Choosing the right dvr with two cameras



Every day there are a large number of traffic accidents, a lot of things that are not always clear to parse the traffic police inspectors. There are also crimes in the form of thefts, acts of automobiles and not only vandalism, as well as some other criminal circumstances. Examples of this mass. One has only to remember how many situations there were when a car is damaged in the parking lot and the culprit leaves the scene of an accident.

However, in such situations a standard DVR, which is designed to remove only everything that happens in front of the car, may not help. And if something happens to the side or back of the vehicle - it remains out of sight of the device, and the culprit, respectively, is much more difficult to find.

DVR with two cameras

Но не зря прогресс в техническом плане не стоит на месте, и разработчики новых современных гаджетов внедрили в нашу жизнь видеорегистраторы с двумя камерами. Если этот девайс установлен в транспортном средстве — возможность не зафиксировать какой-то криминал вокруг автомобиля снижается к минимуму, так как угол обзора второй камеры захватывает зоны по бокам и сзади.Читать дальше о том, как правильно выбрать видеорегистратор с двумя камерами-->

Purpose of the second camera

DVR with two cameras — относительно новое устройство. Некоторые водители даже понятия не имеют о том, что эти устройства уже есть, и пользуются обычными однокамерными регистраторами. Однако, дабы как-то успокоить себя о судьбе вашего припаркованного железного любимца, стоит немного потратиться и установить себе нечто подобное.

DVR with two cameras Uniden IGo CAM

Skeptics in one voice can repeat that a single camera is quite enough. But the road dictates its own conditions and there is a mass of emergency situations, when you may need a rear view or a view from any side of the car. Such unpleasant moments can occur when maneuvering from one row to another, a circular intersection, and just in the parking lot.

According to the rules and regulations of the road, the driver who was behind is often to blame for the accident: he could not react in time, not keep a distance or speed limit. However, under certain circumstances, something can go wrong and can be interpreted against the driver in front of him, as a result of which he will remain guilty. And if there is a video recording of what is happening in front and behind, the picture is fully formed and there is simply no point in proving something.

DVR with two remote cameras

The total viewing angle of these DVRs is about 369 degrees, and this completely eliminates any "dead zones" of visibility. The market price of such gadgets is slightly higher than the cost of the usual one camera. When comparing it is worth paying attention to the quality of the picture and the video being played.

The advantage of "two-eyed" models of recorders

In order to decide for yourself which gadget to choose, it is necessary to highlight the main advantages of more advanced models;

  • the total viewing angle is much larger, and the situation is fixed in the car itself, in front of the hood, on both sides, as well as right;
  • the presence of such a device can fully prove the driver's innocence to a particular traffic accident;
  • Some DVRs have the ability to broadcast to the Internet, and it can be either delayed broadcast or in real time
  • Such devices have a powerful battery and remove the situation around the car for quite a long time after the ignition is turned off, which gives additional security.

The models of two-eyed devices themselves can be different and have completely different functions. Someone has the function of a silent, silent or passive guard. In such modes no indicator is lit on the recorder, and the recording function works successfully.

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What are DVRs with two cameras

In order to understand the structure of the model, it is worth making an important note that not all such car devices have high definition sound and high resolution video recording. This means that even with this accessory, it is not always possible to feel confident. Therefore, when choosing, do not take into account only the price characteristics of the device. Often it is worth adding some money and buying a better and more useful thing. This also applies to such a device as a DVR, and even more so if it has two cameras. It is also very important that the viewing angle of these two cameras be at least 300–320 degrees, and ideally, in general, 360 or more.

DVR with two cameras Cansonic FDV-7000

DVR with two cameras, as a rule, has one central unit, on which these two "eyes" are installed. This unit is installed on the glass so as not to interfere with the driver, or on the dashboard. Cameras in these accessories can be both remote and stationary. One, the central chamber, goes often with the central block, less often - portable. The second camera can be either small, hidden from unauthorized persons and installed to monitor the cabin, or stationary. The most popular installation locations for the second camera:

  • Under the side mirror;
  • Behind the vehicle;
  • Somewhere in the cabin.

Depending on the model and configuration of the equipment, recording can be made in both HD quality and SD. Most gadgets have the function of loop recording and the individual settings of each camera. A removable disk drive is installed on each device. Almost always a flash card.

Highlights when choosing a device

Let's try to highlight the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a DVR with two cameras:

  • Viewing angle The greater the viewing angle of the cameras, the greater the likelihood that the full picture of an incident will be completely removed. Best of all, the total viewing angle is close to the 360 ​​degrees.
  • Recordable video resolution. The format of the picture is of great importance, at least in order to understand the controversial situation. If the image is fuzzy or blurry - it immediately casts doubt on the right person.
  • Sound quality. In order to have a clearer picture of the situation when watching a video, it is important to have high-quality sound. If the microphone is weak or there is no function to suppress extraneous noise - during playback, only a gurgle or hissing sound can be heard.
  • The amount of information media supported. The larger the storage volume, the longer the time span can be captured and saved.
  • Display size If we take in a general sense, this can be interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, the large size of the display allows you to more comfortably view the recorded video, on the other, it can create inconvenience to the driver due to its size. Therefore, it is better to approach this parameter individually.

Of course, these are far from all the functions that you can pay attention to, however, if you take them into account, you can get a very high-quality device.

Let's sum up

When a question arises about the possible protection of oneself from any possible accusations, claims and other troubles, it is best to have video evidence of one’s case and to be self-confident. Having a normal DVR is good, but even better is having a DVR with two cameras. On such devices should not save, because they can help avoid fines, and in some cases - and deprivation of rights.