with the electrician happen, as many connectors are poorly protected from moisture. The battery is in the trunk, and the wire from it passes to the contact box, which is located in the niche of the right front wheel. Therefore, with time, dirt in this place becomes a lot, especially if you drive along Russian roads, and where moisture and dirt accumulate, with time the body begins to rot. This leads to malfunctions in the electronic components.

It is advisable to clean the contact box of dirt and try to somehow protect it. In the climate control there is a solenoid valve, which often fails. And in general, after 10 years of operation, the car must completely check the wiring and remove all the shoals so that it does not strain its owner.

jaguar s-type salon

Power equipment, in general, reliable: generators, climate control actuators, fans serve for a long time. But the drive mirrors, door handles and other levers - weak. In German cars, too, all this can fail. But German cars are more popular, so there are lots of details on the market, like b. w., and unoriginal. And on the Jaguar try to get some to do, it will obviously cost more and wait for it will take longer.


There are no special problems with taxiing in the car. Steering rack with servotronic, it happens that if the sensors fail, then the steering wheel becomes uninformative, but the car will still steer. In the S-Type, steering rods and tips are held for a rather long time - approximately 50,000 km each. Over time, backlashes and knocks may appear in the rail, but they rarely lead to leakage of the working fluid.


There may be a lot of problems here, despite the fact that, in general, it is solid. But if something fails, it will be very difficult to get any spare parts for the suspension. Moreover, the originals are very expensive, and unoriginal in nature almost does not exist.

For example, spare parts for the front axle will cost about 100,000 rubles. With that, the car in good condition costs 500,000 rubles. You can find services that can make repairs leverage, thereby reducing costs.

s-type 2007

Suspension resource - 100,000 km. if you go quietly, and after this run will have to change the levers, ball bearings and shock absorbers. Moreover, it is hardly possible to drive on such a powerful sedan, here is a rear-wheel drive, so there is a desire to podriftit. In the car, good insulation, so knocks and squeaks can not be heard immediately, it is necessary to periodically check the suspension on the lift.


Brakes usually do not deliver problems. The ABS unit is reliable, despite the fact that its location is not particularly successful and it is heavily polluted. Also often fail sensors that read the angle of the steering rack.

Brakes не особо эффективные, потому что диски здесь с толщиной в 320 мм. А машина довольно тяжелая, и они могут перегреваться. So, it is better to put softer pads so that the discs last longer. After the restyling, an electrician appeared, the algorithm of which is not very successful, it turns on every time the lever on the gearbox becomes in the “Parking” position. Under Russian conditions, such a mechanism serves no more than 5 years. It is worth a new electric handlers expensive y handbrake is also not found, so you have to drive without it.


The weakest link in the transmission is considered to be the rear gearbox, because its attachment can sometimes not withstand the load, its bearings and shafts can also fail if never changing the oil.

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Mechanical box reliable, breakdowns occur very rarely. The clutch will have to be changed every 60,000 km. But most cars with automatic transmission, for this model, they are different. In cars with engines of 3 and 4 liters before restyling, an automatic box from Ford was installed - 5R55N, it stands on cars manufactured before 2003. Then a 5-speed automatic transmission with forced locking appeared, but it was still slightly green with a number of childhood illnesses: if you actively traveled, you could tear off the brake bands, even the hydraulic unit valves serve not very long after 70,000 km. performance deteriorates and the car twitches slightly during switching.

jaguar s-type фото

The oil pump in this box also often fails. But after a while, all these problems were eliminated, after which a new 5R55W series with a large resource appeared, it was installed on American cars such as Ford Ranger, Lincoln Aviator and other legendary cars. But still, it is better not to take the S-Type Jaguars with this box, because it is slow.

After 2001, cars with a V6 engine began to install an automatic box ZF 5HP19. This box is the most successful, it is reliable, fast, low price. Therefore, it was installed in the BMW, Porsche, and even Volkswagen with Audi. If it is not specifically kill, then it will last more than 250,000 km. There are even cars with mileage of 400,000 km in which the gearbox has not been repaired.

After 2004, on cars with engines: 3.0, 4.0 and 4.2 liters began to install a 6-speed ZF 6HP26 box, which copes better with more torque, so the acceleration dynamics are better, but in terms of durability 5-speed automatic. In the 6-speed box, the hydraulic unit does not like fever and dirty oil. The box works that oil is quickly polluted. Therefore, it must be changed more often. The box bushings also wear out faster, and the cost of repairs is quite high.


Most cars of this model with a V6 or V8 engine, there is also a diesel AJD-V6. All motors are powerful enough, so you need to monitor the cooling system and the condition of the wiring under the hood. The design of the V6 engine is taken from the Mazda engine, but since many changes have been made, the engine from Mazda to Jaguar will not, and if it does, it will have to make a lot of changes in the design, and this is inappropriate. The engines that work in the Jaguar are reliable regardless of volume: the V6 engines are even considered to be true half million, there are 2.5 and 3 liter engines.

jaguar s-type motor

After many years, oil leaks may appear, the inlet becomes leaky. But still, problem engines rarely deliver even after 200,000 km. run The engine has two timing chains, which are considered eternal. 300,000 km they stand easily, and then you just have to follow them sometimes. But if it breaks, which is unlikely, then the motor will definitely end, it will not be restored.

Finding new non-original such chains is almost impossible. The original is not always, they must be ordered - it is long and expensive. Anyway, the new engine will also cost a lot of money. If it fails, it makes sense to think about SWAPO. Motors V8 - large and rare, but made well, too, serve a long time. In the case of repair, there will also be problems with spare parts, but if you search, you can find something.

Initially, the S-Type put the 4-liter AJ28 engines, which were with cast iron sleeves. But there is a problem with these engines - timing chains serve approximately 150,000 km. After 2004, they began to install 4.2-liter engines, in fact it is an advanced 4-liter predecessor.

These motors are good in terms of reliability, require high-quality antifreeze, as prone to overheating. But on the other hand, the belt is here longer — at least 250,000 km. Even the turbocharged version, which has a strong chain and a lighter gas distribution mechanism, will easily serve 200,000 km.

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So, with motor problems even less than that of similar German engines. There is almost no coking in the pistons. If the motor is properly maintained and not killed, then it is easy to depart 500,000 km. If you need to find parts for this motor, then find them is already easier - Range Rovers now have a lot on the disassembly.


There is also a diesel engine with a volume of 2.7 liters, but on the Russian market there are very few such cars. But this is also a good engine and serves for a long time. Often this engine can be found on the Range Rovers and some French cars. There are typical diesel problems, but they are all easily fixed.

What better equipment to choose?

S-Type looks quite stylish even at its serious age. Also in the secondary market, you can find younger cars of 2007. Motors are all reliable, the easiest - a gasoline 204-horsepower engine, it was installed on cars after restyling, and before restyling there was a 243-horsepower 3-liter engine.

True corrosion can appear on the body, so cheap copies should be avoided, they will be with rust and problems with the electrician. Then it will be very expensive to repair such a car. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a car, the price of which is above average - about 500,000 rubles.

Who likes dorestaylingovye cars need to remember that the 4-liter engine may be worn with the timing, with the risk that the chain will break. Also, a manual transmission from Ford may contain problems that will require money for repairs.

Jaguar s-type фото

Therefore, the best option for the purchase is considered to be the S-Type with a 3-liter engine, automatic transmission ZF on 5 steps. This is the best option, it does not even fall under the tax. And for those who do not care about taxes - you can choose a complete set with a 4.2-liter engine, it has decent power and has spare parts for it. But rather a long service life of such a motor.

For tuning lovers, it is possible to reflash the engine or install a compressor. And for those who want even more power, you can take a 510-horsepower 5-liter engine from the Range Rover Supercharged and insert it into the Jaguar, it becomes easy there But if you stick such a strong engine, the gearbox will break down faster, since the load will be higher.

But for those who want to spend the least money on a car, it is best to take a car that was released after 2004 with a 3-liter engine and an automatic transmission 5HP19. In extreme cases, you can take a 2.5-liter car with a 6-speed automatic 6HP26. The motor has a capacity of 200 liters. with., so the box will last for quite some time, when compared with more powerful motors.

But anyway, the Jaguar is a premium car, so the maintenance money will require more than the Ford Focus. Before buying, you need to know who this car is, in which case, it will be able to repair it. That is, at least it is necessary to find a service station that is able to repair the Jaguars and make friends with them. When you buy a supported car, then there is no special point in contacting the officials, because they have high prices bent for repairs. But on the service of your good friends you can easily, efficiently and not very expensively repair your car.

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