It became known how much you can buy the russian ssang yong

Стало известно, за сколько можно купить российский Sang Yong Tivoli

Russian office of the Korean office SsangYong called the price list for the updated Tivoli crossover, which, including will be sold in the seven-seater version of the XLV. All complete sets of all-wheel drive will not be. Under the hood of a Korean SUV Sang Yong (you break the tongue) Tivoli устанавливается 128-сильный бензиновый атмосферник с рабочим объемом в 1,6 литра.  Basic equipment нового корейского "паркетного внедорожника" в качестве трансмиссии использует шестискоростную механическую коробку передач, все другие версии паркетника оборудовагы шестидиапазонным автоматом. Полноприводным будет только "растянутый"  SsangYong Tivoli XLV,  но тоже не во всех сборках, а только в одной. Купить Sang Yong Tivoli в нашей стране можно от миллиона до миллиона восьмисот тысяч деревянных.  Пятиместный кроссовер будет предложен россиянам в двух комплектациях. А семиместный - аж в пяти вариантах.

Basic equipment Tivoli crossover  named Welcome, and it includes driver's airbag, ABS, EBD, heated and folding side mirrors, sixteen-inch light-weight alloy, air conditioning and an audio system. In the next build, Original, bluetooth is added to the audio system, a parking system and heated front seats appear. The passenger to the right of the driver in this configuration also does not have his own airbag.

1.6-liter front wheel drive SsangYong Tivoli in the configuration "Wellcome" is worth a million rubles. The next build of "Original" with a gun starts from 1,270 kilorubles. Стало известно, за сколько можно купить российский Sang Yong Tivoli Seven-seater SsangYong Tivoli XLV, of course, longer than the usual five-seater Tivoli. A typical five-seater crossover has a length of 4 m 20.2 cm, and a seven-seater - 4 m 44cm. It would seem that only twenty centimeters, but this small excess space very harmoniously turned into a spacious seven-seater car. In addition, these versions are different and bumpers, and fog, and brake lights.

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In the basic Comfort assembly, the seven-seater crossover also had an airbag for the front passenger. The front row seats are heated, there is a cruise control system, there is a conditioning system, there are moisture and light sensors. The next build, Comfort +, received side curtains and airbags. And instead of kondeya here there is a dual-zone climate control.

Next comes the assembly called Elegance XLV with a heated steering wheel, all-round vision camera, emergency braking assistants, multimedia system and other bells and whistles. Assembly "Elegance +" all-wheel drive. Стало известно, за сколько можно купить российский Sang Yong Tivoli Luxurious - Luxury - version -, h has the same body kit as the Tivoli XLV, but it has its own characteristics: for example, armchairs covered with leather, ventilation of all seats and a heated up second row. This assembly is already on the eighteen-inch cast. It is worth seven-seater Tivoli from 1 439 to 1739 kiloruble. When this crossover arrives in our country, it is not yet clear. Koreans promised it back in November. It would not be superfluous to say that the other day this cross was tested according to the Euro NCAP method and received only three stars out of a possible five.