Lada 4 × 4 suspension is upgraded with pneumatic shock

Suspension Lada 4x4 upgrade pneumatic shock absorbers The legend of the Soviet-Russian car industry, SUV Lada 4x4, are soon going to improve. The main efforts of the modernizers will be applied to the suspension of the car: the steering knuckle will be replaced and the pneumatic shock absorbers installed. Along the way, change the shoulder running. After the New Year кузов Lada 4x4 "oboshity" zinc tape, which will solve the problem of rusting joints of struts to the roof of the car.

Externally, the body of the Lada 4x4 will undergo minor changes in the form of the grille, which will be moved to this "classic" version from the "urban" version  Frets 4x4 Urban. On the grid will show off the updated brand logo.

Suspension Lada 4x4 upgrade pneumatic shock absorbers There are supporters of a fundamental change in the exterior design of this legendary car, but the common sense of their design logic will still be sacrificed to the classic canons of the brand. A lot of fans in the subconscious Lada 4x4 it is connected with this, in fact, outdated, "sovok" design, but it is very risky to break it dramatically in a car legend. This applies to any cult car, and not just this Russian SUV, for example, Chevrolet Camaro, which also recently did not change the design only for reasons of the inviolability of the cult.

Suspension Lada 4x4 upgrade pneumatic shock absorbers Under the hood Lada 4x4 82-horsepower 1.7-liter gasoline engine, coupled with a five-speed manual transmission is installed. Four-wheel drive at Lada 4x4 constant. Buy today Lada 4x4 in the basic configuration can be from 441 thousand rubles. There are also special versions of the SUV, for example, Elbrus Edition, the price tag on which starts from 453 kilorubles. Well, of course, the urban version - Lada 4x4 Urban. From the "classics of the genre," this "urbanized" SUV differs only in the original trim, the presence of larger alloy wheels, grille and plastic bumpers. Well, for the price it is more expensive - from 480 thousand wooden dealers will ask for it.

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In October of this year Lada 4x4 Urban began to collect in Togliatti AvtoVAZ facilities. Previously, he collected "VIS Auto".