Kamaz cars are designed to win

Cars KAMAZ - the pride of both the Soviet and Russian car industry. It so happened that the population refers to domestic cars with some skepticism. However, KamAZ is spared. The company from Naberezhnye Chelny has been operating since 1976, and during this time has gained respect all over the world.

Kamaz cars

KamAZ trucks are sold not only in Russia and the CIS, but are also actively exported, creating serious competition to certain American truck brands.

The main production forces are engaged in the manufacture of trucks, engines and even buses. Also in 1994, a separate plant was opened, producing passenger small cars "Oka". Now KamAZ produces flatbed trucks, truck tractors, dump trucks, sports cars, tractors and even armored cars.

Speaking of sports "career" KamAZ. Regularly participating in the Dakar Rally (formerly Paris-Dakar), the KamAZ plant team has become world champions eleven times.

Kamaz cars

The tenth victory of the KamAZ team in the Dakar Rally. We are waiting for new success from the Russians

The first child of the new Soviet plant was the KamAZ-5320 car. Initially, the car was developed at the ZIL plant and had the ZIL label - 170. Back in 1969, the first prototypes that were ready for their technical characteristics were ready.

However, the country's leadership decided to transfer the development and subsequent production to the KamAZ plant under construction in Naberezhnye Chelny (the territory of modern Tatarstan).

This was done for several reasons. In the first place - the location of the plant itself was more convenient. It was located in the very center of the country, at the intersection of two large rivers - the Kama and Volga.

Although the “birthday” of KamAZ - 5320 is considered to be 1976, the first truck was built back in 1974. And in the winter of 1976, the first production cars appeared. This was not done by chance, since the event was timed to the 25th Congress of the CPSU.

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car KAMAZ 5320

The car was really good. With a mass of more than seven tons, he developed a speed of up to 90 km. per hour, had good stability, fairly reliable power plant and gearbox.

Engine KamAZ 740.10

The first KAMAZ diesel engines installed V8, a volume of 10.85 liters. and rated at 180 and 210 hp Creating this car, engineers thought about reliability. Therefore, they supplied the new car with four independent brake systems at once. Gearbox - five-speed manual. KamAZ engine - 5320 was originally developed by YaMZ.

kamaz engine

In general, the resulting car made everyone, still, the engine of the KamAZ car is just incredibly powerful and tenacious. At the base of Kamaz appeared tractors and timber trucks, truck cranes and fire engines. By the way, I remembered the six: if you make the engine tuning VAZ 2106, then such a modified engine will also be quite reliable and powerful.

KAMAZ trucks

Almost forty years have passed since the appearance of the first KamAZ vehicle, but the plant does not slow down. There are new models that are not inferior to the best world models.

Real trucker Kamaz

Another KAMAZ "strongman" - KAMAZ 5460 received an engine of 400 "horses" and is able to carry up to ten tons of cargo. The trucker received a tank of five hundred liters and a special cabin heating system.

The car fell in love with drivers and is actively used for long-distance transport. This machine is one of the most popular among the modern model range produced by the Russian enterprise.

Kamaz cars

A modern KamAZ truck looks almost the same as its counterparts from Renault or MAN, while being equal in quality. KamAZ engines in 2003 received a certificate of Euro-3.

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KAMAZ trucks

In the photo - KamAZ 65116 truck tractor is one of the examples of successful restyling. In addition to the design of the cab, the car received a number of technical improvements.

The machine, with a payload of more than fifteen tons, received an engine with a power of 300 hp. Available in three different versions.